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Why Main Stream Media is Still Anti-Pot

Mainstream Media on Cannabis is Still One-Sided

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Sep 30, 2018
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Why Main Stream Media is Still Anti-Pot

What happens when a young billionaire tokes up on a Podcast? A Media Shit Storm! After Elon Musk took his toke on the Joe Rogan Experience the main stream media went into a frenzy. “How could he!” “It’s so irresponsible!” “Is this the reason why Tesla’s stocks dropped?”

For a brief moment in the media cycle the left and the right were criticizing the actions of a free individual who exercised his human right to put whatever he wants into his own body, in a state where the particular drug of choice is legal…all with a negative bias.

You have to ask yourself. Why is it that the media continues to promote an “anti-pot” sentiment when more than 66% of the population favors legalization? Are they in denial about the seismic shift in paradigm that occurred over the past six years? Or is there something more sinister at play?


They Live!

The 1988 cult classic “They Live” not so eloquently points out one of the major purposes of the mainstream media – controlling the narrative. While They Live focus more on the aspect of subliminal manipulation, the mainstream media uses a different approach.

The method to them controlling the narrative is through spamming your subconscious with a singular message. This is why irrespective of “Left-Wing” media or “Right-Wing” media, the narrative focuses solely on the topic of the day.

In the case of Musk, it was all of the negative spouts about cannabis use. Keeping the “anti-Pot” sentiment alive and well and hindering the progress of legalization.

But why would they do this?

If you’ve ever seen the chart about who owns the major media outlets, you’ll realize that a handful of people are controlling what you see, hear or learn about on T.V. Within the world of television, the viewer isn’t the client…they are the product. Now the “clients” might not be too keen on legalizing cannabis quite yet.

The inevitability of cannabis legalization is now a reality for many of the organizations that thrived under a prohibitionist rhetoric. These organizations understand that the proverbial clock is ticking for their current state of being.

Preparations need to be made and this means that the longer it takes to legalize, the more prepared they would be to take advantage of the new revenue stream. Of course, this might sound outlandish, but when you’re talking about billions of dollars lost through the process of legalization, people go to extremes to maintain their structure of power. Don’t believe me? Pick up a history book.

Let’s also not jump to the conclusion that there is some evil bald white dude with a cat hiding in a volcano lair plotting all of this….well perhaps Rupert Murdock, but I digress. I don’t believe that there is one group of people conspiring against the world. Rather, I think it’s more of a cluster of organizations that, as a tick would, burrowed its way into the fabric of society to suck out the life force of freedom that are pressuring media outlets, politicians, people of influence to maintain a narrative that would allow them time to adjust to a new model of being.

I’m sure the DEA have a few people thinking about what they can illegalize next to have the same federal powers to invade your homes and take your shit for doing something as harmless as smoking a joint.


The Government is one of their Biggest Clients

As mentioned, media outlets sell their viewers to their biggest clients. In the case of the government…and I’m talking about every government…they tend to be media outlets’ biggest clients.

Where the Free Press was supposed to be a way for the people to hold the government accountable, the corporate structure of modern day media turned the Free Press into a mouthpiece for political agendas.

For politicians, the “Tough on Drugs” and arrest rates of Marijuana was a solid strategy that would make them look authoritative in the public space. Currently, there are more politicians jumping on the, “Let’s legalize” bandwagon, however the Raegan-Era approach to cannabis have been used as a political stratagem since the early 1970s.

The anti-drug narrative has been engrained into the fabric of modern media. I don’t know whether they are still purposefully spreading the anti-cannabis sentiment to protect the interests of their corporate clients, or whether it has become such a natural response to anything related to cannabis.

Nonetheless, Elon Musk should be able to smoke weed, drop acid and do whatever else the hell he pleases because a Free individual has sovereignty over their own bodies. 

Where the news headlines read, “Did Tesla’s Stocks take a Hit After Elon Musk took one?” it should have been, “Brave individual experiments with his own consciousness challenging the comforts of his own reality…”


The Solution to All this Madness

Take control over what you watch. Television is a spam fest to your subconscious where you don’t control the narrative. With the internet available, there is no more need to ‘watch T.V’. Just stop listening to the puppets.


Why is Mainstream Media Still Anti-Cannabis? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.






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