most popular cannabis strains
most popular cannabis strains

What are the Most Popular Cannabis Strains of 2020?

What are the red-hot, top marijuana strains for 2020 so far?

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The Undercover Stoner on Saturday Aug 8, 2020

What are the best strains of 2020?

best marijuana strains this year

Year in year out, new and exciting strains get the attention of many cannabis users and this year is no different. Cannabis users are offered the choice of selecting between a wide variety of strains that can provide the needed medical and recreational benefits along with some special characteristics such as taste and flavor which are some of the basic characters that distinguish different strains from each other. Aside from taste and flavor, the cannabinoid content with respect to the percentage of CBD and THC present is also important as it is a big determinant in the type of effect to be expected from the cannabis strain.

A look into some of the prominent cannabis strains of the year 2020 so far will help give an idea of where the cannabis market is leaning and which strains are more popular among cannabis users as well as possible reasons for their popularity. We'll look into the composition of some of these strains and look at the effects they give that make them popular.

Bruce Banner: This particular cannabis strain is so named after the popular comic hero The Hulk and the strain serves as an alter ego of the personality of the comic superhero because of the powerful punch it possesses and the ability to change the personality of the timidest of persons to a very active and agile person with a euphoric high. It has a high THC content which can rise to about 30% but a very negligible CBD content though it is known to be very effective in pain management. It hails from two special parent strains in Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush which account for the high level of THC in its composition. Bruce Banner is naturally resistant to pests and fungus infestation however, it is known to be difficult to grow.

Train Wreck: Train Wreck is a special cannabis strain that has a dominant sativa content but shows strong indica characteristics. It is used medically to help for pain relief and offers the intense euphoric high that is to be expected from a sativa dominant strain but accompanies this a good balance of relaxing and calming effect due to its indica nature. It has a good THC content of about 15 to 20% but it also has a very low CBD effect. The strain that grows tall as expected from a sativa dominant strain originates from Thai Mexican and Afghani strains.

White Widow: The White Widow is a unique type of cannabis strain that is characterized by a high count of trichomes and sticky resinous material that is used in identifying the strain. It gives the effect synonymous with that of an indica-dominant strain but acts as a painkiller along with the characteristic euphoric high of a sativa strain. White Widow has good content in terms of THC which lies between the range of 20 to 25% but the CBD concentration still leaves much to be desired. The strain grows bushy as most indica species but the sativa characteristics are still very much evident. It originates from Brazil Landrace Sativa and South Indian Indica.

Chemdawg #4: This is a very popular strain that is commonly used for its strong medicinal properties. It is capable of giving the user access to prolonged periods of relaxation and calm which is accompanied by an uplifting high. The ability of this strain to stimulate the appetite makes it perfect for those dealing with anorexia and it is also useful when dealing with nausea associated with chemotherapy. Though challenging, this special cannabis strain can easily be grown indoors or outdoors, and with proper training techniques, the strain offers the benefit of being naturally pest-resistant which is a plus for any grower. It has a very high THC content of about 28%, a negligible CBD content, and originates from Nepalese Landrace and Thai Landrace.

San Fernando OG Kush: This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that is very popular for its medical application. It has the expected indica characteristic of being able to provide a stress-free relaxing effect along with the high expected from its THC composition. It has been used to attend to anxiety problems by many users and its sedative effect makes it useful when dealing with insomnia. It has a THC content of about 22 to 25%, a very low CBD concentration, and grows tall though bushy thanks to its indica nature. It originates from San Fernando Valley and Afghani, a unique mix that makes this indica-dominant cannabis strain special.

These are just a few of the cannabis strains that are quite popular among cannabis users currently in 2020, there are still so much more! Other examples include Granddaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Fire OG, Green Crack etc. These strains offer peak effects to users and they are readily available in several outlets around the world!








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