one hitter and marijuana
one hitter and marijuana

7 Reasons You Should Consider Using a One Hitter

What is a one hitter and how does it help conserve your cannabis stash?

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HighChi on Friday Nov 27, 2020

7 Reasons You Should Consider Using a One Hitter

what is a one-hitter

The one-hitter is a tiny, slim device that can give you a hit of marijuana. These small, pocket-size pipes can come in several different materials, such as but not limited to, glass, wood, ceramic, acrylic, and resin. 

The glass models are probably the least expensive, and they’re often made of clear glass. The transparent design allows you to see how much bud you’re smoking. Wood and ceramic models can be custom-made to fit your personal preferences. Lastly, resin models are great because they’re pretty sturdy, hence they can last a long time without any problems. 

If you’re still smoking a joint, here’s an overview of why you should make a switch to using a one hitter

Conserves Your Supply 

If you want to conserve your supply, the one-hitter is the perfect tool for you. This is because the one hitter’s design features a smaller bowl, which only allows you to use weed in small quantities. Therefore, if you’re on a budget and trying to conserve your weed, the one hitter will enable you to achieve your needs. 

In the long run, you end up saving more money than what you would’ve spent had you been smoking a joint or blunt.  

The use of this device also allows you to enjoy smoking marijuana without risking any severe health problems. Even though you’re only taking in small quantities of marijuana, a one hitter will still guarantee a better high than what other devices with similar features provide.

Allows For Discreet Use 

Even with the legalization of weed across many countries, there’s still some stigma associated with smoking weed. This is something that was taken into consideration when designing the one hitter, which has a slim profile, making it very discrete.

Because of this, you can take out your one hitter while in public, then take a puff without arousing any suspicion from those around you. This is because this device looks almost identical to a traditional cigarette. 

This is an experience you wouldn’t enjoy when smoking a joint as onlookers will look uncomfortable around you. If this is an issue you don’t want to deal with, then get yourself a one hitter so you’ll be able to take a hit of your favorite herb anywhere you want without feeling uncomfortable.

Easy To Use 

Since one hitter pipes are usually tiny, you can comfortably carry them regardless of where you’re headed to. You can place it in your jean’s pockets or in your purse, then easily take it out when you’re in the mood to take a hit. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle when using this smoking device since it’ll be able to conveniently offer you a quick buzz after one hit. 

The ease of using a one hitter is one aspect that makes this device the go-to choice when looking to enjoy a hit of weed. With that said, you wouldn’t enjoy a one hitter if you find it a hassle to constantly reloading cannabis after every hit. But if this isn’t something you're concerned about, you won’t have a hard time using the one hitter.  

Hides The Smell  

Unlike other smoking devices, the one hitter produces less odor since most of the smoke goes into your lungs instead of the surrounding air. This is very advantageous as it prevents you from drawing any unwanted attention to people around you. 

If you’re still worried about the smell being produced by your one hitter, consider using the muffler to ensure the cannabis smell remains anonymous. By using the muffler, you should be able to exhale the cannabis smoke into it, filtering out the smell. 

Easy To Light 

It’s also advisable to consider getting a one hitter since these devices are extremely easy to light. All that’s needed is just a single match, then you’re ready to get rolling. This is further made possible due to their small size, which means that these devices require less than a gram of herb to operate. As a result, its ease of use is enhanced. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your precious time rolling your weed, these small devices are the ideal choice.

More Intense High 

If you want a more intense smoking experience, the one-hitter is the perfect device for you. This is because these tiny smoking devices allow you to get a better amount of smoke than if you were to smoke weed using a typical joint. 

By only smoking one hit, you get to enjoy the same high you would from smoking a full joint. Also, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself or other people with the heat being produced by the one hitter. For this reason, many people opt for this device as it gives them a more intense high. 

Less Maintenance 

Another advantage of using the one hitter is that you don't need to worry about constantly cleaning it. When using the bubblers and bongs, this is a constant worry that you have as you need to regularly rub down or rinse the inner part of these devices to ensure they’re clean. This ensures you always get a pure hit of your cannabis. 

However, with the one hitter, this isn’t something you need to worry about. This is because right after using the one hitter, you can go right ahead and clean it with ease. All you need to do is tap and scrap it, then you can go right ahead and use it.   


When you like smoking weed, a one hitter can be a great investment. With one, you can start taking your CBD while relaxing and without having to worry about your privacy. This is great news to every cannabis enthusiast, which is it’s no surprise that this gadget has become the go-to option for many individuals. 

Therefore, despite its shortcoming of needing to regularly load it up after every hit, the one hitter is undoubtedly a purchase that offers you great value. If you had your reservations about its effectiveness, reading through this post has just highlighted why you need to get one. 




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