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Have You Had A Stoner Out Of Body Experience?

Out Of Body Experiences With Weed?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Apr 28, 2016

The Story of an out-of- body Head Rush


“Wow…Head Rush!” a common phrase uttered by stoners across the globe. Take a big hit from a gravity bong and stand up quickly, suddenly you find yourself light headed and light on your feet. It takes a few moments before everything becomes normal once more. Finally, you’re back to reality and surfed another head rush.

Usually, a head rush will last you a few seconds and at times can last up to a minute. While I have experienced many head-rushes throughout my 20+ years of smoking marijuana, there was oneparticular head rush that I’ll never forget.


The story begins…


It was my early years of smoking marijuana. I started at a very young age and knew that I would smoke cannabis until the day I died. I enjoyed the high more than alcohol and it was a lot cheaper too back then.

My older brother introduced me to cannabis and we are still smoking buddies till this very day. It was maybe the tenth or fifteenth time I smoked marijuana when I experienced a head rush unlike any other.

We went over to a friend’s house to toke up. We had a make shift bong, and parents-free house and a few ounces of weed on us. In order to not stink up the house, we decided to take our toke session to the roof.

Don’t worry, the roof was quite flat and large and none of us were dumb enough to sit near any edges.

We all took turns on the bong and seeing that my friend’s house was on a mountain side, the view was quite amazing too.


Then I turned up the intensity…


Everybody eventually stopped smoking bong besides me and a buddy of mine. We decided to get higher than we have ever gotten before. I can’t exactly remember how many bowls I smoked back to back, but they were a lot. My young lungs could handle the load and before I knew it I was heavily stoned and giggling like a 13-year- old school girl. I was the volcano as a pillar of smoke came out of my mouth.

Now that I was fully baked, I thought it was a good idea to stand up and stretch. I did expect a slight head rush, especially due to the massive amount of weed I had just smoked but little did I know that this head rush would not be like any other.

I quickly got to my feet when suddenly the sound got a bit muffled. I could feel a warm sensation from my feet quickly rise up towards my head. When this sensation hit my head, my perception shifted upwards. I was no longer seeing through my eyes but perceiving myself from behind floating in the air. Ican still see that image in my mind’s eye today.

I floated there for a few seconds. I saw myself standing on the roof, my friends just chilling there not aware that I am currently a few feet outside of my own body. “Wow” I said and could see my mouth move.

“What’s up?” my brother asked. It was then I felt a pull back towards my body. I zoomed into the back of my head and suddenly found myself back inside of my own body, looking through my eyeballs.

Fumbling to find words, I tried to explain to my friends that I was floating outside my body for a few seconds. They simply said I was high…and yes, they were 100% correct in that. However, I have smoked cannabis for over twenty years now and never before has something like that ever happened to mesolely on weed.

I wasn’t afraid of the experience…rather intrigued into what it meant. Perhaps I stumbled on somemystic secret because I was the right amount of high. If I could do this with weed, could I do it withoutit?


You see, for me it helped shape my path in self-discovery, understanding that human consciousness is still a mysterious thing. That perhaps we are limiting our own potential.


A Head Rush to Remember

We all experience head rushes at one point in our stoner lives. But this particular experience was something that I will remember till I’m old and grey. I’ve never been able to replicate the experience however have entered into “other” states solely under the influence of cannabis.

For me at least, cannabis is a tool within our path of self-discovery. That head rush in my early years of toking made me understand this truth.


Have you ever had a crazy uncommon experience under the influence of cannabis?








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