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sweet strains

5 Sweet Tasting Cannabis Strains To Try Out

Sweet Marijuana Strains Can Be Great In The Evening

Posted by DanaSmith on Sunday Sep 10, 2017
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Top Sweet Strains That Are Better Than Candy



Cannabis connoisseurs know that the herb isn’t just good for health – it can taste damn good, too! These days we’re lucky to have such an abundance of great tasting strains to match your every need and every mood with their aromas or flavor profiles.


If you love candy and all things sugary sweet, you’ll love these sweet strains!


candyland strain

  1. Candyland is an extremely tasty, sweet sativa-dominant hybrid. This is definitely one of the most special strains around, and not just because of its unique candy-like flavor: Candyland has a pungent taste with earthy undertones and a fantastic high. Consumers love Candyland because it makes you feel as though you’ve just walked into an amusement park and are enjoying your favorite candy on one hand. It uplifts and relaxes you, delivering a potent burst of energy which is meant to be enjoyed through creative pursuits. Candyland is a favorite strain of artists, musicians, writers, or just about anybody who uses the creative brain for work or play. But don’t let that fool you: this strain also has potent medical benefits; it’s effective for treating depression, anxiety, headaches, pain, and fatigue.


fruity pebbles strain

  1. Fruity Pebbles is one of the sweetest cannabis strains on earth. One bag of Fruity Pebbles smells just like the actual cereal. This sweet hybrid has a delicious sweet and tropical flavor with notes of berry; making you feel like you’ve just been transported to a beautiful island abundant with sweet fruit. It’s no wonder that this strain is extraordinary in flavor and potency: its parents include an indica and two hyrbrids, creating a one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other. Fruity Pebbles delivers a high that combines the best of sativa and indica strains; making you feel giggly but happy, uplifted, and euphoric too. Fruity Pebbles is used to treat depression, stress, and loss of appetite – perfect if you need a sweet-tasting pick-me-upper strain!


grape ape strains

  1. Grape Ape is a favorite of those who love the flavor of grapes. In fact, many think that smoking Grape Ape is akin to eating a ton of the sweetest grape candy! This powerful indica is loved by users for its relaxing and meditative high that is often used to treat insomnia, stress, anxiety, and pain. Grape Ape is best enjoyed in the late evenings or before bed, as its delicious grape flavor will send you into a blissful deep slumber. Users also love Grape Ape for the body high that it delivers, making it an effective after-hours medicine that is just so delightful to smoke. Grape Ape is effective at knocking out pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Be wary of some of Grape Ape’s negatives though, such as paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, dry eyes, and a dry mouth. If you are vulnerable to these effects, try microdosing some before sleep instead of smoking too much.


tangie strain

  1. Tangie, a new take on the Tangerine Dream strain, is a favorite among users who love the flavor of sweet oranges. Tangie is a strong sativa, highly recommended for morning wake and bake sessions to get your motivation, energy, and creativity flowing. Tangie delivers an uplifted, euphoric, and happy buzz with a delicious taste to boot – what better way to start the day than with a strain this yummy? This is an ideal strain for users who struggle with fatigue in the morning, so don’t smoke Tangie at night if you’re trying to get some shut eye. Tangie is effective for pain, stress, and depression too. However, this strain has been associated with dry eye, dry mouth, headaches, and anxiety; use moderately or with caution if you’re prone to these cannabis side effects.


strawberry cough strain

  1. Strawberry Cough tastes like you’re smoking up strawberries! If you love the flavor of strawberries, you’ll love this strain. Strawberry Cough is a high THC strain with potent effects but a smooth, enjoyable smoke. Users love this strain not only for its delicious flavor but its uplifting, happy, and relaxed high. Since it’s a sativa-dominant strain, it will help to relax the mind while offering better focus and concentration no matter what task you have to do. This is a favorite for wake and bake. Patients also use Strawberry Cough to eliminate fears and stress, as well as treating fatigue, pain, depression, and lack of appetite.


What are your favorite sweet-tasting strains?









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