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8 Cannabis Strains For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Marijauna Strains That Go Great With Turkey and Pie

Posted by DanaSmith on Monday Nov 20, 2017
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8 Strains For Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is just around the corner; and for most of us this means big turkey meals are upon us, festive gatherings with friends and family, and sometimes the occasional annoying family questions that you have to bear.


Here are the best strains to help power you through parties, give you an appetite, and sedate you before meeting the in-laws:


mr. nice cannabis

  1. Mr. Nice is a relaxing strain that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and hungry. Many users report that Mr. Nice enhances the appetite like no other, particularly inducing cravings for sugary and sweet treats. This indica is the ideal Thanksgiving strain if you need a little motivation to attend a family dinner with a mellow buzz that will help you through conversations.


berry white

  1. Berry White’s delicious berry undertones complement Thanksgiving’s cranberry dishes with a mild spicy aroma. Users love Berry White for delivering a happy, euphoric high that instantly leads to happiness and relaxation, perfect for just about any kind of Thanksgiving party. Just don’t smoke too much or it might get you into a couch lock! Berry White is also used to treat headaches and pain, so if you aren’t feeling too good but need a little boost for dinner, Berry White is the strain for you.


og kush

  1. OG Kush is a great fall strain; it goes well with turkey, pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. OG Kush’s earthy tones interact well with savory treats. However, this strain is pretty potent with some phenotypes having THC levels as high as 27%. The high produced by OG Kush tend to be more cerebral, but it’s a happiness-inducing strain recommended for evening use.


blue dream strain

  1. Blue Dream is a highly regarded strain, legendary for its medicinal benefits and taste. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect strain to smoke between dinner and dessert, to prevent you from getting into a sleepy food coma. Blue Dream’s award-winning profile and aroma make it go well with Thanksgiving food pairings, particularly complementing berry sauces. It goes just as well with simple desserts, its sweet berry aroma acts like the icing on top!


super lemon haze

  1. Super Lemon Haze is a strong sativa well-suited for people who rely on cannabis for energy and motivation. Smoking some Super Lemon Haze before heading off to the night’s festivities will have you feeling lively and energetic. Its tangy lemony taste and smell, as well as citrusy aroma go well with all Thanksgiving dishes without being too overpowering. This strain will give you a strong cerebral high, perfect for helping you participate in conversations even though your grandma’s asked you why you aren’t married yet for the 50th time. 


alaska thunder fuck

  1. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a flavorful explosion of flavors that will complement your Thanksgiving veggie dishes. Known for its strong potency and powerful sativa properties, you won’t need a lot of Alaskan Thunderfuck to feel its effects. On that note, you might actually be much better off microdosing with Alaskan Thunderfuck; it’s so intense that too much may make you anxious!


white widow strain

  1. White Widow is a world-famous strain known among recreational users as one of the most socializing strains in the market. Truly iconic, White Widow delivers creative, relaxed, and euphoric feelings. If you’re antisocial or an introvert, and the thought of attending Thanksgiving parties makes your hair stand, you can count on White Widow to give you a little high – and a much needed boost. It’s also a choice strain to help you wind down after the parties, lulling you into a gentle slumber.


gorilla glue #4

  1. Gorilla Glue #4 is the strain to use if you ate so much that you just want to forget about all the calories you accumulated at Thanksgiving dinner. With some phenotypes with THC levels as high as 33.5%, Gorilla Glue #4 isn’t recommended if it’s your first time at the rodeo. Definitely worth trying though; users love Gorilla Glue for its euphoric high best enjoyed while winding down when the festivities are over, cup of your favorite fall drink in hand. If intense euphoria is your thing, Gorilla Glue #4 comes highly recommended.


What are your favorite Thanksgiving strains? Share with us in the comments below!









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