parachute pill cbd thc
parachute pill cbd thc

What is a Parachute Pill and How Does It Work?

When you get way to high you can now calm down with CBD under your tongue

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jul 18, 2019

When you’re so High you need a Parachute to come down

parachute pill cbd thc


It’s always fun to eat edibles, until it’s not. For those of you who have eaten too many cannabis-laced edibles, you know what happens when you eat “one too many”. The experience can be quite intense to say the least.

Most people feel a deep sensation of heaviness inside them and usually are soaked in paranoia and anxiety. The loss of control tend to send people into a frantic moment of life where many come to the conclusion that they are dying.

No, you’re not dying. While the trip is intense, eventually it will wear off and you’ll be more than okay. However, for those new to cannabis, waiting a few hours to return to normality might be a bit too much.


Experience will make you aware

If you “green out” once and are still consuming cannabis, odds are that you won’t “green out” again the next time you eat edibles. You’ll know to take it slow and pace yourself.

Usually, people affected with too many edibles reach this state due to their inexperience. They forget that it takes up to one hour for the THC to hit you when it travels through the digestive system and gets broken down by the liver.

Most people also don’t know that once the THCa is broken down in the liver, it doesn’t become 9-Delta-THC but rather it’s more potent version 11-Hydroxy-THC. The latter being roughly 10 times more potent than regular ol’ THC.

Thus, when you eat that “one too many” the prolonged exposure eventually compounds and then you go down your merry little way into the pits of hash.

Experienced people know when to say no, and thus, this article is probably not for them. However, for those who are thinking about consuming edibles in the near future, there might be a safety net available that will keep you from hitting the dark corners of a cannabis edible trip.


A man in Michigan named Steve Goldner is combining these two things in the form of a “parachute pill” whose main ingredient is cannabidiol (CBD), designed to help cannabis users come down from being “too high”.


Parachute yourself to safety

Firstly, the name “Parachute” for a pill that is aimed to make you “come down from your high” is a brilliant name. This high dose CBD pill, dissolves under your tongue and enters the blood stream. The idea being that if THC is making you high, the CBD might level you out.

In fact, THC and CBD sort of work like a balance when it comes to your “high”. More THC and less CBD means you get more euphoria. Considering that CBD or Cannabidiol is a neurocontroller, it counteracts the psychoactive of THC.

If you’re tripping on an edible with 11-Hydroxy-THC, you’ll need a heroic dose of CBD to bring you down. The manufacturers of Parachute aimed to provide you with that.

While it’s currently available in a few places, the idea of using CBD to counteract the highs in THC is nothing new. In fact, back in 2012 I wrote on the potentials of using CBD to not only counteract the high in cannabis, but potentially in other hallucinogens as well. While we’re still not in the latter, I’m more than happy to see CBD being used for people going on their first edible excursion.

Ideally, when you’re getting shot out into the cannaverse at a thousand miles per hour, tripping to the point of no recognition. You simply slip the pill under your tongue which would dissolve into the blood stream.

Within about 15 minutes after consuming the tablet you should start feeling better. This is something that I think is incredibly important as recreational cannabis expands all over the world.


New Consumers aren’t the savviest bunch

When we look as “consumers”, we realize that they need warning labels. And even with warning labels, they still tend to go muck things up.

Additionally, the cannabis industry hasn’t truly established “standards” as of yet. This means that the products could range from “mild” to “HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT!” in terms of potency. For newbie consumers, this lack of standards could easily land them in a situation where they are in the “HFS” category of trips.

Having a pill to counteract the effects is the ideal market solution to a problem within the market. “Go ahead and get high, and here’s a pill if you’re too high.” Perfect solution.

Furthermore, new consumers simply don’t know. We can’t expect them to know when to stop. After all, the plant has been illegal for 80+ years, so there’s not a lot of historical consumer data to pull from. Thus, throughout this trial and error phase of the cannabis industry, it’s good to see that the very marketplace comes up with the solutions created by the marketplace.

You also don’t necessarily need this product. Any type of CBD oil can help people who are “turpin balls” with edibles should help.

However, I also think it’s important to support brands that develop things like Parachute, because it’s exactly what the marketplace needs.







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