marijuana weedbox
marijuana weedbox

Introduction to Recreational Cannabis - What is in Your Weedbox?

What should every cannabis user have on hand in their weedbox?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

Intro To Recreational Cannabis – What’s in your Weedbox?

cannabis weedbox

As part of my ongoing efforts to educate new cannabis consumers in the fine art of “Getting Zonked”, I have decided to work on a series of blog posts that will outline some of the basics of cannabis consumption.

With more people opting to try cannabis for the first time in their lives, I believe it’s important to provide resources for them to ‘know what they are doing’.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the basic utensils used by cannabis consumers. Things, that if you want to start smoking weed, will simply make your life easier. Some people store these items in a box, hence the “Weedbox” reference.

In fact, some dispensaries and headshops sell weedboxes, so that’s something right there.

Nonetheless, let’s see what you should put in your weedbox if you are new to the world of cannabis.


Inside the Weedbox: Grinders

The first very useful piece of gear you can get for weed smoking. There are so many different kinds of grinders that it can be difficult to pick which one is right for you.

Most people go for the simple design which usually is composed of 3 individual metal pieces. The first part of the grinder is designed to “chop up” your cannabis in order to make it easier to use. The grinded content (depending on the grinder) will then fall into the middle chamber. This is where it collects the weed.

Finally, a bottom chamber that has a screen above it is used to capture the kief (little weed crystals) which is very handy to have when you ever run out of weed. Collect enough kief, and you can pack a bowl of pure kief for a smooth, elevated smoke.


Inside the Weedbox: Papers

There are so many different types of papers out there or “papes” as cannabis consumers sometimes refer to it. These papers come in different shapes and sizes and flavors. They are used to roll a “joint” which is most common way of consuming cannabis.

Papers can also be made of Cellulose, which sort of looks like plastic. It’s derived from plants, so there is no toxic chemicals when smoked and takes longer to burn. On a personal note, I love smoking out of cellulose because of the even burn and ease of rolling.


Inside The Weedbox: Rollers

Another nifty trinket you can get your hands on are joint rollers. Joint rollers, like tobacco rollers are designed to create evenly filled joints without any difficulty whatsoever. Simply put the weed inside of the roller, close it, and roll it a few times by pressing your thumbs on the top of it and rolling upwards.

Once you feel you have an even roll, simply insert the paper with the gum-side on the top, facing you. Now slowly proceed to roll until there is only a slight sliver of glue on top. Lick it, and continue to roll.

Once you’re done with this, you’ll have a perfectly rolled joint.


Inside the Weedbox: Blunts

If you want a slightly harsher smoke, with more quantity, try blunts. Similar to joint papers, it’s used to roll a big fat “stogey”. Made out of tobacco leaf, blunts are a little harsher on the lungs, however, for some reason you just get way higher.

Blunts come in a wide range of flavors. Personally, Blueberry is my favorite, however there are so many to choose from that it might take time to discover yours.


Inside The Weedbox: Pipes

Every cannabis consumer needs a pipe. They are practical ways of smoking cannabis that requires absolutely no skill. Typically, you want to go for glass pipes as they burn better, don’t get as hot and come in all different shapes and sizes.


Inside the Weedbox: Bongs

If a Pipe isn’t doing it for you, try your luck with a bong. Bongs are pipes with a chamber for water that is used to filter the smoke. The more “percolators” a bong has, the higher the rate of filtration of the smoke. Essentially, the more oxygen bubbles it produces, the more it filters out the “nasty stuff” inside the smoke.

There’s a lot of science to it. Nonetheless, bongs are great because you can take bigger hits because the smoke is cooler on the lungs. This translates to getting higher faster. On the downside, bongs also burn a lot of weed and if you’re trying to make it last…bongs won’t be the way to go.


Inside the Weedbox: Vaporizers

Finally, we take a look at the more modern way of consuming cannabis. Vaporizers can be designed to vaporize not only herb, but extracts as well. Not only do vaporizers preserve the weed for longer, it is the healthiest way of “smoking weed”. These come in different shapes and sizes as well, however the Pax in my opinion is a solid vaping device.








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