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Stock Pot Images

Stock Pot Images: A Service For Your Ganjapreneur Marketing Needs

Need Some HI RES Ganja Shots?

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DanaSmith on Monday May 9, 2016

Stock Pot Images: A Service For Your Ganjapreneur Marketing Needs




Ophelia Chong launches the world’s first marijuana stock image agency


A quick image scan on the internet for the words “cannabis”, “marijuana” , and other similar search terms will lead you to dozens of stereotypical photos: sexy nurses posing with ganja plants, the leaf taken from hundreds of different angles, and many other stereotypical visuals. A new service launched has been created to change all that.


Curated Images To Break Stereotypes


Ophelia Chong is no stranger to the industry of stock photo images. She teaches at the Art Center College of Design, in subjects related to Marketing and Self-Promotion for the Photographer. While a veteran in stock photography, Chong had no previous experience in cannabis entrepreneurship or anything closely associated to it. However, in January earlier this year, an idea struck her: there was no marijuana-specific stock image photo service currently available. Upon checking the internet to verify what other photo agencies are currently doing, the search results for cannabis-related terms brought about disappointing results which she didn’t think was right.


She got to work, and it only took four weeks for Chong to acquire the funding required to form Stock Pot Images (, and 6 weeks to obtain an LLC. The service was officially launched on April 20 (no less), in collaboration with 50 photographers around half of whom were her students. It began offering a collection of 2,300 images but almost half a year later the portfolio of images has grown to 7,000 through the works of almost 100 photographers. Stock Pot Images features an impressive, extensive array of curated images that beautifully display the many aspects of cannabisand the people who benefit from using it.


While other stock photo companies use models, Stock Pot Images uses real-life people using marijuana in many different scenarios. According to the website, they work with photographers to create content that caters to the needs of the flourishing cannabis industry. Their target market includes the advertising, healthcare, and branding companies as well as other emerging companies that can benefit from marijuana stock images to benefit their end users. The website also says that with the ending of marijuana prohibition, they will be ready with fresh visual representations of marijuana culture.


Thoughtful And Creative Content


Browse through Stock Pot Image’s galleries and you will find a refreshingly wide variety of new content that can serve virtually almost any ganjapreneur’s marketing needs without succumbing to stereotypical photos.


These categories and corresponding photos include:


 The Farm: Growing cannabis outdoors


 DoobieDuck: Fine art and macro cannabis imagery by Jeff Scheetz aka DoobieDuck, one of the most renowned names in cannabis photography


 Motion + Video: Stock pot videos


 Stock Pot Images Royalty Free Collection: A new collection of high quality photos for discriminating clientele to be used any way they need it


 The Big Chill: Covering images of cannabis used in cocktails, fine dining, and exquisite joints


 The Kitchen: Depicting images of cannabis used in the kitchen for cooking and baking


 The Macro Collection: Macro shots of various angles of the marijuana plant


 The Portrait: A gallery covering portraits of real people who have benefited from cannabis use. These are the faces behind the cannabis community.


 The Art of Cannabis: Cannabis art using a variety of mediums including watercolor, digital, pencil, ink, and pen.


There are several other galleries up on the website as well. For clients who still can’t find what they need, they are encouraged to email Chong directly through her email address indicated on the website.



What do you think of Stock Pot Images and their role in ending marijuana prohibition? Share your thoughts with us below.








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