Can you smoke mushrooms?
Can you smoke mushrooms?

Wait, Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

You can eat shrooms, but can you smoke them?

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Oct 4, 2022

smoking mushrooms?

Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?


Psilocybin is the word on everyone’s lips these days.


This amazing compound found in species of “magic mushrooms” is widely being consumed by everyone from young adults for recreation to moms, burnt out entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. After all, its health benefits are nothing short of miraculous: it can treat an array of ailments that Big Pharma hasn’t been able to do.


Psilocybin, whether in small or large doses, can be used for treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD to name a few. You can even take it without having any serious mental disorders just for overall well-being. And many consumers appreciate the myriad of ways you can consume psilocybin: in pre-dosed capsule, raw, in food, tea, packaged edibles, and more.


But some people wonder if you can smoke magic mushrooms, since smoking is a common way to consume many other psychedelic substances.


What Could Happen If You Smoke Magic Mushrooms


Smoking is currently not an accepted method of consumption for magic mushrooms.


It could even cause serious harm. Don’t smoke magic mushrooms. When psilocybin is exposed to high heat, it will break down rapidly and won’t get you high. In addition, magic mushrooms can be extremely harsh on the throat when smoked. This will be an unpleasant, potentially painful, and even dangerous experience to smoke it overall.


There are risks involved. You can get aspergillosis, which is a respiratory condition caused by fungal exposure, resulting in damage to your blood vessels. The only treatment for aspergillosis is antibiotics, or in extreme cases it may require surgery. Other side effects of smoking magic mushrooms include shortness of breath, wheezing, lung damage, fever, and inflammation. Also keep in mind that on top of the existing risks, you could also accidentally inhale mold spores when you smoke magic mushrooms – this condition is called Lycoperdonosis.


Individuals who already have a compromised immune system can suffer from another problem called histoplasmosis especially if you smoke mushrooms that have mold. This can cause pneumonia and lung infections. Serious cases may lead to chronic conditions affecting the liver, nervous system, and mouth.


In short, nothing good can come out of trying to smoke magic mushrooms. Even if safe, you likely won’t get high since psilocybin requires interaction in the digestive tract to convert it to psilocin. The psilocin is what triggers the serotonin receptors to boost serotonin production, which is what makes you feel elated after you eat the mushrooms.


So – you will likely not get high and you have a pretty high risk of getting seriously sick. It just isn’t worth it.


The Safest Way To Consume Magic Mushrooms


There are tried and tested methods of consuming magic mushrooms safely. Below are some ways you can do this:



  • Capsules: Pre-dosed psilocybin capsules are widely available especially in cities that have decriminalized it. It’s a discreet method of consumption plus offers the benefit of already being pre-dosed, so you already know exactly how much you’re getting in each capsule. Those who are fans of microdosing can take capsules containing 0.5 or 1 gram each, while macrodosing will entail consuming more.


If you want to make psilocybin capsules yourself, just grind the raw mushrooms until you’ve reached a fine, powdery consistency. Place them into empty capsules, whether manual or with a machine, and enjoy.


  • Tea: Taking mushrooms tea is an old, reliable way to consume mushrooms. This method is safe, and also advisable for individuals who have a sensitive stomach. Drinking mushroom tea also has a quicker onset time.


To make a tea, first use a grinder to turn the mushrooms into a fine powder form in your desired dose. Pour hot water over it, let it steep for around 10 minutes, and get ready for your trip. For those who do not particularly like the taste of mushrooms in tea, you can flavor it by adding honey or even another tea bag.



  • Edibles: You can add mushrooms into basically any kind of edible treat. This can be candy, omelets, chocolate, pizza and so much more. Doing so is an effective way of getting rid of the unpleasant taste. Just remember not to expose the mushrooms to high heat – over 190F for over 30 minutes in order to preserve the high.


Raw or dried magic mushrooms always works best if you are concerned about potency. Treat them the way you would other types of edible mushrooms.


  • Raw: If you don’t mind the taste of mushrooms, eating them raw is a simple, fuss-free way to get high. Simply pop the mushroom in your mouth, chew, and swallow. That’s all it takes!


  • Lemon tekking: Lemon tekking is a fairly new process that has grown in popularity for its refreshing way to consume magic mushrooms. Lemon tekking involves putting the magic mushrooms in freshly squeezed lemon juice, and allowing it to sit for 20 minutes. Doing so increases the intensity of the experience while also hiding any unpleasant taste of mushrooms.


According to experts, soaking mushrooms in the citric acid found in lemons results in a chemical reaction that breaks down the psilocybin in advance. What you get is a quicker onset through a delicious, refreshing drink.




Whatever you do, don’t smoke magic mushrooms. There are so many other ways you can safely consume mushrooms without having to worry about adverse side effects, such as these methods discussed above. Always do your research and plan for a proper, comfortable setting before dosing.





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