levo cannabis oil
levo cannabis oil

How To Make Cannabis Oil At Home With LEVO Infusion

Cannabis Oil At Home Has Never Been Easier Thanks To LEVO

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DanaSmith on Thursday May 4, 2017



Cannabis.net speaks with Olivia Harris, Chief Creative Officer of LEVO Oil Infusion, a revolutionary kitchen product that enables you to make your own infusions without the mess. LEVO lets you infuse both oils and butter with herbs of your choice, making oils and edibles easier than ever before.


LEVO is focused on wellness, whether you’re creating infusions with cannabis or other products.


1.     The introduction of LEVO may be a tipping point in the cannabis industry: taking it mainstream and now everyone can enjoy the benefits of infused products right at home and at an affordable price. Tell us more about the consumer profile that you see could make more use out of this amazing product.


LEVO is meant for a wide variety of consumers- both in the cannabis and natural wellness space. We wanted to create a product that you could use to make lavender body scrubs with your family in the afternoon, and cannabis infused brownies in the evening with your friends. Because the interior pieces are dishwasher safe, contamination isn't an issue no matter what you're infusing with. First and foremost, LEVO is meant to be simple & easy for anyone to use- whether you're medicating daily or just looking for an easy way to avoid over-processed, store-bought edibles and infused products.



2.     Dosage is one of the biggest challenges in creating edibles. How does LEVO make this easier for the consumer?


​ At LEVO we're big fans of the micro-dose, and want to teach others that edibles don't have to be scary! We sell LEVO as a discounted set with tCheck, a device for testing the potency of your infused oil and butter. We encourage consumers to try different combinations and use resources like JeffThe420Chef's handy Calculator. Once you find your sweet spot, LEVO makes it easy to replicate the process with precise time & temperature controls.


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3.     You mentioned that you prefer to use edibles made with THCA instead of THC, which is basically skipping out on the entire decarb process. What benefits do you enjoy the most out of THCA?


Decarboxylation occurs naturally with heat, and to this extent LEVO does decarb as it infuses. However, to exaggerate the effect of THC, many home cooks will decarboxylate in an oven beforehand, maximizing the change in chemistry from THCA to THC. 


Edibles get a bad rep as being inherently overpowering, but they don't have to be! Some research shows that THC contributes to the paranoia that some people fear with edibles. This can be avoided by activating just enough (using only your LEVO) and by using CBD heavy strains. The psychoactive component will be present still, but minimized to reduce an overpowering effect. We discuss this at full length in our Infusion Guide Part II which is available as a free download.


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4.     Have edible companies and other cannabis businesses reached out to you to partner with LEVO to cut down costs on their own production methods? Do you see it becoming a B2B kind of product in the future?


We've been overjoyed by how excited other chefs, brands and restaurants have been to discover LEVO. We certainly do see an opportunity to partner with those making large scale infusions down the line, but for now LEVO will remain (relatively) small batch, making up to 16 oz per infusion.



5.     What are your expectations for the revolutionary system you’ve just developed?


We'd love to permanently change the future of home infusion, making it simple, easy and safe for anyone to use. We hear from many medical patients using cannabis to treat chronic illness, and especially hope that LEVO can make life easier for those who rely on the plant to alleviate and manage their symptoms.



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6.     How has the response been? In Colorado primarily, as well as in other states?

It's been incredible to see LEVO reach an audience not just in Colorado or the US, but worldwide! We've had orders from so many different countries. We see a very strong interest in Canada, and are excited to watch their community grow. We're proud to be based in Denver, and love working & connecting with other brands elevating the public perception of cannabis.



7.     What do you think are the key growth drivers for LEVO moving forward?

The LEVO device is certainly the anchor of our brand, but we're hard at work developing a suite of products and and accessories that will complete your "canna-kitchen." We aim to not only continue innovating on our technology, but to build a lifestyle brand that will ​focus on infusing at home with precision and ease.



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8.     Lastly, where does the name LEVO come from? Is there a meaning to the name?

LEVO is the latin root of alleviate. Clearly, we're true believers in the power of plants! 

Be sure to check out LEVO at https://www.levooil.com/



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