cannabis gravy recipe
cannabis gravy recipe

Cannabis-Infused Gravy Recipe to Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful

How do you make marijuana-infused gravy to give Thanksgiving a new meaning

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jsp1073 on Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Turn Thanksgiving into “DanksGiving” with this Cannabis-Infused Gravy!

cannabis infused gravy

In the infamous words of Jenifer Lopez from her classical cinematic art piece Gigli, “It’s turkey time…Gobble Gobble!”


Yes, we’re about to get down to the most gluttonous celebrations of the year…thanksgiving! Yes, there’s a lot to be grateful for when you’re stuffing your mouth with thousands of calories and arguing with your family over complete trivialities!


This year, we’ll be putting some more Dank into Danksgiving, and we’ll be cooking up a Cannabis infused Gravy!


This obviously is going to be a “psychoactive infusion” and in the case you want a CBD infusion, you could simply utilize the same recipe with CBD, or buy a pre-made version (which really exists).


The reason why spiking your gravy is such a phenomenal idea is because people can choose “how high” they would like to be. If you infuse an entire turkey or roast beef, people won’t have the option to “not eat weed”, however, when you decide to infuse side-dishes, salsas and the likes, you provide culinary options to eaters.


Now, before we start with anything we need express that it’s totally not cool spiking people without their knowledge. If you’re going to be making psychoactive DanksGiving Gravy, you need ensure that everybody knows.


Place it in a weird bowl or something that will make people know that “this particular gravy will get you baked!”


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue.


First – Let’s make some Cannabis Oil!


I believe we have done these kinds of recipes time and time again here on I could be lazy and simply hyper-link to a previous article, but I know that your laziness outweighs mine. And thus, I’ll do both – drop a link to a recipe for making CannaOil and give you a basic cheat sheet here – You’re Welcome!


Making Oil Cheat Sheet:


Step 1: Get about 14 grams of weed and grind it up

Step 2: Decarboxylate the cannabis

Step 3: Take about 2 cups of oil (500 ml) and mix with the decarboxylated weed

Step 4: Stir on medium heat for 15-25 mins

Step 5: Strain with Cheese Cloth


And now you have your cannabis infused olive oil. Now let’s move onto the gravy!


Making Gravy Y’all!


In order to make the gravy, you’ll need to be present during the preparation of the Turkey or Roast you’re doing. Once the “bird is out of the oven”, transfer it to a cutting board and take the tray with all the juices and what not and put it aside.


Then, follow these steps.


Step 1: Remove all of the “oil” from the pan but leave the “brown stuff/drippings” burned to the bottom of the pan. In the original recipe, you’ll use some of the oil for the gravy, but we’re replacing it with our own oil.

Step 2: Scrape up all of the drippings that are sticking to it and place it in a pan on the stovetop at “medium heat”. Add in 4-6 tbsp of cannabis infused oil.

Step 3. Sprinkle 4 Tbsp of flour onto the dripping and quickly stir it to incorporate it into the drippings.

Step 4: Continue to whisk and add water or milk until you get the consistency you’re looking for. Be patient, take your time, it will thicken over time.

Step 5: Season it with pepper and salt to your liking.


And there you have it, a real simple and easy to follow Gravy Recipe that will most definitely get you stoned.


How to consume it without fucking yourself up too much


Considering that you’re going to be consuming 11-Hydroxy-THC, you’ll want to take it slow. Start off with perhaps two spoons of infused gravy and wait a good 30 minutes before eating more. In all likeliness, you’ll feel a medium high, but you always want to rather err on the side of caution.


Eating too much of the gravy could make you “too high”. You don’t want to be sleeping all of Thanksgiving now do you?


The trick is to take it slow and to keep on eating over time. Every hour or so, you can have between 2-3 big spoons of gravy which should keep you nice and baked throughout the entire evening.


Make an Extra Non-Psychoactive Bowl


Another thing you can do to make it even less potent, is to have an additional bowl of “non-infused gravy”, then simply use a 1:3 ratio of (infused:non-infused). Just be sure to properly label the bowl as to not accidentally mistake the “Dank” for the non-dank.


Nonetheless, you now have everything you need to create your very own Danksgiving Gravy at home that will totally get you blitzed.








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