organic cannabis on america
organic cannabis on america

The Impact of Organic Cannabis on the Booming Cannabis Industry

Will organic marijuana carve out a niche similar to other fruits and vegetables?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

The Impact of Organic Cannabis on a Booming Cannabis Industry

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There has been a steady rise in consciousness of what we as individuals put in our bodies and the consideration of whether it is good for our health or not. This is a result of the recognition of the need to allow only the highest quality things to be ingested into our body and this has led to the adoption of organic farming by many to grow the produce healthily. This change is meant to focus on quality above quantity as most of the fertilizers, hydroponics, and pesticides used in modern farming practices to boost yield are said to have some harmful effects on our bodies. The most important thing to note about organic farming is that it requires little or no human interference and the grow area needs to be as pure and untainted as possible with nature being allowed to take complete control of the entire growth process.

Though cannabis is often considered a healthy plant and is mostly so, it has majorly been exposed to a lot of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers during the growth process. This is true for the majority of growers especially those that mass produce, as these chemicals are often used in enhancing yield and getting rid of pests among other things. While potency and dankness are major factors in the consideration of what makes really good cannabis, few things should also be considered. One of these is the growth method because how cannabis is grown also makes for a huge factor in how different it could be and growing cannabis organically is slowly being adopted among cannabis growers and enthusiasts.

This is quite important as cannabis is used very widely and as a non-addictive drug that is easily accessible despite not being fully legal, people have not paid much attention to whether it is grown organically or not. Despite this, organic marijuana is now readily available and is being increasingly embraced by some cannabis growers. This is especially true in the cases of states such as Colorado and California where the organic trend has already been very much accepted.


Arguments Against Non-organic Cannabis

The non-organic cannabis just like non-organic food is what most people consume even though organic options are available. However, there are some drawbacks to the non-organic produce that many people ingest which is a major reason why it is important to consider the organic options.

Toxins - Many of the special fertilizers, plant foods and growth chemicals put into the plants usually contain some toxins which are mostly harmful to our bodies. These toxins such as Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and bifenthrin are common toxins that are usually found in the soil used for cannabis planting with the possibility of long term contamination in the grow area. Also, the fact that cannabis is mostly smoked increases the harm caused and the amount of inhaled chemicals in the body, far higher than those found when it is orally ingested.

Salts and Metals - The number of salts and metals found in cannabis grown non-organically is far higher than anything to be found in its organic counterpart and has the potential to cause a lot of harm to humans and the environment in general. This can occur as a result of the washing away of these metals and salts into the soil with the escape of water from your cannabis pot, thereby leading to further pollution of the earth leading to an endless cycle of contamination.


Organic marijuana has some benefits which help make deciding to go organic with cannabis easier. These benefits can be identified in terms of the final product and the environmental impact:

Organic cannabis is said to be more potent flavorful and tastier than the non-organic one as no harmful chemicals or toxins are coating the plant to hide or change its taste. Also, it contains the right amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids just like it was meant to have which all combine to give it its rich flavor.

Growing organic cannabis helps the soil as it reduces nutrient and water loss while also keeping the water bodies safe and clean from the harmful chemicals and metals thus ensuring the earth is in good condition.

Also, due to the increase in the use of cannabis for medical purposes, one does not have to wonder what harmful chemicals are in the cannabis meant to treat you and just take advantage of its medicinal properties.

What the emergence of organic cannabis translates to for the booming cannabis industry is that organic cannabis growth continues to become popular and accepted, it will create the need for regulatory bodies that will oversee things. An example is the EU-BIO in place in Europe setting up ways of monitoring things and we can rest assured that more of such bodies will spring up in the future when cannabis gets increased legalization all over the world.











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