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type of cannabis edibles

10 Types of Cannabis Edibles You Need To Try This Weekend

Marijuana Edibles Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Posted by:

Devin Yirka

on Friday Apr 27, 2018
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10 Types of Cannabis Edibles You Need To Try This Weekend


cannabis edible types


There are several ways to consume marijuana. The most popular one would be smoking it, either through a regular joint, old-school pipe, or huge bongs. Most potheads consume cannabis through this traditional method.

However, there are some who are more adventurous and would want to have their marijuana with almost anything. Pot smokers who also happen to be foodies, for example, would totally enjoy cannabis edibles. What’s not to like? It’s marijuana in food. As a matter of fact, marijuana edibles are part of the food trends of 2018. To explore this, here are some of the must-try cannabis edibles.



It might be safe to say that cannabis is competing with chocolate in terms of consumer appeal, making it predictable that sooner or later choco cannabis will be a big thing. Thinking about it, cannabis and chocolates is the perfect combination for the sweet-toothed cannabis connoisseur. There are several brands out on the market containing different strains and different dose in every bar. The brand Kiva in particular is making a mark in the heart of chocolate-loving potheads.

Chocolate Taffy

Most people consider taffies as their regular companions during long lines at the bank and when travelling. These chewy and flavorful marijuana edibles, on the other hand, are originally intended for medical purposes. Often bite-sized, it’s so easy to get carried away while eating marijuana-infused taffy, so doctors still advice everyone to chew cautiously. Only chew according to your desired high.

Sour Candy

Kids and kids at heart love sour candy. Like the regular candy, this adult version, the marijuana-infused sour candies, are fun to munch. They come in small packs with a promise of a good time all the way. Cannabis sour candies are becoming very popular in several states and are the go-to edibles of the fun-loving weed smokers.  

Ice Cream

Ice cream makes hot summer days bearable, but ice cream with marijuana makes them better than ever. These treats are a gift to anyone who just simply loves ice cream. It’s perfect for almost any mood. It makes bad days bright, and good days even brighter. Strictly not for kids, this ice cream for adults is making a buzz.


Gummies are an absolute children’s treat but adults enjoy it just as much. Marijuana sour gummies are so popular that producers of these edibles are making them in various flavors, mango, blueberry, watermelon, or apple, name it, there’s a gummy flavor for it. Some popular brands even produce them according to the desired effect. There are downer gummies and there are upper gummies. Among all the cannabis edible trends, this one is among the most popular, definitely a must-try.


Not exactly edible but the cannabis punch trend is making its way to the hearts of those who would prefer to have marijuana in their drink than eat it. The punch comes in different flavors and is non-carbonated. Quenching thirst and getting high at the same time is a pretty good idea after all.


A favorite munchie of those high on weed, pot and chips seem like a match made in heaven. Although it might be tricky since it would be difficult to identify the dose per chip, it’s still the perfect snack to make consumers relaxed. However, because of the unpredictable potency, experts advise munching with care. Opening a bag of marijuana chips is like opening a whole new world for potheads.  

Herbal Teas

Yes, it’s true, there’s an edibles company in Colorado producing herbal teas combined with cannabis sweet leaf. The company is purposely focused on the benefits of medical marijuana. The teas they make come in different flavors and are great supplements in the treatment of various digestive problems and other ailments. Teas in itself are pretty wonderful, how much more are Marijuana-infused herbal teas?  


Almost everyone’s first taste of marijuana edibles is with space brownies, cakes, and cookies. Those who loved getting high while having their chocolate chip cookies can now get the same effect in other flavors as producers are making them with a lot more variety. Not really sold by girl scouts but marijuana cookies are consumed by the dozen across Colorado and California.


Creators of edibles are really going out of their way in producing cannabis-infused foods. There are marijuana teas, chips, and chocolates, and now there’s marijuana popcorn. This popcorn can be really potent and consumers can easily get distracted while eating them, because to be honest, nobody pays attention to the world when eating popcorn. Every pack of these popcorn is flavorful and are absolutely fun to pop.


Marijuana edibles are proven to be more potent, and although it is absolutely fun and exciting to try all of it, it is still important to be fully aware of the THC levels of these foods before consumption. Like a responsible consumer, check the labels to know if the edible is infused with cannabis indica or sativa, and how much dose is in it. The newbie users, most importantly, have to take it slow and perhaps start with edibles that have low doses. Same advice goes for the experienced users—eat responsibly. Most of these edibles have varied potency in every pack or serving, which means some chips are more potent than others and it’s almost impossible to have the same potency in every bite.

More and more of these edibles are expected to be out in the market. As more states legalize marijuana, more consumers are going to want these edibles to be available. It’s just how it goes, the more demand for it, the more supply is needed as well.

The continuous movement of legalizing marijuana across different states is really changing various industries. However, despite the widespread availability, some users are taking extra steps to make sure their THC levels won’t cause problems especially at work. Many people are trying detox kits that get rid of toxins fast. Now people don’t have to worry about getting high and getting in trouble for it.


(Devin Yirka is the Production Assistant at Testclear, a drug testing advisor and online seller of home drug testing kits. He occasionally writes for Testclear about drug testing and other related topics.)









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