Ayahuasca plant
Ayahuasca plant

The Ayahuasca Experience Explained - I Tried It Last Weekend

What is it like to try ayahuasca over a long weekend?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Feb 9, 2021

This Past Weekend I Did Ayahuasca – This is How It Went.

ayahuasca experience

For years now I have had a deep interest in consuming Ayahuasca. I’ve been a psychonaut for 20-years now and have experimented with non-ordinary states of consciousness using substances as well as Breathwork techniques.


Out of all of the substances I have used in the past – there was still DMT missing from my list. However, instead of chasing it – I decided to wait for DMT to come to me. This is because in my younger years, I used to chase the substances until a Shaman told me to do the opposite. This was specifically in relation to mescaline, since I lived close [at the time] to a place where there was a lot of Peyote.


“Let the Peyote find you” the Shaman told me. At first, I was skeptical, but then – one day, out of the blue as I was walking in the center of town, a person who I didn’t know came up to me, handed me a bag and said, “God told me to give this to you” and disappeared into the crowd.


When I finally opened the bag, I saw that there were 5 or 6 peyote heads in the bag. I was shocked! Tripping on those peyotes did more for me than all of the peyotes I have consumed previously. I was convinced that this was how I was supposed to consume these plant medicines – to let them find me.


Ayahuasca evaded me for more than 10-years and while I could easily have asked a friend to give me some DMT crystals, I was waiting for the invitation from Mother Aya herself.


Well – it finally happened and the following article relates to my experience.


Many are called, few are chosen


As mentioned, I didn’t chase down an ayahuasca ceremony, rather, it entered into my orbit via my brother, who was told by a friend of a friend that there was going to be one near me in the desert. The biggest problem was that I didn’t have any funds available to pay for my spot.


Additionally, by the time I learned about this event – it was already fully booked. There was no space for me. However, within a matter of minutes after reaching out to the organizers, someone else paid for my spot and two people dropped out making space for my attendance.


I knew, that under these circumstances, the transformation from the Ayahuasca was going to be significant. I was happy and prepped myself.


Pre-Ayahuasca Rituals


The Shaman instructed us – via Whatsapp – that we needed to evade certain foods, sex, and ready ourselves for the experience. We couldn’t eat meats, had to maintain an “alkaline diet” and focus out intention the entire week prior to starting the experience.


We were also instructed to avoid psychotropic drugs, including cannabis, and needed to disclose any psychological disorders and physical conditions.


We also couldn’t masturbate or have sex. This, I believe is to conserve energies and increase anxieties, stress, etc. This allows the ayahuasca to do the work it needs to do, especially if you’re blocked in any of these areas.


Don’t forget your gear


This was my first time doing ayahuasca, meaning I was woefully ill-prepared.  They told us to bring a sleeping bag and some blankets and a pillow, but I didn’t know we were going to be in the middle of the desert on a concrete floor. If I knew, I would have brought more gear.


So if you’re about to go on an Ayahuasca trip, unless the guides prepare your space, I’d recommend bringing a thick blanket or two, a blow up mattress, or a thick sleeping bag. You want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible because during the trip – you’re going to need it.


You also will want to bring some Gatorade or something to help you preserve some liquid, since you’ll most assuredly be puking or shitting yourself throughout the experience.


Finally, a puke bucket and some toothpaste is also welcomed.


On the day of the event


Finally, it was the day of the event. We headed out, unsure of where the place was. We made it to the location 30 mins before we were “scheduled to start”. Then waited 3 more hours for it to begin. The shaman was preparing himself prior to the ceremony.


Round about 12-ish, we began. The shaman did an invocation of several gods to come assist us during the process. We all had to bring offerings which was  placed on an altar in the center of the room. This was comprised of anything such as lentils, tobacco, tequila…whatever the gods wanted.


After the invocation, we were asked about the reason why we wanted to partake. After the 24 participants and myself had spoken about our intentions, we were asked to come take our first dose.


Ayahuasca tastes like ass!


Let’s be real here, Ayahuasca is not a “fun” experience. Anyone that tells you that they have “fun” while doing it is a liar! Ayahuasca tastes like you’re sucking the taint of earth herself. Roughly 15-minutes after ingesting this root-twang, you begin feeling nauseous and are fighting down the feeling of vomiting until – you can’t hold it anymore and then you’ll begin to “purge” as they call it.


In my case, not only was I purging from the top, but the bottom as well. This makes the dynamics very difficult when it happens simultaneously – and that’s why you need the bucket.

The first dose, which was terrible in taste and experience, wasn’t enough for my breakthrough. I knew this – and so, reluctantly I went for my second dose.


This did the trick – I eventually puked up something that looked like ectoplasm. For those unfamiliar with ectoplasm – it’s what mediums cough up when channeling ghosts or what happens after an exorcism.


While I had no idea what I puked up, I immediately knew that it helped me get rid of “something”. Something that was blocking me.


Just as I finished that last vomiting spree – the trip faded, and I went to lay in my sleeping bag, and waited to fall asleep. Eventually, I slept at about 6 AM. The entire miserable experience lasting for a good solid 5-hours.


The Next Day


The next day, everyone related their experiences t one another, and within the crowd – every story had something to do with you.


While I didn’t know exactly what it was that I expelled from my body, I felt like it was something that was holding me back. I can’t really explain the sensation, but I know that some significant change occurred.


Will I do it again?


I can honestly say, that Ayahuasca was one of the worst experiences I’ll gladly do again. Of course, this is one experience. Others have a far more pleasant experience, but I suppose I needed to suffer a bit to release whatever it was I was holding on the inside.


Perhaps this April they will be doing another ceremony near me – if that occurs and everything works out again, I’ll write a follow up. But for now, all I can say is that Ayahuasca is a hardcore substance that people cannot abuse – simply because it tastes like nasty incarnate.


Irrespective of the terrible experience I had – I think it’s one of the most significant psychotropic experiences I have ever had and it probably did more for me in a few hours than years of therapy would have done.


Read more about my Ayahuasca experience here – especially what happened afterwards!


Have you ever tried Ayahuasca? If so, let me know in the comments your experience.








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