limonene terpene
limonene terpene

What is Limonene?

The Limonene Terpene Is In Much More Than You Think

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What is Limonene?


Your favorite citrusy strains have limonene, a terpene, to thank for their delicious aromas. Aside from lending cannabis strains a great tasting flavor, limonene also has several notable health benefits. In some strains, limonene also produces hints of rosemary and peppermint. Limonene is also found in fruit rinds, juniper, pine, mint, and rosemary. Limonene is also a primary component of lemon essential oil.  Plants evolved to produce limonene naturally because it has natural insecticide properties, helping plants ward off predators.


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It’s also one of the most commercially valuable terpenes, since it’s also used in detergents and cosmetics. The presence of limonene in high or low doses within a strain is one of the things that influence the effect of a strain. Cannabis strains that have high levels of limonene are known to promote an uplifting and positive buzz. Limonene has very low toxicity which is why it’s widely used in food as well as in cosmetics and household products.


You can also obtain the therapeutic effects of limonene by consuming more citrus fruits and taking dietary supplements (D-Limonene in particular). Eating up to 2 servings of citrus fruits a day can provide you with around 40mg of limonene. If you are looking to consume limonene as a supplement to help treat a specific ailment such as one of those that are listed below, you can consume more as long as it doesn’t go above 3,000mg per day and together with meals. Lemon essential oils are also an excellent source of limonene.

Health Benefits of Limonene

limonene terpenes

Several studies show that limonene has significant therapeutic benefits especially for cancer and depression:


  • Anti-cancer: A 2011 study conducted by the University of Arizona and published in Oncology Reviews revealed that limonene has anti-cancer properties. This was discovered after administering limonene in animal models as well as in cell cultures. In 2012 a study was conducted, revealing that limonene has chemo-preventive properties which means that it helps prevent cancer. Another 2014 study showed that limonene has valuable anti-inflammatory properties which also showed that the terpene was effective in killing tumors because it decreases the ability of the tumor to develop new blood vessels.
    • A 1994 study showed that limonene has several properties that help prevent the growth of tumors
    • A 1995 study proved that limonene has anticarcinogenic characteristics
    • A 1996 study revealed that limonene can inhibit lung tumor growth
    • A 2002 study showed that limonene is effective in treating liver cancer


  • Depression: Limonene is effective in elevating one’s mood and relieves the symptoms of depression. A 2012 study revealed that limonene is beneficial in treating depression naturally.


  • Gastrointestinal health: Strains high in limonene, as well as the fruits and herbs it’s found in, make this terpene effective in maintaining gastrointestinal health by stabilizing the gut. One study discusses the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of limonene for the stomach in particular, supporting the claim that it does wonders for gastrointestinal health. Another study shows that limonene helps treat heartburn and indigestion, reducing gastric distress because it stabilizes gastric acid and prevents gastro-oesophageal reflux.


  • Antiseptic: Limonene has therapeutic properties for certain conditions especially against acne because of its bacteria-killing abilities.

  • Anti-cholesterol: Limonene is a solvent of cholesterol, helping clear fat that accumulates in the gallbladder.


  • Anxiety: A 2012 study published in Brain Research reveals that limonene has anxiolytic-like propreties that are so powerful and had mild side effects, suggesting that limonene would make an excellent treatment for those suffering from this dreaded mental disorder. Studies say that limonene causes an increase in dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain. When patients suffering from depression are exposed to limonene, it results in a decrease in depression symptoms and also stimulates the immune system.


  • Insomnia: Limonene can help improve quality of sleep and also possesses sedative properties


  • Anti-inflammatory: In 2010 a study explored the anti-inflammatory properties of limonene. The researchers found that limonene may hold promise as medicine for asthma because it can inhibit cytokines.


  • Antifungal: Limonene is a natural remedy that can be used to prevent and treat yeast outbreaks.


  • Diabetes and weight loss: Limonene supplements are used to alleviate insulin resistance and also helps prevent metabolic syndrome caused by non-alcoholic fatty disease. Limonene also works as an appetite suppressant and can help prevent weight gain.









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