human rights issue
human rights issue

Why Cannabis is a Human Rights Issue

Parents Helping Their Kids Should Not Go To Jail

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jun 18, 2018

A Real Example of How Cannabis Prohibition is a Violation of your Human Rights

Why Marijuana is a Human Rights Issue When Fighting For Your Son's Health from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

For the longest time I have spoken out against prohibition. I believe that the policy is tyranny masquerading as law. It’s a direct violation of your human rights due to the fact that it takes away your freedom of choice, the sovereignty over your own mind and body and literally creates modern day slaves.


Some people would argue that my position is extreme. That the law is actually there for our safety, our protection and the safety of our children.


However, time and time again we see how this policy doesn’t fit that narrative. Today, I’ll bring you another example of how prohibition is a violation of your human rights, how it’s not for protecting children and why it should have been abolished a long time ago.


The Devil went down to Georgia


If you haven’t heard about this story yet…let me summarize it for you. A couple in Georgia, fed up with the fact that pharmaceuticals wasn’t working on their son’s epilepsy, decided to give cannabis a go.


For 71 days, the 15 year old could live and behave like a normal teenage boy. During this time, he didn’t have seizures, he was coming out of the pharmaceutical drug-fueled cocoon that enveloped his being and he was generally happy.


His parents, not having access to medical cannabis gave their son a bit of cannabis to smoke. Now I know, some of you are saying, “Well that’s the problem…the kid was smoking marijuana!” However, if you are on your last straw, you don’t have access to other forms of medical marijuana…what would you do if you saw your child seize up 10 times a day?


Smoking a bit of weed is the littlest of all evils in this scenario.


Nonetheless, someone snitched the family out to the authorities and before you knew it, the kid was in a group home and the couple in jail. The parents are facing a year behind bars and a $1000 fine.


While there was a lot of public outcry, the Sheriff’s department said that as long as cannabis is illegal in the State of Georgia, they have to enforce the laws.


DFCS sent out this statement;


“Foster care is a short-term measure that should only be used as a last resort when there is evidence of imminent threat or risk of harm and the child is in need of the protection of the courts.”


The parents of the kid said they would give him marijuana in a heartbeat again [because it worked!]


“His speech and motor coordination improved, he completed homework and chores, he was able to focus, and most importantly, he didn’t have any seizure episodes for 71 days while being treated with cannabis,”


Nonetheless, the authorities removed the kid from his parent’s custody on April 19th, and deprived him of his life saving medicine [marijuana]. Within 14 hours of this action, David [the kid] had one of the worst seizures of his life and ended up in the hospital. The police also seized his service dog but fortunately didn’t euthanize the canine.


Protecting our children?


One of the main premises of cannabis prohibition is that the policy exists for the protection of our children. We are keeping adults and everyone from smoking marijuana because…you know…the kids.


However, in this case…it was cannabis that was improving the quality of life of the minor. The moment the cops took his medicine and parents away, he was sent to the hospital due to an out-of-control seizure. His canine was taken away and the child’s entire world came crumbling down.


Forced to take pharmaceuticals again, David claims that he feels like a zombie due to the medicine. It doesn’t stop his seizures as effectively as cannabis either.


Now I know that the cops claim that “it’s the law so we must enforce it”. I wrote about something similar in a previous article equating this type of thinking to the Nazi followers of 1940s Germany.


Something might be lawful, but it doesn’t make it right. This is especially true in these kinds of cases.


In the United States there is a little something called your inalienable rights. These rights are the most sacred within the constitution. The reason you call them inalienable means that no matter what, they can’t be removed from you.


These rights include, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.


If any of these rights are violated by another person, policy or entity…the constitution protects the victim. Except, as we see…in Georgia.


Prohibition is one of the vilest policies within the United States. It directly impedes your inalienable rights and oppresses your freedom of will.


In the case of David, the policy directly affected his life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you can sit back and allow a policy like that to thrive, saying it’s a “good policy”….well, you’re a shit human being and shouldn’t be allowed to breed.


Why Marijuana is a Human Rights Issue When Fighting For Your Son's Health from CannabisNet on Vimeo.












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