Gold Bullion Weed
Gold Bullion Weed

The Gold Bullion: The World's Most Ridiculous Thing to Smoke

Gold Bullion Weed Is KRAZY - So Be Warned

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Oaktree on Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

The Gold Bullion: The World’s Most Ridiculous Thing to Smoke


The Gold Bullion: The World’s Most Ridiculous Thing to Smoke from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


That’s right. Gold Bullion. If there’s a way to innovate when it comes to smoking marijuana, you better believe it won’t take long for people to find it. We’re a resourceful lot! And leave it the tokers to find a modern way to turn straw in gold.


They’re not literally smoking a gold, mind you. A quarter is pricey enough as it is without trying to sprinkle in flecks like you’re toking on Goldschlager. Why give someone another reason to gank your stash?


“Gold Bullion”, also referred to as “Caviar”, is bud that has been carefully and deliciously drizzled in hash oil and then rolled in kief. It’s a beautifully golden object that resembles – you guessed it – a big gold nugget.


Ok… Now What Do I Do With It?


If you’re a seasoned toker, this is where I imagine you’ll ask “how do you smoke that? Why cover it in oil and kief if you’re just going to bust it up anyway?!”


Well for starters, because you can.


Do you think Neil Armstrong looked at the moon and was like, “Why bother guys? We’re just going to come right back when we’re done.”  No. He looked at the sky and said “Moon? That moon? THE moon? You’re goddamn right. We’re going to the moon.”


Admittedly, space travel is on a whole different level from handling a little bud. But smoking gold bullion is the same kind of triumph for stoners. You can revel in it, and stare, and drool.  And then, once you’ve calmed your fingers long enough to break it down and pack the parts into a bowl, you can chill while you burn it looooow and slooooow.


Just Because You Can, Should You?


I’ll give it to you that it does look cool. It’s a great show piece or something to mess with on the side. I feel the same way about honey sticks, but with all that said above, the Gold Bullion isn’t really practical when you just want to smoke.


If you want to grind it, you’ll find that it isn’t easy, especially if you get the shatter into it. Given how messy it can be with the oil, you could wind up needing a new grinder when all is said and done.


And if you load it up into a bowl, there’s a chance you’re just going to clog the thing up. Some tokers find that it’s easiest to carefully break it down with fingers and then roll it up.  Others would rather just smoke a bowl or take a dab than spend extra on a product that is more art and presentation.


But sometimes we need to sit back and appreciate the art of it all. And yeah, the fact that the trio in a Gold Bullion gives you a face-f***ing high makes it absolutely worth it.


So yes, it does mean you should.  Put it in a gravity bong, just once. Burn the whole thing off in a single hit and then nothing is wasted. Except you.





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