What are mids in marijuana?
What are mids in marijuana?

What are Mids? (Any Why Does Everyone in the Cannabis Industry Like to Make Fun of Them ?)

What are MIDS in the mairjuana industry?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Jul 22, 2022

what are mids

For many that are new to the cannabis industry, you might have heard the word "mid" being used repeatedly while trying to buy weed. Now I know that we all want to act like we are in tune with every lingua in the cannabis industry, but it’s okay if you’re not. All you need is the right info and you’re good to go. So, if you have been asking yourself “What are mids?”, then look no further. This article will tell you all you need to know about mids as well as the pros and cons.


Cannabis Quality Spectrum

Before we delve into what mids are, you must understand what is known as the cannabis quality spectrum. This is simply the classification of cannabis based on its quality and many cannaseurs are known to use the classification that recognizes mids. Under this classification, cannabis flowers are graded into 4; Regs, Mids, Beasters, and Headies. This classification arranges the quality of the weed from the least to the best. This means that regs are the least in terms of quality and headies are the best.

Another explanation of the cannabis quality spectrum has the marijuana flowers divided into three. This is beneficial as the three categories are low quality, medium quality, and high quality. The high-quality cannabis can further be divided into the low-high quality and high-high quality. However, since our focus is on mids, further explanations will be with respect to both classifications to better aid understanding.


What are mids?

From the earlier explanation, we already know where mids lie in the four categories of grading marijuana flowers. With respect to the three classes, mids can be regarded as the mid-point between low-quality and high-quality cannabis. This classification has brought on different names for this class of marijuana flowers over the years. This includes middle, middle shelf, the thirties, middies, and B+.  All these names point to the same thing but what identifies mids are the flower variables. This includes appearance, flavor, cannabinoid content, effects, and price.



You can easily identify mids from its appearance as many U.S. cannabis readily falls into this category. The buds are usually separated and contain few seeds and stems. It is also possible for the buds not to contain seeds at all. Mids have very few trichomes and are very bright with colored pistils and orange hairs.


Mids have a normal flavor depending on the characteristic of the strain. They are not as harsh as regs but they aren’t without their deleterious effects. Mids are likely to make you cough and hack repeatedly.

Cannabinoid content

You guessed right by thinking that mids will have a higher cannabinoid content than regs. This means they are more likely to give better recreational and medicinal effects compared to regs. That’s just about where it ends though as beasters and headies have better cannabinoid content than mids.


The cost of mids has been more regulated now that there are legal markets in different states. Nonetheless, prices vary depending on existing conditions in different states. However, mids are less expensive when compared to beasters and headies.

Pros and Cons of Moderately Good Weed


One of the good things about mids which has caught the fancy of many is that it is very cheap. This means that you won’t necessarily have to break the bank whenever you want to procure your weed. This is probably why it is still a fan favorite of many, especially at such a time of increased inflation.


As explained earlier, mids are properly endowed with colored pistils and orange hairs. This makes them very attractive and pleasing to the eye which then stimulates purchase. Though mids are not nearly as bright as headies, they are also so as dull as regs.


The type of high experienced from smoking mid-quality weed depends on the smoking experience. Veteran tokers love mids because they are bound to get their desired high easily. Others with a reduced level of experience range from feeling blasted to blazed before experiencing the desired high.



While the color of mids gives it a big edge over regs, its appearance is still a major issue. The majority of the bud still appears brown and green despite the orange hairs and many be compressed. Mids can also contain seeds that have unpleasant harsh effects on the smoking experience. If not procured from the right source, some mids are known to be moldy. While the whole plant matter might not be engulfed in fungus, breaking it apart can show signs of fungus. If you see signs of mold in your cannabis, it’s best not to consume it for health reasons.

Comparison with other qualities of weed

Regs are at the bottom of the scale so you know what to expect to a certain degree. They are usually packaged in bricks with visible stems and seeds. They are mostly brown in color and harsh in terms of flavor which causes throat burn. They give a mellow high and promote sleep though stomach upset and respiratory issues are common side effects.

Beasters are very attractive with orange and purple hairs, trichome crystals, and an absence of stems. It has a smooth and delicious flavor depending on strain which aids the smoking experience. Beaters give a good high depending on the THC concentration of the strain. They are however more expensive than mids so get ready to spend the dollars.

Headies are what you call top-shelf material. It has no stems and seeds with a full covering of orange, purple, and green hairs as well as trichome crystals. It has a perfect flavor with no hint of harshness and high cannabinoid concentration. This makes it quite expensive but you will get your money’s worth.

Bottom line

Mids are not the perfect class of cannabis flowers but it has its perks. Depending on what you have and what you want, you can go for the best category that applies to you but mids are fairly alright.





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