Hilary King Coronavirus MGH test
Hilary King Coronavirus MGH test

Coronavirus Hits Pro Cannabis Media - Does Weed Help, We Ask MMJ Doctors

Hilary King, a co-host of Pro Cannabis Media, may have coranavirus so doctors respond

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Nanci Chi-Town on Friday Mar 13, 2020

Last night was a somber show for Pro Cannabis Media as not only did the coronavirus take over our show with call in guests like Dr. Ryan Zaklin and Dr. Jordan Tishler talking cannabis and corona, but our co-host Hilary King most likely has the coronavirus now.  Hilary is trending in the news as she was tested at Mass General Hospital for influenza, which came back negative, but was unable to get tested for corona because she did not meed the Federal requirement to get a test kit.


We also have Dr. Zaklin and Dr. Tishler call in and discuss how cannabis could help with coronavirus symptoms.  Do the anti-viral aspects of THC help verse the coronavirus?  David Rabinovitz also joins us to discuss the Massachusetts licensing scene and how SE and EE cannabis aplications are doing with the Massachusetts Cananbis Control Comission. Watch the whole show, click the link below:

If you would like to read Hilary's story, here is her Facebook post and the video below it is just the part of the show where she calls in to discuss her sickness, using cannabis, and how she feels now.


Hillary Kings post-

Alright... buckle up folks. I'm currently in "strict isolation" in the ER at Mass General.

I'm not going to put any narrative on this or sensationalize, or tell you to stay home and cancel everything, but wanted to share my experience so you can draw your own conclusions to keep you, your loved ones, and the community safe and healthy.

I arrived at the ER check-in around 1:30pm, and was quickly brought to the Covid-19 screening clinic that has been set up at MGH.

I don't meet the CDC guidelines for having come in direct contact with someone who has confirmed tested positive... so they aren't testing me for Covid-19 due to a shortage in testing kits. However, they admitted me to the ER be evaluated for strep and influenza, to see if it's one of those, or rule them out. They initially said they think it's unlikely I have Covid-19, since I haven't had any (known) direct contact with someone who has tested positive and I haven't traveled to any hotspots outside the US. But, at initial evaluation I "caught their attention" because of my symptoms and vital signs.

Although I live down the street from the Biogen conference site, and traveled to NYC for business last Thurs/Friday (where I saw a Cathay Pacific flight attendant crew in the hotel lobby), I do not meet the CDC criteria right now, because it is so narrow due to testing shortages. The doctor told me that they actually have no test kits available anyway, even if I met the symptom criteria.

The way they explained it to me is that MGH doesn't have their own supply of testing kits, so they currently have to test through the MA Dept of Public Health - and despite having symptoms, if someone has not recently traveled to a high risk country outside the US, or if they can't confirm direct contact with someone who is confirmed positive, then they do not meet the State criteria to be tested.

So when my influenza test came back negative, the doctor admitted that he thinks it's possible that I have Covid-19, and really wants to test me, but he can't - even though I have symptoms and potential exposure, *they have no testing kits at this time*. They even called up the chain to Biothreats/DPH, to ask if they could test me anyway even though I don't strictly fit the State criteria, and they said no.

I asked about Quest and LabCorp, as I recently read that they were taking samples and could test. But as of about an hour ago (6:30pm on Wed March 11th) the doctor said they have been calling those labs and more, but they actually *can't* do it... He said that what the media is reporting about that isn't true (yet). He said he thinks it will be a week or two before testing capability actually ramps up.

In the meantime since admitting me they've done a chest x-ray, as well as taken samples to test for other viruses to rule them out. They're monitoring my vitals and have me on an IV. But as it stands with the current situation, they're likely going to discharge me to ride it out at home in strict quarantine/isolation for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms (or longer if symptoms persist).

This is how it went down for me:

Monday 3/9: slight tickle in my throat, and but thought nothing of it.

Tuesday 3/10: cough and shortness of breath started, worsened noticeably throughout the day. Body aches and general malaise started as well. Barely slept overnight due to coughing.

Wednesday 3/11: cough and shortness of breath are persistent, and here we are. I also do not have a fever but was told that high fever doesn't present in all cases - Covid-19 manifests differently depending on age, general health and other existing conditions.

The last thing I want to say is that I'm not worried about myself physically surviving this illness whether it's Covid-19 or not. I'm relatively young and pretty healthy. This is going to be very disruptive to both my personal and professional life. But, my concern around this whole situation - beyond the scope of my personal experience - is the well-being of those who are more vulnerable (whether it be physically vulnerable or socio-economically vulnerable). I'll probably be fine (physically), but it's about the whole community - not just me.

✌️💚 Stay vigilant








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