cannabis legal worldwide
cannabis legal worldwide

What if Cannabis Was Legal Worldwide?

What Would The World Look Like If Cannabis Was Legal All Over

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jun 23, 2017

Imagining a World of Weed



Can you imagine a world where weed was never illegal? A world where you could walk into your favorite convenience store and purchase a joint or a blunt like you would beer or cigarettes? A world where the adult has a right to do with his or her body and where a measure of quality control is in place to ensure that you always get the best weed for the best price.



Can you imagine a world where each individual can grow cannabis plants at home without fearing armed men busting down the doors and flash banging your pets?



Of course, under the rhetoric of prohibition, this is not something easy to imagine. We have a few examples where we do see cannabis in full swing, however, even in states like Colorado, weed isn’t completely legit because legal businesses can’t access traditional banking, they don’t get the same tax reductions and there is a federal government trying their hardest to squash the ever growing industry.



However, I think it’s important for people to envision what a world of weed could look like. Without the initial imagery placed deep within the subconscious of the masses, the action required to make it so will tardy. So in the attempts to create a global vision of cannabis, I’ll be digging into how a world wide weed market could work. Of course, this is only speculation and the actual system might look very different from what I propose, it still is worth imagining.


local cannabis map

On a Local Level


Let’s say humanity grew up a bit and we decided that it’s okay for adults to experiment with their minds and bodies as they wish as long as they don’t infringe on the liberties of others. In this world, each and every adult can grow as many cannabis plants as they wish. Not everybody grows weed though, some have busy schedules and others just don’t know how to grow superior cannabis.


In this world, only a select few people…we can speculate roughly 10%-20% of the cannabis consumer population grows their own weed. These growers in all likeliness will support their local social networks (friends, family etc.) with free weed. Others will want to buy from these growers as it would probably be cheaper than store bought. Yet the vast majority of the cannabis community will still continue to buy cannabis in dispensaries meaning that even if you legalize personal growing, you won’t stifle the cannabis industry at all.


Mostly, because home growers will focus on the raw plant and the evolution of the cannabis industry will become more oriented towards specific products (extracts, oils, edibles etc.)



moon earth cannabis

On a Global Scale

The legal weed market will initiate the golden age of cannabis trade. Third world countries would most likely be the ones producing the raw materials (hemp/cannabis) and exporting it to first world countries. This will create a revenue stream for third world countries while diminishing costs for first world countries due to cheaper labor.


Mass hemp and cannabis imports will then be processed in first world countries and turned into oils, medicines, clothes and everything else you can do with Hemp. This will create an influx of cannabis related products driving down the price to competitive levels. As a result, thousands of new jobs will be created due to the global cannabis trade meaning more tax revenue is generated, more income per capita and depending on how corrupt your local government is, an increase of the quality of infrastructure within your community.



cannabis education


Of course, the world will not simply legalize marijuana and say, “Go to town!” Rather, they will implement prevention strategies, education and so forth. This isn’t a bad thing. There’s a lot of idiots in this world who don’t know how to handle any kind of drugs. Proper education on responsible consumption would probably start from the teenage years as this demographic would be considered the “highest risk” demographic in terms of irresponsible consumption…because teens are morons.


Additionally, more tax revenue would mean that more people would get the opportunity to study. Just like in Colorado where they are funding students with cannabis money, we would most likely see an increase of this everywhere in the world.



cannabis prision

Reduction of Prison Population

Finally, these would be a significant reduction in the prison population and the judicial system would also be less strained. This means that cops would be able to focus on real crimes and as a result should reduce crime across the board.


Now that hundreds of thousands of people aren’t being jailed and won’t have to suffer the “Are you a felon” question on their applications, they would be able to actually do something that would better their lives as opposed to being stuck in a system that punishes them for being punished.


weed heaven

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine a world where weed is accepted? What do you see? List them in the comment section and let’s start creating an idealized world we can all work towards.










What did you think?

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