aged cannabis can you smoke it
aged cannabis can you smoke it

You Find a Bag of Weed You Hid Under the Couch 5 Years Ago - Can You Smoke It? Will You Still Get High?

Old weed can help you get a great night's sleep as THC converts to CBN over time!

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Nanci Chi-Town on Monday Sep 4, 2023

old weed you can smoke and helps you sleep

Cannabis, a plant steeped in human history, has undergone remarkable transformations. Within the cannabis industry, significant progress has been made in perfecting cultivation, extraction, and processing methods. Surprisingly, one aspect of cannabis often overshadowed is its maturation process. Comparable to the refinement of fine wines or the aging of whiskey, cannabis can undergo distinct changes and develop unique attributes when carefully stored over time.

The art of aging cannabis remains a relatively unexplored topic within the cannabis community. Typically, users and cultivators prioritize freshness and potency. However, aging cannabis involves deliberately storing this plant in a controlled environment for an extended duration, facilitating various chemical processes. These processes can potentially influence the composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, and overall cannabis quality.

The Science

Aged cannabis has gained a reputation for its remarkable sleep-inducing properties. This phenomenon is attributed to converting THC to CBN when exposed to oxygen. CBN, a cannabinoid known for its relaxing effects, can ease the body into a restful state. In the case of the cannabis buds stored within a sealed mason glass jar, the exposure to oxygen was minimal. Consequently, the high THC content within the buds remained largely unaltered, indicating minimal conversion to CBN.


Nevertheless, there was still a noticeable increase in CBN presence compared to the average, with a precise measurement of 0.6 percent CBN. This modest dose of CBN was sufficient to induce a calming and soothing effect, effectively dissolving the tension and stress accumulated throughout the day.


As expected, the cannabis buds have lost some of their former luster. The vibrant lime green color that once defined them has gradually faded to a somewhat more subdued khaki green. Surprisingly, the trichomes, those tiny resin glands responsible for the plant's potency and aroma, remain remarkably intact. Their amber heads still glisten, retaining their perfect appearance and luster.


This phenomenon speaks to the resilience of well-preserved cannabis, where even after years of storage, the trichomes continue to hold their essential oils, hinting at the potential for a potent and enjoyable experience. It's a testament to the intriguing journey of cannabis aging, where appearances can be deceiving.


The once incredibly adhesive buds have transformed, now possessing a slightly more brittle texture than their initial state. These particular buds were sealed in a jar before the widespread appreciation of humidity packs, but their condition remains surprisingly favorable even without them. Although these buds are somewhat drier than what most cannabis enthusiasts prefer, upon close inspection, it's evident that the trichomes are still resinous and sticky, primed and ready for inhalation.


Here's the remarkable twist: Nearly any cannabis expert would inform you that the initial components to degrade are the terpenes, the essential oils responsible for cannabis's aroma and flavor. Nevertheless, to their pleasant surprise, they found the continued presence of terpenes even after a five-year storage period. This unexpected preservation of terpenes highlights the unique characteristics of aged cannabis.


While conventional wisdom might suggest a decline in terpene content, the findings challenge these assumptions, revealing that the aging process can enhance the terpene profile, adding depth and complexity to the cannabis experience. It's a revelation that invites further exploration into the hidden potential of aged cannabis.

Opening The Seal of the Mason Jar

Nevertheless, breaking the seal of that mason jar for the first time in half a decade proved to be quite an unappealing experience. The stagnant air within carried a spicy scent reminiscent of fermented plant matter, a sensation that might tingle one's nostrils. This peculiar odor brought to mind a spice cupboard in an aging, damp residence or perhaps an amalgamation of exotic dried herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. However, once the lid was removed and the stale air dispelled, the faint but distinct aroma of cannabis terpenes triumphed within the jar.


Cracking open one of the buds revealed a more delightful bouquet, characterized by floral and citrus notes, coupled with an earthy, kombucha-like fragrance that lingered enticingly in the nostrils. Laboratory analyses confirmed that 0.67% of the terpenes had endured, with limonene leading the way at 1.66 milligrams per gram. These buds also exhibited high levels of linalool and myrcene. Myrcene suggests that these buds could penetrate the blood-brain barrier even at their age and induce an exceptional high.


The appearance of aged buds may not boast the same visual appeal as freshly cured ones, but the taste of these five-year-old flowers proved to be an intriguing experience. The flavor leaned towards a dry and earthy profile, delivering an almost immediate impact at the back of the throat.


While it didn't entirely detract from the experience, it didn't offer the most enjoyable toke of my life. However, amidst this unique taste, faint citrus undertones still made themselves heard, even if they didn't quite reach the heights of their former sweet pine and freshly blooming flower glory.

The Verdict

Light up that herb! While it may not exhibit the same visual splendor it once did in its prime, aged cannabis can still deliver a satisfying experience. And who's to say you won't find yourself enjoying the newfound body-melting, couch-locking effects it has to offer?


The results of testing 5-year-old cannabis were nothing short of surprising. Contrary to common misconceptions, aged cannabis can offer unique potency, flavor, and aroma advantages. The aging process can concentrate cannabinoids, enhance terpene profiles, and deliver a smoother smoking experience.


However, it's essential to note that not all cannabis ages well. Proper storage conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light control, are significant in the outcome. When stored correctly, cannabis can develop into a refined and exceptional product, like aging fine wine or whiskey.


As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, exploring every facet of this remarkable plant is crucial. Aged cannabis may not be for everyone, but it's worth considering for those seeking a different experience. Like a fine wine, aged cannabis offers a journey of flavors and aromas that can surprise and delight even the most discerning connoisseur.





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