Joe Rogan weed in Texas
Joe Rogan weed in Texas

Why Joe Rogan Can Smoke Weed in Texas Even Though They Have Marijuana Check Points Everywhere

How does Joe Rogan get to smoke cannais all over Texas?

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday May 22, 2022

Joe Rogan weed in Texas

The other day Joe Rogan lit a joint on his Podcast, located in Austin Texas – and nobody got arrested! This was a point brought up by one Reddit User in the JRE official Reddit Thread that read; In the great land of Texas where cannabis is strictly forbidden, how does Joe (whom has rubbed shoulders with the governor) get to openly smoke on his podcast without any consequences? [Source]


The Top Response came from someone by the handle of “StudentLoanGambler” who said the following;


Hi Texas native, I currently live in austin and it’s like a drop of Cali in Texas. Lots of hippies and stuff, and the current sheriff has even said (via Twitter) that they will not be pursuing/confiscating low levels of weed. Go outside of Houston though and you will get felonies for having a keif catch in your grinder


This is true, Austin is by far one of the most liberal cities in Texas and they have recently floated the idea of legalizing cannabis in the City, despite the laws of the State. There’s actually a lot of support for cannabis in the state, however, it’s also one of the stricter states when it comes to getting busted.


If you go through the thread, you’ll see a bunch of comments about one thing in particular that sets Texas apart from the rest, “They have Border Patrol inside of the state”.


That’s right, if you drive through Texas, you might get stopped by border patrol coming in from Arizona. This was echoed by another Reddit User called “Sea_Conversation2799” who said;


If anyone is driving cross country through Texas they should look up checkpoints on the highway. There are a few permanent ones that got me a few times with their dogs. I didn't have much so they let me go but for sure if you're taking I-10 through Texas with weed. Check online for the inspection stations.. They are permanent structures you can take small roads to avoid.


This was something that a while back, I didn’t know and decided to drive through Texas. Here’s that story I responded to in thread but I’d like to repost here because it’s a good story.


Reginald Reefer’s Run in with the Law in Texas


Yea, that advice would have been splendid the time we decided to drive from Cali to Tampico in Mexico in a van that looked like a dirty version of the Mystery Machine, while sporting long hair, all our instruments and junk in the van, and a nug of some of the stankiest weed out there.


All was well, until we hit Texas...feeling a little antsy, my friend and I decided to take a hit of the Cali weed and rest up for a bit. My friend takes a hit, and passes it to me...I take a hit and as I exhale a dog barks into the window...I look up..."oh fuck!"


My friend froze, he couldn't make eye contact with the BP agent and I was watching all of this unfold like some bad prank show gone wrong. A few moments of awkwardness turned into , "Could you go park over there..."


The few seconds of "alone time" we had I just said..."okay dude, I hid the weed on me...nothing in the van...don't say shit!" I wasn't sure if the message made it past the blank fear-ridden expression written on his face. Doesn't's show time!


I step out of the van, and a "youngling" grabbed me by the arm and wanted to pat me down. I was wearing beach apparel, so I had a wrap around shorts type thing going on with no pockets. Little did rookie realize I had my swimming trunks underneath with the pipe and mini bud securely locked away in plain sight.


When the cop backed off and pulled me to the side...I had the opportunity to watch my friend being man-handled by seven or eight cops, a few dogs walking up and down the van...not finding shit.


The smell of weed was apparent. You didn't need dogs. But I knew there was no trace of weed in that van.


When they couldn't find anything - the interrogations began. I wasn't sure if my friend would crack or not. He was being intimidated by a group of Roid raged thugs and when this bald cock-looking motherfucker came up and told me, "Your friend told us that you have the pipe and the weed" I was put in a difficult situation.


It's a logical conclusion for the cop to think that if anything, we only would have a pipe or weed on us...however, if my friend did spill the beans and I resisted...I figured that if they were to eventually discover the shit, I'd be in even bigger trouble.


I stood there for a moment and then said, "Eh fuck it..." and I lifted up the wrap-thingy, revealed the hidden pocket and handed the dude the hitter with the 1/10th of a gram of weed we still had left.


The guy guarding me was PISSED! but Fuck him for being shitty at his job!


Now that they finally spent the better part of an hour utilizing 3 canine units and about 7-8 BP officers, they finally discovered the 1/10th of a gram of weed. Your tax dollars hard at work!


Roughly 40 minutes later, the cock-looking motherfucker came back, gave us the keys and told us to fuck off. That it's a warning.


In that moment, we calmly took the keys....said, "thank you sir" and drove further away until they were no longer in sight.


The relief we felt was palpable and it turns out that the BP officers actually did us a favor, as when we tried to cross the US-Mexico Border, we had to u-turn and then they unpacked the van entirely.


We sat there calmly looking at their effort knowing that Texas Border Patrol already made sure we had nothing in it.


Fuckin Texas!


Do you have a story?


That one experience forever marked my life, it was one of the scariest and luckiest moments in my existence. Since then, I’ve never driven with weed on my person in the state of Texas. Rather, I simply buy at whatever city I land in, because we know prohibition is an abysmal failure and virtually everywhere where weed is illegal – you can buy it.


Hell, even in prison!


Do you have a story about weed and Texas? I’d like to know in the comment section!









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