bipolar cannabis strains
bipolar cannabis strains

Best Cannabis Strains for Bipolar Disorder

Try These Cannabis Strains For Bipolar Disorder

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Best Cannabis Strains for Bipolar Disorder

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Living with a mental illness isn’t easy, nor is it easy to see someone you love struggle with it. Bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental disorders and affects 5.7 million people in the United States.


Some patients experience such severe cases of bipolar disorder that it impedes their ability to live a normal life. Bipolar disorder can cause mood swings that make it so difficult to hold down a job and maintain healthy relationships. However, cannabis has been proven to be a safe natural remedy that enables patients to effectively manage the symptoms of bipolar disorder.


Consuming strains that are high in THC may be more beneficial for patients suffering from bipolar disorder. This is because the THC content possesses powerful antidepressant properties and can boost serotonin to help stabilize moods. Serotonin is necessary for producing feel-good feelings in the brain, and thus is critical for helping people with mental disorders.


If you are considering using cannabis to help with bipolar disorders, try these strains:

blue dream strain

  • Blue Dream is a legendary strain from the Golden State. This sativa-dominant hybrid is well-loved by patients including those who suffer from bipolar disorder for its ability to deliver a strong psychoactive high with a cerebral stoniness that’s perfect for countering the common couchlock feels that some experience with Blue Dream. Both body and mind are invigorated with this amazing strain; it’s no wonder why this is a favorite among bipolar disorder patients. Blue Dream works so well in addressing depression, anxiety, and headaches too.


sour diesel strain

  • Sour Diesel is a famous sativa strain valued for its invigorating and medicinal properties. For those who are looking for quick relief, look no further than Sour Diesel. It delivers a great energizing and dreamy cerebral effect that makes it potent for alleviating depression, pain, and stress with long-lasting relief. Sour Diesel is an excellent choice for bipolar disorder patients who prefer to medicate during the day, as it can help you focus at the task at hand and stay productive. It’s even good for a wake and bake session if that’s your cup of tea.


white widow strain

  • White Widow is undoubtedly one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world and for good reason. White Widow delivers a euphoric and relaxed high loved by recreational and medical patients. Hailing from the Netherlands, White Widow is an extremely popular strain that’s been seen in almost all the coffee shops in the area. Bipolar patients will benefit from White Widow’s ability to knock out pain, depression, and stress while helping you get a good night’s sleep. Many patients also find that medicating with White Widow is helpful in enhancing artistic and creative pursuits, which are a great and healthy way of keeping yourself distracted especially when you are suffering from a severe episode caused by bipolar disorder.


girl scout cookies strain

  • Girl Scout Cookies is a California-grown strain with several amazing medicinal properties for those suffering from bipolar disorder. This strain is hailed for its ability to take you into a serious state of euphoria that all medical patients can benefit from. Girl Scout Cookies delivers a great cerebral high and because of its unique hit, it’s already won many Cannabis Cup awards. Bipolar disorder patients who are looking for a strong cannabis strain to effectively treat pain, stress, and appetite loss can benefit from Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is the go-to strain for patients suffering from many debilitating conditions and experience chronic pain.


jack herer strain

  • Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands and because of its amazing medical properties it didn’t take long for it to be recognized as a medical-grade variety. Jack Herer’s potency and quality has won it several cannabis awards, and is a popular choice for medical and bipolar patients. Jack Herer gives off a great uplifted, clear-headed and blissful high, also ideal for creative projects. Patients around the world also turn to Jack Herer for help dealing with lack of appetite, stress, pain, depression, and fatigue. If you find that bipolar disorder drains you of your energy because of exhausting mood swings, give Jack Herer a try.



Have you used cannabis to treat bipolar disorder? What strain did you love the most and why?









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