Never Do This
Never Do This

5 Things You NEVER Do When Smoking Weed

Do Not Be That Guy

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Jun 4, 2016

What not to do when Smoking Weed


5 Rules You Should Know When Smoking Weed with a Group of People from CannabisNet on Vimeo.



We all love a good smoke session, until someone ruins it. While it is quite difficult to ruin a smoke session, I have ran across my share of stoners that simply don’t learn. This is why today I have decided to write about shit you don’t want to do when smoking weed. If you’re guilty of one of these, listen up and change your evil ways.



Don’t leave Buffalo Farts

A Buffalo Fart is another term for Stale smoke. I don’t know who invented the term but it’s definitely accurate. When you’re hitting the bong and you can’t clear it, quickly pass it to someone else to clear.


That smoke goes rank quite quickly when lingering in the bong. If you’re guilty of this on a regular basis, take smaller hits. Nobody like Buffalo Farts and while some unsung hero will clear it on your behalf, trust me that he/she is not enjoying the taste.


Say no to Buffalo Farts!




The Reverse Clear (Coughing into a bong)

Once more we’re on the Bong topic. The goal of a perfect bong rip is to not only clear the smoke, but the bowl as well. You do this by hitting that bad boy hard enough to turn the bud into ash and to clear it through the stem.


The Reverse Clear on the other hand is just a douchebag move. This often happens with newbie smokers. For the most part a Reverse Clear happens when the smoker can’t hold in the weed and coughs violently before removing their mouth from the bong. The result? The water gets shot through the bong and wets the weed (ruining it) or shoots the weed into the air.


This especially pisses off a stoner when he paid top dollar for the bud. Once more, take smaller hits and if you can’t help but cough, cough away from the bong. Nobody wants your dirty spit germs on the bong and nobody wants to see good weed go to waste.



Snitching on Social Media

Videos, photos and all that jazz. Many stoners like to take pictures of their smoke sessions or document their highs. It’s a load of fun! But where the fun end is when you decide to engage in some ego masturbation and post it online without asking permission first.


Many people don’t take issue with publicizing their cannabis use, but some people like discretion. If you post their acts without permission, you’re essentially a social media snitch…and nobody likes snitches.


If you want to post something online, ask in advance and if they say no…then don’t. Stoners got to stick together.



Passing Cashed

Whenever you’re in a smoke session, there is a certain degree of trust required. You never know if you’re going to get the cashed bowl, however you can always taste when the bowl is going that way.


The “asshole stoner” would just pass the bowl without giving the following stoner a “heads up”. If the bowl is getting near cashed, simply tell the following person in the rotation that they might smoke a cashed bowl. It’s on them if they want to give it a go or not. In this case, your silence is sin.



Pandering Paranoia

People say that cannabis makes you paranoid. I disagree, prohibition makes you paranoid. Getting caught is what makes most stoners anxious. This is why when someone “jokes” about the police or something that panders to their paranoia…it simply isn’t cool.

At most, I’ll give a person one pass…but if they do it again…I probably won’t smoke with them ever again. It’s okay to play practical jokes on people, but to ruin someone’s trip is just wrong.  You may be smoking alone the next time.








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