how do you make thc syrup
how do you make thc syrup

What is Sweet THC Syrup and How Do You Make It? (Updated Recipe)

How do you make THC Syrup and what is it used for at home?

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HighChi on Saturday Apr 2, 2022

thc syrup and how to make it

Making use of cannabis-imbued oils or butter to prepare baked products and savory dishes is a well-known way to enjoy edibles. But did you also know that you can prepare a tasty THC syrup in almost no time with only a little sugar and water? Read on for a sweet introduction to the world of cannabis syrup, as well as an easy step-by-step recipe and instructions for making this extra-sweet cannabis-infused syrup at home.



THC syrup is an extremely sweet edible created by using water, cannabis, flavorings, and sugar. Regardless of whether you simply take it on its own or take delight in it as a sweetener in coffee or tea, or even on a hot pile of pancakes, this yummy syrup is sure to not only give you that kick of THC we know and love, but also please your taste buds.

THC syrups commonly possess a golden or clear color (like vape juice) and a robust, thick feeling like cough medicine or maple syrup. They are also delicious, and more sensational flavors can be created with a variety of aromatic ingredients. Cannabis syrup often gives the same effects as common edibles, though it tends to take effect faster because it digests far more easily. Because of

its level of sugar, it is recommended that THC syrup be used moderately, and close attention should be paid to dosing. Although having a relatively quicker onset, THC syrup can still take a while to set in, but the effects are long-lasting. As usual, it is advised to start small and wait for about an hour before considering a second dose to get a feel for the strength and effect of the syrup, as well as your tolerance.



Getting appropriate dosing of cannabis edibles is always a little tricky. If you stick to the recipe that will be coming later in this article, a teaspoon of syrup ought to give you a nice, clear-headed, euphoric buzz that will still permit you to carry on with your day. But, if what you seek is a heavier, more psychoactive effect, try taking 2-3 tablespoons of syrup. As we have said, it is recommended to start low and gradually build up your dose.


It should be noted that cannabis syrup shouldn't be mistaken for sizzurp or lean, which are highly addictive and hazardous codeine-based brews created from prescription-strength linctus, fruit flavored hard candy, and soft drinks.



The THC syrup may possess similar characteristics to world cannabis oil, but the two are varied. As a matter of fact, cannabis syrup can make use of cannabis oil as a major ingredient. Anyway, THC oil is often used to infuse both sweet and mouth-watering dishes, while THC syrup is a sweet component that can be made relatively quickly and with ease, and you can make use of it like any other typical syrup.



THC syrup is very easy to make. A super simple recipe for a basic syrup will be shared below, but it is advised to also experiment with yours. You can use aromatics like lemon zest, herbs such as rosemary and basil, star anise, cloves, and many more to dress your syrup.



  • Three cups of sugar; feel free to choose between muscovado or brown sugar. Just have in mind that these sugars will make your syrup cloudy and dark.


  • Two tablespoons vegetable glycerin


  • 2 grams smoothly ground cannabis buds (or 1 gram cannabis concentrate)


  • Three cups of filtered, non-chlorinated water.


You will also require some equipment such as a saucepan, strainer, weed curing jar, cheesecloth, Mason bottle, or jar for keeping your syrup.


To experiment with your syrup while preparing, here are some optional flavorings: Cinnamon sticks, fresh fruits, herbs, Fresh vanilla beans, Whole spices (such as cardamom, star anise, and cloves)




1- When making use of cannabis flowers, ensure you grind your bud, scatter it out on a lined baking sheet, then position it in a preheated oven at 110°C for about 30 minutes. 

This is a process known as decarboxylation, and it helps activate the cannabinoids in dry Glover's to make sure your syrup is excellent and strong. Remember to take your bud from the oven after roughly 20 minutes and shake it around the baking sheet to keep it decarbing equally.

When your kitchen has begun to lightly smell of dank weed, then it is ready.

Take note: if you use cannabis concentrate, depending on the product, the need to decarboxylate will vary. For instance, while THC oils should already be decarbed, concentrates like BHO will need heating. In this case, heat the BHO on parchment paper or a silicone mat inside a heat-proof dish at the same temperature and time as the ground herb.


2- In a saucepan, combine any aromatic you've chosen with water and sugar and bring to a boil over medium heat.As soon as boiling starts, get the heat down to low and stir the syrup non-stop till all of the sugar has dissolved.


3- Add the concentrate or decarbed bud and boil for 30 minutes while continuously stirring. Then add the vegetable glycerin and continue boiling for 5 minutes, finally remove from the heat.


4- Permit the cannabis-infused syrup to cool, then drain it through a strainer lined with cheesecloth to extract any plant material and any aromatics used in flavoring the syrup.


 Bottom Line

Smoking is the traditional way to enjoy cannabis, but cooking using cannabis presents a sea of choices for plant lovers. From dessert to drinks and entrees, using cannabis for cooking gives you a new way to appreciate and integrate the plant into your diet. Edibles are more potent and longer-lasting than smoking, making for a full-body high experience. Edibles are also a perfect alternative for those who do not enjoy smoking or want to cut back.

There it is! Now that you know how to make and use cannabis syrup, the time has come for you to get into the kitchen and start whipping something up.





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