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US marijuana legalization

Why Marijuana Will Be Legalized in the USA in Early 2021

Cannabis will be a big voting issue and Republicans will try to get it done first to get credit

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The Undercover Stoner on Saturday Aug 18, 2018
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Why Marijuana Will Be Legalized in the USA in Early 2021


Cannabis will be a big voting issue and Republicans will try to get it done first to get credit


There are a few things lining up right now that give us the strong impression that we could see cannabis legalized at the Federal level in the USA in early 2021.   The underlying story is gaining traction around the world that legalization at the country level is the correct enforcement and legal level to do legalization at for the cannabis plant.


  • Canada and Uruguay are have now approved recreational cannabis as countries.  Canada will begin recreational sales in October of 2018.  Sharing a 2,500-mile border with the USA will only encourage cross border shipments and flood the black market in the USA.  Millions of dollars in missed tax revenue is already happening in states like California due to the black market, and it will only get worse.  In the end, everyone wants a cut, the states, the towns, and even the Federal government.
  • England had an “emergency” session and approved medical marijuana as a country just recently.
  • Germany is ramping up cannabis imports and production
  • Israel is looking to become a major exporter of cannabis to the world right now
  • The UN just recently approved CBD (found in hemp and cannabis) as safe, and is currently "reviewing" their policy on marijuana.  Since Canada and Uruguay are technically breaking the UN drug treaties on cannabis right now, the UN is looking at changing the classification of marijuana and cannabis.
  • 30 US States or jurisdictions have some form of legal cannabis right now, with at least 3 to 5 more locations approving medical cannabis through legislature or popular vote in 2020.  Once the number gets over 35, what sense is to have a federal law claiming it is illegal when 70% of your land area has legalized cannabis at least at the medical level?  If 3 more states approve at least medical cannabis, 75% of the US population when then have access to either a medical marijuana program or recreational cannabis program.
  • Columbia has set up the biggest infrastructure in South America to handle growing and shipping medical cannabis, with Mexico a close second place.
  • Pete Sessions, the Republican rep from Texas who blocks all cannabis bills and amendments from being voted on was voted out by Dallas voters in November of this year.  Even if Pete does with re-election, there is now so much congressional support and voter support on both sides of the isle that he may not be able to block the two major cannabis bills making their way through congress, now.
  • The popular support on the Democrat side is as high as 75% and Republicans voters are not over 50% in some polls.  This means both sides will want to claim a victory in legalizing cannabis.  Most Democrat candidates at the state and federal level already support some form or legalization or decriminalization, and not most Republicans will be supporting it as well if they want to get re-elected.
  • Corey Booker, one of the top 8 or 10 Democrats that may run for President is sponoring the most aggressive cananbis legalization bill in congress, and will most likely make one of his main running points.  Kamala Harris as well, although her running for President is a bit more of a long shot.  Elizabeth Warren, still a powerful Democrat in congress, and possible presidential candidate, is also a strong proponent of cannabis legalization.
  • Trump may have to use the cannabis bill signing or legalization act to swing some moderates over to his side in a general election.  Depending on how the Democrats run against him, he may dangle that cannabis legalization carrot to moderates and do it before election night to try and win favor.  Any Democrat candidate running against him will most certainly be for legalization, so Trump can use a popular voting majority issue like marijuana legalization toward his favor and take it away from the Democrats.
  • States are running massive fiscal deficits due to underfunded pension programs, states like NJ, NY, and Illinois would have junk bond status ratings if they were private companies.  The US Federal deficit is ballooning higher as the Trump tax cuts tax effect.  Basically, every level of government needs to come up with more money, and tax revenue.  Hence, the move by those states to legalize cannabis and now sports betting programs.
  • Trump is pro-business and legalizing cannabis is just good business sense.  Yes, he does not use drugs or alcohol, but facing a massive opioid epidemic and ballooning deficit, legalizing cannabis to create jobs, taxes, and fight opioids is just good business sense.
  • Jeff Sessions will not be attorney general after 2020, but even with his hatred of weed he has said, “If you want marijuana to be legal, change the law, my job is to enforce the law”.
  • Baby boomers love weed, and so do millennials.  Why bring those two groups up? One has all the money and the other does all the voting.  A good combination when voting and cannabis come up in November.


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