best way to store edibles
best way to store edibles

What is the Best Way to Store Cannabis Edibles and Concentrates?

How do you store cannabis concentrates and edibles to keep their potency?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Tuesday Feb 11, 2020

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates & Edibles

best ways to store concentrates

Picking cannabis concentrate and edibles can be tough stuff sometimes. The variety of available products is so wide that it’s tough to make up your mind. Choosing the right product is only the first step, though. Once you have it at home, you need to think about how to store it. Why? Because cannabis concentrates and edibles have to be stored correctly, in order to keep their properties. But once you are back home, you realize that you have no idea what to do. Where should you store it? In the fridge? Or maybe a shelf? Read this article, and you won’t have this problem ever again.


The Proper Way of Storing Cannabis Products


It doesn’t matter what type of cannabis product you chose. Edibles, balm, tincture - all of them will degrade if they are exposed to heat, oxygen or even light. That’s why you have to make sure that concentrates, which you bought, won’t be exposed to these factors.


The perfect place to store cannabis products should be cold, dark, and air-sealed. It’s best if you keep it in the refrigerator, in air-sealed opaques or any other containers, that prevents light from getting in. Pretty much all Nevada dispensaries offer products in opaque bottles- they are perfect for cannabis storage because you won’t have to worry about light adverse effects on your product. Also, if it’s possible, you should avoid transferring your cannabis concentrate into another bottle - it will go bad earlier.


Many people are using silicone containers, as well. If you want to store in such a container, make sure that the quantity of cannabis product fits the container size - it can significantly reduce the risk of moisture buildup. Although it’s nothing wrong to store cannabis products in silicone containers, you should do it only for a short amount of time - no longer than a month. If you know that you’ll have to keep the product for a more extended period of time, then store it somewhere else.


What Can Cause Your Product to Go Bad?


Appropriate storing cannabis concentrates is essential for keeping them fresh. You want to enjoy their fantastic smell and aroma for longer than just a few days. So what are the factors that can affect the quality of the product?


First of all, its moisture. If you know that humidity at your house can cause issues with storing CBD, then it’s essential to get rid of this problem. Check your humidity sensor, and find out what is the level at your home. Ideally, it should be within the range of 59% to 63%, although experts advise going with the bottom part of this range. If you can’t keep it below 65%, the product will likely lose cannabinoids and quality at a swift pace.


In this case, you can think of installing a humidity control system, in order to avoid future problems connected with that. However, this option can be expensive. What to do if you can’t afford it? You can get a portable dehumidifier - it will also do the job, but it’s much more affordable. Growing plants that absorb humidity is also a great idea. Reed Palm, Peace Lily or Boston Fern - they all have humidity absorption properties, and on top of that, they will be a nice decoration to your house.


Light exposure is another factor that can make cannabis edibles go bad. Dark places are recommended to store such products. So if you have a pantry, make good use out of it. A refrigerator is a next option for you, but, keep in mind that whenever you pull it out, it’s likely to be thick. In that case, you can use warm water to heat it quickly. However, if you’re planning to consume cannabis concentrate every day, then it’s not recommended to store it in the fridge. You won't enjoy it when it’s cold, and also the product will go bad faster if you have to thaw it often. Don’t keep it in direct sunlight under any circumstances. Storing it, for example, near a sunny window will make it go bad in a few days.


Another enemy of cannabis concentrates and edibles is the heat. Storing them in dark shelves should be a great idea when it comes to temperature. Remember that if you don’t stick to these rules, your cannabis concentrate can quickly go bad in just a few days. Don’t waste your money and think about it even before the purchase.


One more thing that you should keep in mind is to not store cannabis in places where other people can easily find them. You don’t want your children, partner, friends or even dog to consume cannabis edibles. It might cause adverse side effects, and it would be just another problem on your head, which you don’t really need. So always store marijuana products in places that aren’t easily accessible by those who shouldn’t consume it.


How to Tell When It Went Bad?


Sometimes you can’t be sure whether cannabis is still fresh or not. If you find any of these signs, then it’s safe to say that your cannabis product has gone bad.


Condensation in the container - it’s an indisputable sign that cannabis went bad.


Discolouration - always pay attention to the product’s colour. If you notice that something is wrong with it, it’s an indicator that concentrate has lost its qualities.


Lack of smell - most cannabis edibles smell nice. If you notice that they lose flavour and aroma, become dry and rough, it means that the product isn’t safe to eat anymore.


Appropriate storing cannabis concentrates and edibles is crucial for keeping them fresh and tasty. If you fail to do this, your product might go bad even in a matter of days. To avoid such a situation, keep it in the dark, cold places with a humidity level in the range of 59 to 63%. Then you can be sure that cannabis products will have good quality, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time.








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