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Ganja Boxes: A Premier Subscription Service For Discerning Connoisseurs

Cannabis Startup Spotlight Shines On This Delivery Service

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DanaSmith on Wednesday May 4, 2016

Ganja Boxes: A Premier Subscription Service For Discerning Connoisseurs


Ganja Boxes Home Delivery Service Launches (Startup Spotlight) from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


One of the newest entries to the ganjapreneurship industry is a cool, exciting subscription service. With dozens of new brands in the cannabis business emerging successfully, consumers can now get high by sampling delicious strains in dispensaries, edibles, applying to elite members’only clubs, and even taking vacations to bud and breakfasts in Colorado. When it comes to ingenuity with cannabis, the possibilities are endless.


One of the latest services in the business, Ganja Boxes (, takes the marijuana experience a notch higher. But instead of actually delivering pot in various forms that will get you high, they provide subscription boxes containing personally curated smoking accessories straight to your doorstep. Ganja Boxes is following the box-of- the-month business model, which has grown in popularity massively over the last few years because more customers are looking for products that are “only found here” as opposed to those that are “found anywhere”. The model is widely used across many industries from cosmetics to food,and is now available for cannabis connoisseurs.


Lifestyle Delivery Service


By signing up with Ganja Boxes, subscribers can opt to receive a stylish box monthly or quarterly, which contains various accessories with which they can enjoy pot. Under federal law, it still remains illegal to ship cannabis so there’s no chance that you’ll actually find anything in there to get high with.


In an interview with Elite Daily, Daval Shah, founder of Ganja Boxes, said that the products found in each delivery are of premium quality and are not the typical items you’d find in your neighborhood head shop.


Ganja Boxes was launched with elite cannabis as well as tobacco users in mind. The delivery service aims to provide these clientele with the latest paraphernalia in each box. Each box is unique, and contains anywhere from 5 to 9 specially curated items. Subscriptions are available in three tiers, and customers also have the option to use customizable boxes. Subscriptionservices start at $45 up to $150, and customers can opt to adjust the frequency as well as size of the boxes.



Dhaval’s intended demographic are mature cannabis users; this is the reason why he chose to use only top-quality items in each box. Dhaval, a professional working in New York, can relate to his target demographic: fellow business professionals who don’t want to be associated with the stereotypes linked with neighborhood head shops. He also understands the importance ofdiscretion, in case customers have kids or want it delivered to the office. This is why each box shipped inside a sealed opaque bag; no one will know that an actual Ganja Box was just delivered. In addition, it isn’t Ganja Boxes that appears on your credit card statement: it’s Windy City Exchange, LLC, so you can be assured more privacy.


Raising Awareness


While Ganja Boxes works on providing customers with the best and latest paraphernalias in the market, the bigger goal is actually to raise awareness about the acceptance of marijuana, according to Dhaval’s interview with Elite Daily. Since Dhaval himself has Indian heritage, he is fully aware of the benefits and advantages of the plant.


According to the interview, “When it came time to choosing a business name… I chose ganja because [the word] is derived from Sanskrit in India. The first people to use cannabis were Indians thousands of years ago before it migrated. A lot of people think ganja is a Rastafarian term that comes from Jamaica, but that’s actually not true. Indian laborers brought ganja to Jamaica in the 1600s, and that’s when Jamaica gets it’s history of cannabis.” He also adds that it is important to emphasize education when it comes to selling cannabis products.


With the promise of delivering only the best, high-end products, Ganja Boxes is paving the way for the box-of- the-month delivery service for the marijuana industry.









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