Block on Cannabis Research
Block on Cannabis Research

Why Block Medical Research on Cannabis at All?

Dangerous or Not, Reasearch Marijuana Either Way So We Know

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Sep 28, 2017

Why block research at all? If it’s dangerous…then study it!



Let’s take a hypothetical approach to starting this article.


Let’s say there is a plague of deadly spiders in your town. Of course, the first response of the local government would be to exterminate as many as possible, yet they would be aware that you’d never be able to get rid of them all. The secondary response would be to get the smartest people in the area to study the poison, look for antidotes and find ways to minimize the risk of exposure to the hypothetical eight legged death dealers.


It makes sense that we would want to understand the danger fully in order to minimize the potential risks from the exposure to this part of nature.


What you wouldn’t do is try to kill all the spiders, ban researchers from studying them and sweep the issue under the rug.


In fact, the more dangerous something is…the more we should study it.



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The Current Approach to Cannabis


Unlike my hypothetical spider example, cannabis is currently listed as one of the “most dangerous drugs” along with substances such as mescaline, psilocybin, LSD and so forth.


The government’s approach to ‘dealing with the danger’?




Yep, the Federal Government are the gatekeepers to sanctioned research on these substances and for the past 40 years have only allowed one place to grow and “test” cannabis. I’m talking about the University of Mississippi if you weren’t aware of it.


Instead of trying to diminish the risk of danger when it comes to these substances, they went after the users mostly, locking them up and banning all research to keep the public dumb towards the potential benefits of these drugs.


And yes…there are plenty of benefits that can be obtained from substances such as LSD, Cannabis, Psilocybin and Mescaline. Ibogaine is also listed as a Schedule I substance, and that drug can pretty much get you off a heroin addiction within a week and some therapy.


It should be illegal to ban research


If we’re talking about ‘criminal activities’, to prohibit research should be considered a heinous crime, especially in the “age of information”. It’s suppressing truth to fit the narrative of the government.


Every time the government tried to prove how dangerous cannabis was, they failed. Every bogus study was debunked and on the contrary to what they sought to find…they only found benefits.


Of course, nothing you consume is 100% harmless. Smoke isn’t good for the body. However, the market managed to not ‘smoke’ at all and revegetated the Vaping Industry.


Yet study after study we find more benefits on cannabis. It’s important to note that while the government doesn’t grant “official studies”, many institutions, labs and organizations have studied it over the years. There are more than 20,000 studies on cannabis…you just have to look for it.  Sadly, none of these studies are ‘accepted’ by the Federal government in providing the medical efficacy of the plant and thus they continue to justify their ‘no medical value’ stance….despite the mountain of evidence that suggests otherwise.


I personally think that it should be illegal for governments to ‘ban research’ at all. It’s actively suppressing information. It doesn’t benefit society and it only increases the potential risks involved with drugs in these categories.


There is still so much we have to learn about cannabis and don’t even get me started on psychedelics. We know nothing of psychedelics really, except that it gets you really high, interconnects parts of your brain that don’t frequently communicate with each other and creates an altered state of perception which leaves most users feeling more ‘connected’ with people and the universe.


In other words, psychedelics could very well be the key for us to understanding consciousness (something that no one knows what it really is). Psychological applications on these substances are also vast helping with issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and so forth.


The point I’m making here is that while we know that there are ‘potential benefits’ of these substances, we can’t find out exactly how to use them because research is being blocked by Uncle Sam.


If it’s so dangerous…let us study it!


The government claims that these drugs are dangerous, have a high potential for abuse and has no accepted medical value. Yet what are they basing this assessment on? Where are the studies showing it is dangerous and has no medical value? How can an arbitrary opinion be made into law without supporting evidence?


If the government is so certain that the drugs in question are ‘dangerous’ why not allow us to study the hell out of it? If they are right, the studies will reveal the truth. However, I think we all know that they know that they are full of shit when it comes to the classifications of these drugs…and they don’t want us to have proof to shed light on their dark deeds.









What did you think?

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