GMO marijuana strains
GMO marijuana strains

The GMO Cannabis Strain (Garlic Mushroom Onions) - Such a Big Hit So Fast!

The GMO marijuana strain is one of the most popular right now with consumers!

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HighChi on Tuesday May 4, 2021

GMO Cannabis Strain (History And Information)

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GMO, also called Garlic Cookies or GMO Cookies is one of the most popular marijuana strains currently. Although it has a lot of enticing attributes, its rarity is what makes it as hyped as it is.

Users who have had it claim it induced the highest potent effect they've ever experienced. But, due to its scarcity, this claim can neither be refuted nor proved by several other cannabis users around the world.

I'm sure you're reading this write-up because like everyone you're also curious about this mysterious strain.

Prepare to be enlightened!

About GMO Cannabis Strain

The aliases of GMO were coined from its unique taste features—'Garlic Mushroom and Onions (GMO)'. People tend not to call it GMO most times because GMO is also an abbreviation for "Genetically Modified Organism", and no one wants to be offered such.

The original creators of this super-strong strain are unknown, although speculations have been made, no one knows for sure.

However, the breeders knew what they wanted when this potent and flavorful strain was created.

While the origin of its creation might be cloaked in secrecy, its genetic origin isn't.

Genetical Origin of GMO Cannabis Strain

This VIP cannabis strain was created from the fusion of 2 bigwig strains, 'Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)' and 'Chemdawg'. It's not surprising how the union of these two gives us a very potent GMO strain.

It is an indica dominant hybrid that is highly adaptable with unique features that endear it to farmers and smokers alike. Several tests carried out on GMO Cookies have placed its THC to be as high as 30% which is quite odd for an indica dominant strain.

Cultivation of GMO Cannabis Strain

One of the ways the GMO strain has been cultivated is by planting a cutting from a healthy GMO plant, due to the scarcity of its seeds. Albeit, some seed banks have begun stocking the seeds in some countries.

The plant has medium size. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. And it has an average yield of 16 ounces per square meter when grown indoors, and 21 ounces per plant stand when grown outdoors.

Flowering time is at 10–13 weeks and when grown outdoors, mid-October.

GMO is an adaptable and highly resistant plant, although it can be challenging at times especially when they're not feminized. For one, the plant has a distinctive aroma that reeks of skunk and a thick growth that requires trimming at regular intervals. You have to take extra care  


Constituents of GMO Cannabis Strain

CBD Content

It has a very low CBD content, 0% – 1%. When found in GMO cookies, CBD appears in minute amounts. Hence, GMOs cannot be consumed for any benefit related to CBD.


THC Content

It has a very high THC content that averages at 25% and can be found as increased as 33% in some plants. This makes it one of the most potent strains available in any cannabis market.

Newbie cannabis users are usually advised to stay away from GMO cookies. Even experienced cannabis smokers revere this marijuana strain.

Flavor, Appearance, and Aroma Of GMO Cannabis Strain


It has a distinct flavor that can be attributed to its Girl Scout Cookies' genes. Which initially gives a sweet and earth-like taste that is impressive in a way.

However, the smoke being exhaled tastes like garlic cookies and is then accompanied by a  spicy aftertaste.

These different flavors make the GMO taste outstanding and easy to remember. Its flavor is even more delectable when vaping.

Even the wax tastes wonderful.



The GMO strain looks more like a Sativa plant than an indica plant. It has a high amount of trichomes, with thin, pepper-shaped, and extended buds.

It has mixed colors of olive green and purple shade, this shade is highlighted by the orange hairs around the buds and the white coat of the trichomes. It is a beautiful and interesting plant to look at.



GMO strain has a distinct smell profile that is unique to this breed. At first, you get a whiff of garlic or old clothes. Some even say it smells of body odor in a way. It has a unique stench, almost as if garlic, mushroom, and onions were blended.

Despite this, its overall aroma still smells nice in a freaky way. Its Chemdawg parent contributes its garlic odor, while its Girl Scout Cookies contribute its hint of fruity scents.

The aroma is quite intoxicating.


Effects of GMO Cannabis Strain

This potent strain induces a high that begins from the muscles around the eyes and spreads to other parts of the body making the whole body relaxed.

The high is remarkable as it leaves you stoned but mentally aware and functional. It has sedative effects that do not leave the user couch-locked.

Like most indica-dominant strains, it induces a euphoric and creative feeling in its user. Artists and writers say the GMO strain helps clear their creative block, reduces stress, and helps improve their focus.

It is one of the best weeds to use during the daytime, so far it is not over-indulged in.


Some of the negative effects of overindulging in this strain include;

Dry mouth




Dry eyes

These side effects are due to the high THC content present in GMO cookies. The user must try to stay as hydrated as possible.

Medical Advantages of GMO Cannabis Strain

Its psychoactive features provide any medicinal benefit that can be gotten. It gives patients an exceptionally relaxed and happy feeling. In patients with mental disorders like anxiety, insomnia, etc, it uplifts their mood, relieves stress and depression. 

Hence, giving way for them to fall asleep.

Medics also prescribe GMO cookies to patients with inflammatory ailments. It eases their pain and induces hunger.

However, it has to be used in its prescribed quantity at the right time.

Bottom Line

GMO Cookies is a strong skunk that tastes good, smells good, looks good, and delivers one of the best weed effects in the world.

If you cannot wait to ascertain this yourself, try and find a way to purchase the Garlic Cookie strain. You'll not be disappointed.

An extraordinary smoke is what it is!








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