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What Is The Best Way To Take Medicinal Cannabis?

Should You Smoke, Eat, Dab, Dose, Or Something Else?

Posted by:
Oaktree on Saturday Jan 30, 2016

What Is The Best Way To Take Medical Marijuana?


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Delivery Systems

The effects of cannabis may be obtained from smoking, vaporization, eating cannabis infused 

food, tinctures, or topical application of lotions, creams or patches.  The goal is to select the right delivery system

to achieve the proper dose of medication for the best relief for the longest period of time.



Smoking cannabis is probably the most commonly used delivery method, but it may not be the 

most effective. An advantage is the rapid absorption into the system, which makes dosing 

easier. However a big disadvantage is irritation to the respiratory system. Smoking anything, 

including cannabis, is not beneficial for your lungs or respiratory system.  The onset of action is 1-5 minutes,

with a duration of 1-4 hours.




Like smoking, vaporization doses can be more easily titrated (effects measured, dose increased 

or decrease by small intervals) by inhalation. The effectiveness can be determined within a few 

minutes. Patients can more readily control the dose to achieve the desired effect. Since vapors 

are generally much less irritating to the lungs than smoking, patients that have historically 

smoked cannabis might not realize the amount that they are consuming while vaporizing 

because it doesn’t feel like smoke.  The onset of action is quick - 2 to 5 minutes, with a duration of 1-4 hours 




The effects of cannabis consumed orally (eating) typically last longer and generally fade more 

slowly than either smoked or vaporized cannabis. The absorption, however, is much slower and 

more unpredictable due to stomach acids & digestive enzymes. Dosing of edible cannabis can 

be difficult to achieve because of this slow absorption. It is difficult to know if you have taken the 

right dose. The best rule for purchased edible products is to cut them into 4-8 pieces & eat 1 

piece to start. If there's no effect within 30-60 minutes, repeat the dose. If you are feeling relief, 

do not repeat the dose. The best rule for edibles is to start with a small amount and repeat the 

dose if needed.  Most patients will experience some effect within 30-90 minutes, but it may take up to 180 

minutes with peak effect in about 2 hours. The effect might last approximately 6-8 hours.




Tinctures are concentrated extracts made with alcohol, oils or glycerin. They can be fast-acting, 

as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Place the tincture drops under your tongue, 

and hold the tincture in your mouth for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Tinctures are a popular delivery system because they are convenient, discrete (minimal odor), and easy

to dose correctly.  The onset of action is generally about 5-15 minutes, with a peak effect in about 30 minutes and 

an expected duration of 1-6 hours.




Topical medication may be delivered quickly and effectively due to the large number of receptors 

in the skin. The medication is absorbed directly through the skin, and enters the bloodstream 

quickly.  Since there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to topical products, caution should be used 

when starting this therapy. Apply a test dose, and watch for a rash or reaction over the next 24 

hours or so. In spite of some people having an allergic reaction to topical products, it is generally 

a well-tolerated delivery system.



Dosing of this powerful drug is very individualized, and probably the most important part 

of a successful therapy. Start low and titrate until the proper dose is achieved. The right dose 

is actually the smallest effective dose needed to achieve the desired relief. More is not better 

when we are talking about cannabis.  Overmedicating cannabis may cause an unpleasant experience.


Monitoring the Effects

Patients may respond differently to the medication.  Although the ingestible products, lotions and patches

have known concentrations of the active ingredient(s), it is only an estimate of how much medication you are taking with

smoking cannabis (which is not suggested) or using a vaporizer. You will need to be responsible for recognizing

and recording the effects of  the cannabis.You will be given a strain journal that may, over time, help you determine

what the best product is for you. In all situations, please start with the lowest dose possible and use it infrequently. 


Dosage and frequency can be increased as the effects of the medication become known. There are many different

strains of cannabis with different chemical compositions and different effects on the body and brain. We hope you

and your physician can use your medical history and experience with cannabis to help determine what strain is best

for you with the fewest side effects.







best way to absorb cannabis in the body



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