cannabis ambassadors
cannabis ambassadors

Why We All Need to Be Cannabis Ambassadors

Education and empathy will help get cannabis legalized at the Federal level

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jul 23, 2019

Calling all Cannabis Ambassadors - It’s time to educate your peers about cannabis!

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Today someone will try cannabis for the first time in their lives. These days, the “age group” of these newcomers are not limited to a specific demographic. Young and old, cannabis is more popular than ever before.

However, unlike seasoned cannabis smokers, these newcomers might not know all the tricks of the cannabis game. While cannabis relatively benign as a recreational substance, there are a few “undesired effects” that most newbie cannabis consumers might not be familiar with.

Let me provide you with an example.


“The Shit That Killed Elvis”

The first time I heard this phrase was back in 2012 in California as “Patrick”, a dude who lived in an RV was passing me a gram of his sticky-icky. Resin covered-crystalline goodness enveloped the nug with vibrant red hairs prickling through and an odor that stank right through the bag.

For the seasoned stoner, finding the “shit that killed Elvis” is definitely a good thing. For newcomers, perhaps not so much.

This brings me to a story of a 38-year-old Canadian woman who recently started consuming pot recreationally after several of her family members encouraged her to smoke for her anxiety issues. For the sake of protecting her identity, we’ll refer to her as “Mrs. D”.

Mrs. D has consumed cannabis in the past, however, one of her coworkers (a seasoned stoner) gifted her a gram of “The shit that killed Elvis” (or the Canadian equivalent). She took two hits which were enough to send her to the couch for a few hours without the ability to effectively communicate her level of “highness” to her husband.

Eventually, as everything that goes up must come down, she eventually gathered herself, went to sleep and woke up fine the next morning.

This experience didn’t deter her from continuing to smoke cannabis recreationally, however it taught her a valuable lesson – there is something as too potent for her. She reached her limit and experienced the “wobbly side” of cannabis consumption.

For those who have had the pleasure of smoking some “truly potent shit”, you know what I’m talking about.


What can we learn from Mrs. D’s Experience?

Every single person experiences cannabis distinctively. No two “highs” are the same. One person can be fine with a single toke; another might require three.

What we, as the seasoned cannabis consumers, must understand is that those who are just dipping their toes in the cannabis game for the first time do not have the same level of tolerance we have. They require further instruction when engaging with the latest and greatest methods of consumption.

They require assistance when dabbing, scarfing down edibles, concentrates and even strain types. We could adopt an attitude of, “They will learn through experience”, but if we’re truly honest about it, don’t we simply want people to have a good time?

At some point in every consumer’s journey, they will open the door of “Too much”. It happened to me and in all likeliness, it happened to you. While it might not be a deterrent to smoking cannabis, it does make consumers reevaluate their approach to weed.

Personally, I think it’s our responsibility as seasoned consumers to assist the newcomers in the wide world of weed. To ensure that their experience is as pleasant as possible.


Teach Thy Neighbor

Nobody likes being schooled, thus I don’t think it’s a good idea to dispense cannabis advise when it’s not requested. You don’t want to be the cannabis evangelist always touting the amazing truth of marijuana. It can get annoying.

Rather, when you are gifting super potent weed to someone trying it for the first time, let them know. In fact, if you are going to show them the ways of “super potent”, why not accompany them with this experience. Show them the ropes and make them feel comfortable throughout the experience.

Perhaps they like it, perhaps they don’t, but it’s always good to have someone you can trust by your side when you’re diving into the deep end.

I have become a Cannabis Ambassador in my circles to become a resource for those who are considering to grow or consume cannabis for the first time. I frequently get emails and texts asking about strains, methods, terminology and other information.

I didn’t do this by talking about weed all the time either. I simply made myself available in case someone needs my assistance.


How to become a Cannabis Ambassador in your Social Circles

There is no rulebook to becoming a cannabis ambassador. In reality, you simply need to express to people that you know about cannabis, that you consume and it isn’t negatively affecting your life.

It’s important to be open about your cannabis consumption, but not to the point of annoyance. For instance, if someone invites me for a drink, I accompany them. Even though I hardly drink these days, I don’t have a problem with having one or two drinks. Once I reach my alcohol limit, I politely decline any other alcoholic beverage.

Usually, this opens up a line of inquiry about your alcoholic abstinence, of which I simply reply, “I prefer cannabis over alcohol”.

It’s small things like these affirmations that begin to cement the idea of “cannabis consumer” in the minds of your peers.

If I am pressed for more information, I gladly divulge it without trying to justify it. It’s simply something I do, whether you like it or not. Eventually, it becomes an accepted habit that “I do” and millions others do as well. It becomes “normal”.

Secondly, you can’t be a “stoner” in the stereotypical sense. You need to be respected. Cannabis shouldn’t be your Alpha and Omega, but rather as important as eating peanut butter. It doesn’t negatively affect your life. When people see that a person can sustain a healthy cannabis habit, they become interested in what you do.

Preach with your actions, not your words.

Over time, you become the “Go to Person” within the lives of your peers. Simply make yourself available, live life and help those who might be starting their journey.

Imagine how different your “toking career” would have been if you had someone like you guiding your steps.








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