Clean Green Certified Cannabis
Clean Green Certified Cannabis

What Exactly is Clean Green Certified Cannabis?

Is clean green certified marijuana the closest thing you can get to organic weed?

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What Does Clean Green Certified Cannabis Mean?

clean green certified cannabis

Due to the Federal laws that currently do not recognize marijuana as an "agricultural crop," it cannot be licensed as an organic product. This realization means that the marijuana industry doesn't have the right to use USDA Organic labeling


Therefore, some companies are beginning to take the initiative to make industry-based ethics comparable to the ones offered by the USDA. The Clean Green idea was born to achieve this goal.


This initiative has been described as the nearest anyone can get to organic. Clean Green is an essential qualification program accessible to marijuana manufacturers and processors across the nation. It was also set up to make it easy for customers and cannabis enthusiasts to recognize products that match the organic principles.


The Clean Green initiative remains the largest marijuana certification platform in America. This platform has made a lot of progress since 2008 and has successfully certified 175 companies and up to 60,000 pounds of marijuana annually. This number doesn't include tiny buds and trims that were processed as edibles and extracts. 


The program is in great use in six states in America, including Puerto Rico, and will enter the East Coast and Canadian Market later this year. So what is Clean Green all about?


The Clean Green Idea 

Founded in 2004, Chris Van Hook set up this platform, who used to work as a lawyer and an organic certification expert with USDA accreditation. He was contracted by a marijuana farmer in 2003 who desired to become a licensed organic cultivator. Chris wanted to certify the farmer, but it wasn't possible with Federal laws.


Instead of doing that, Chris created Clean Green as a certification platform and extended it to marijuana processors, manufacturers, products, and handlers. He maintains that the platform is based on the "Gold" level for the agriculture and food sector, the USDA standard.


Chris asserts that nobody can claim that their marijuana is organic (this is a fact from federal laws). Still, people can attain Clean Green certified status if they follow federal organic rules. 


The Requirements for Clean Green Certification 

For a product to get the Clean Green Certified badge, the manufacture has to observe some rules, including: 


  • Input materials (products)

To be a clean green certified manufacturer, your marijuana product must be made with pre-approved inputs. These inputs are also permitted under the federal and state organic programs: this move ensures that consumers are getting value for money. The inputs cut across: 


  • Clones 

  • Soil

  • Nutrients

  • Seeds 

  • Pesticides 

  • All edible production ingredients 

  • Other products utilized to make extracts, edibles, and crops. 

By stick to the same regulations set by the USDA, the Clean Green group will be abiding by a globally recognized and reliable standard maximized in other agricultural fields.


  • Intensive facility inspection

To have the Clean Green certification, you will also need to comply with its yearly intensive inspection. At such assessments, the inspectors detect issues with the marijuana plant's health like mites, molds, and other pest challenges that may affect the final product's quality and safety. 


More so, if a cannabis company has the Clean Green certification, it is evident that its facilities do not constitute environmental hazards in the community. 

The inspectors also observe how the companies source water and electricity and if the facilities are operating correctly regarding soil erosion, drainage system, clean water, and the environment's overall health. These are crucial considerations before the inspection process is tagged 'Complete." 


Clean Green has ensured that all its inspectors have the matching qualifications, and it is likened to a County Agricultural Inspector's qualification. The inspectors also have Bachelor's Degrees in science-related fields or, more specifically, in agriculture. It is required that they have up to five years' experience in the cannabis industry. 


  • The final product 

Finally, the finished product needs also to meet all criteria, regardless of the kind of product. From extracts to flowers and edibles, the product must meet the Clean Green certification requirements, which entail: 


  • It must be paired with a tracing number 

  • It must be packed in line with the regulations 

  • It mustn't have banned inputs, pests, or molds. 


When a cannabis-based product gets the Clean Green label, consumers can be sure that their purchase is of the highest quality, healthy, clean, and well-cared for. Many Cannabis Cup Awards have celebrated Clean Green's extraordinary efforts by awarding the company several accolades. 


Clean Green has set a clear link between healthy and quality marijuana from other below-standard products. Chris has said that it is a joy for the team to stand side by side with marijuana farmers at the end of a farming season to analyze the quality of marijuana plants. 


There is still much to do within this 'Organic" marijuana space, but Clean Green has already set the ball rolling and set a high standard for subsequent companies to follow suit. Today, if you are intentional about seeking out a clean and healthy cannabis product, you are bound to find one with the Clean Green seal of quality. 


So it is safe to say that the days of searching for high-quality products and not getting them are over. The cannabis industry has completely been revolutionized with the Clean Green agenda. There is an intentional plan to offer top-notch sustainable and healthy products from the farm to the shelves.  


Bottom Line

Clean Green as a business continues to flourish, and it seeks to become the most sought-after and trusted platform with those seeking quality and healthy marijuana products. This is a business created based on the founder's passion for marijuana and offering a sustainable farming alternative to producers. 


The company also desires to manufacture and endorse farms and ventures that go all the way in ensuring that their products meet the standard. The lack of Federal support for marijuana in America hasn't wholly crippled the industry. Clean Green has created a niche for itself and contributes its quota to boosting the American cannabis sector.



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