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Joe Rogan

Why Joe Rogan Quit Weed For a Month

Why Taking a Cannabis Break Makes Sense

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Oct 23, 2017

Why Joe Rogan Quit Weed For a Month



Joe Rogan recently declared that he won’t be partaking of the sacred herb for a month. If you don’t know who Joe Rogan is, he’s a standup comic, used to be the host of Fear Factor, loves MMA and has a podcast with a wide array of guests talking about comedy, philosophy, life, science and everything in between.


Another thing that Joe is known for is his love for the Cheeba. He’s been advocating on the plant’s behalf for quite some time now. Thus, the significance of his “not smoking weed” is something to note.


However, why is Joe Rogan quitting weed?


A bet is a bet


According to a recent interview, Rogan said he’ll be going “Sober in October” and will abstain from alcohol and all drugs for the full 31 days. He mentioned the idea originated from a bet he had with his friends and while cannabis wasn’t on the list originally, Rogan said he’s going completely sober.


So no, it’s not complete abstinence from the drug indefinitely, just for a short period of time. It’s not the end of the world.


And even if he would have quit completely, it would entirely be his decision to do so. I’m not writing this piece because “Joe Rogan quits weed” but rather to discuss the benefit of “going off weed for a bit”.


Taking a Break from Toking


I’ve been toking up since I was 13 years old. Throughout this time, I have abstained from cannabis for months at a time, and one time for a year.


I smoke weed every day, just like Snoop said we should. I use it as a tool to help reduce stress, tap into more creative spaces within my mind and to sleep because I’m an insomniac.


Nonetheless, whenever I took a break from smoking weed for an elongated period of time, I did see some benefit.


Sobriety is a drug all on its own. When you’ve been toking up every day for a few years, it can be a trip to go sober. I take “cleanses” every now and then to reset my system. This is especially true if I notice my tolerance getting too high. I like the effect of cannabis and if I smoke three bowls and feel the same effect as if I smoked one bowl…then I know it’s time to take a break.


For tolerance breaks, you simply need to abstain for a week or two. Drink some water, go out jogging and eat good. The next time you’ll toke up you’ll feel the full effect of toking once more.


Doing it for deeper reasons


There’s another reason why I abstain from smoking weed. As I’ve mentioned several times throughout my time writing for, I go on a psychedelic journey about twice a year.


My journeys usually last for two to three days of intense introspection and infinite cosmic exploration. My goal is to deep dive into my own soul without any resistance and ask the difficult questions in life that most people fear to mention.


This is the reason I only do it once or twice a year. You definitely have to clear your schedule to pull this off.


Nonetheless, prior to going on these journeys, I fast everything for about two weeks. This includes all my favorite drugs like coffee and weed and even tobacco (yes I know).


I stop eating meat completely one week before the journey and cut out all sugar from my diet as well. The day before I go on the journey I stop eating anything all day and only drink water. My trips usually start in the mornings and usually take place in remote cabin somewhere in the mountains.


Once I arrive at the destination and made sure that everything is in order, I take the psychedelic and begin the three-day journey.


I’ve done psychedelics for almost as long as I’ve smoked weed, and trust me…doing it this way is definitely worth it. The intensity of the substance increases and the clarity of the hallucinations strengthens.


I’ve been doing a “Sober in October” for the past few years now and in my own personal experience have found it to have several positive impacts in my life. Over the years, these journeys have allowed me to hone in on my true self, my real desires and helped me unshackle the chains of paradigm that kept me from being happy.


Do the Rogan


For those of you who are too tolerant to weed or who want to deep dive into their own souls, abstaining from weed and other drugs for a scheduled period of time, is a good thing. It’s okay too if you just want to keep on smoking weed.


All I’m saying is that over the years, going “sober in October” has provided me with many benefits, especially if I couple it with a psychedelic experience as the “I’m breaking my fast moment”.


Have you ever gone “sober in October?”









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