too many edibles
too many edibles

What Can You Do If You Eat Too Many Cannabis Edibles?

Eating More Because You Don't Feel Anything Yet is a Big Mistake

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Reginald Reefer on Friday May 18, 2018

What to do when you have eaten ‘one too many brownies’?

What Can You Do if You Eat Too Many Marijuana Edibles? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Over the years I have spoken about my adventures with cannabis and specifically, “that time I ate more than 20 brownies in one sitting and was zonked for 18 hours.” I spoke about it from a personal point of view, walking you through what happens when you ‘over-dose on weed’.


Please note that I didn’t say “Fatal over dose” but simply “over dose”, meaning I had more than I was supposed to.


Throughout my past articles I realized I never actually provided guidance on what you should do if you eat one too many brownies.


Today, I’ll walk you through a few pro tips on how to handle yourself when you had “one too many”.


Find a Quiet Place


You’ll quickly start noticing if you had too many edibles. The trip ramps up quite fast. Sure, it takes about 45 mins to an hour for it to hit, but then suddenly you’re in 5th gear watching entities climb out of your ceiling.


What? You don’t believe me that you can have vivid hallucinations on weed? You definitely can! It’s not common, but I’ve seen it happen first hand with other people who ate too many edibles.


Once you start noticing that your trip is only getting stronger, you need to act fast. If you’re in a party setting, you’ll want to get away from people. You have to understand that you’re going to be tripping for at least a solid six to eight hours, so prepare yourself to endure the night.


If you’re alone and at home, find a comfortable place with plenty of ventilation and quickly prepare your “necessaries”. Your “necessaries” include;


  • A Whole Lot of Water
  • Some Carbonated Beverage [Cold]
  • Some easy to eat food. [Sandwich, potato chips, burger, etc]
  • A pillow or blanket


Now that you’ve found a quiet and peaceful place, it’s time to prepare yourself for the hours ahead.


Remember that it’s not a permanent state…


Many times, people get desperate in this tripped out state. They want it to end, they desire control. This is the first thing about doing any kind of drug. You’re going to have to endure the trip. Realize that you did this to yourself, you are going to be fine and it will wear off eventually.


It becomes a lot easier to manage the state when you accept it. Resisting the effects and trying to remain in control will only make it more difficult.


Just realize that you will get through this, the effects will wear off.


Keep on slowly breathing in and exhaling


A VERY IMPORTANT STEP is to keep on regulating your breathing. Simply keep on taking in deep slow breaths and exhale slowly. It helps to take a breath in for 3 seconds, hold it for three seconds, and then exhale for 3 seconds.


Repeat this as often as possible, especially when you feel like you’re losing control. Deep breaths and the realization that “you’re getting through this like a champ!”  will help minimize the trip-effects.


Stay Hydrated and Eat When Necessary


You might not be able to eat for a while, and drinking might be a problem [especially if your trip is peaking], but the moment you get the chance, drink some water and keep on breathing. A few hours into the trip, try to get some ‘non-THC infused’ weed into your system.


Once you’ve eaten, use the carbonated beverage to help settle your stomach. Then, get back to laying down and breathing.


Get some soothing music


Another thing that works for me is to put on soothing music. Go on Youtube and search for Jazz-Bossa Nova Mix or something along those lines. It’s relaxing, voiceless music that will help keep your mind focused.


Music isn’t always helpful. I’ve tried this on a few people who couldn’t handle the music, in those cases…you can put on some soothing sounds like forest sounds, a river, etc.


If nothing works, then simply keep on breathing.


Have someone check in on you


This relates more to the party setting. If you find yourself tripping hard in a party, follow the previous steps but also let someone know you’re tripping hard. Let them know that you don’t need someone hovering around you, but just for them to come check in every now and then.


That’s it! Nothing is worse for someone submerged in a deep cannabis trip than someone else always asking “Are you okay?”


NO MOTHERFUCKER! I’M TRIPPING BALLS…but I’m trying to handle it…


You just want to have the knowledge that someone is “aware” of you, not that they hover over you and influence your trip with their anxiety.


If it’s an experienced stoner talking you through your moments, then it’s okay. An experienced stoner will be able to guide you through the experience and help rationalize the madness in your mind.


Just don’t overdo it…


If you’ve dabbled in cannabis, you might one day over-do your edibles, but that hasn’t happened to me for nearly 15 years. I now know my own tolerance and limitations.


Nevertheless, in the case that you DO overdo it…follow the steps above and you’ll be more than okay.


What Can You Do If You Eat Too Many Marijuana Edibles? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.











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