Moon Rocks Cannabis Caviar
Moon Rocks Cannabis Caviar

6 Insane (But True) Things About Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks Are The Cannabis Caviar

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Laurie Lyons on Thursday Dec 22, 2016

6 Insane (But True) Things About Moon Rocks

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Anyone who is anyone that's in the know in the world of stoner culture has probably at one time or another heard about the so-called "Moon Rock" despite the fact that they're still relatively obscure, even now. Well, not anymore, as you'll see in the article below we've covered everything that you need to know about Moon Rocks weed, and find out just how powerful these nuggets truly are.


First thing; Let's get the definitions straight.


The term "Moon Rock" is sometimes used to describe pure MDMA crystals, but that's an entirely different drug that we're not even going to get into. We're talking about the marijuana version here, which you might also hear be referred to as "Cannabis Caviar."


The term mentioned is also another name for Moon Rocks, though it's also used a variation of Moon Rocks. In both instances, though they're pretty much the same thing, so we're going to just stick with "Moon Rock" purely here on out.


1. It's the "Turducken" of weed

Imagine your wettest dream coming true. To be perfectly honest and frank, Moon Rock isn't an exact strain of marijuana that can be identified but is more or less a product that's made from combining different cannabis elements into a single ball of sweet, unadulterated joy.

As you can imagine; They're nugs - Often using the "Girl Scout Cookies" strain as a base - that have been soaked in hash oil overnight to a full week and then covered in a layer of kief. Weed Turducken!

When people talk about "Cannabis Caviar" they're generally talking about the same thing, but generally, they're just smaller nugs that are soaked in the oil overnight without the extra layer. That's the difference.

The results are very beautiful to look at, and out of this world to smoke. The outer layer looks almost broccoli like with little buds that reflect different colors, and if you split it open you'll get an amazing view of the whole thing together.

The sticky innards also look like they're protected in a shield of solid cannabis pollen, which helps give it an alien appearance.


2. Made famous by a Rapper

Honestly? It's hard to track down the original recipe for Moon Rocks, though one speculation points to Rapper turned Marijuana entrepreneur Kurupt as one possible main source. The L.A artist and businessman has his own lined that's called "Kurupt's Moonrock" and might be the first on the open market.

The company's website makes the claim that they were invented by both Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak together using an original recipe, but beyond the brand name, different variations of Moon Rock have been sold at dispensaries across the country with the same name.


3. 51% THC!!!!

Put simply; Moon Rocks are the strongest form of marijuana nugs you'll find anywhere without having to resort to more drastic measures. That alone should be obvious enough.

Many people, including Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak, claim that the nugs themselves produce over 50% THC, which you can see for yourself when you take a puff of Moon Rock and hit high-grade strain, super-concentrated cannabis oil, and pure kief.  That's a lot of THC that'll send you "shooting over the moon"

Even seasoned veteran to smoking Snoop Dogg couldn't handle the power of the Moon Rocks, nearly falling over himself when he took a hit from them.


4. Turbo-charges joints, bongs or edibles

Easy. The same way that you always use regular bud. The biggest difference is you need to be careful when you break it up. Don't waste that kief.

For that, you'll probably want to avoid grinding and instead use a very sharp knife. You basically take your sharp knife, and carefully chop up the moon rock and roll it into a joint, or pack a bowl, or load into your water pipe, or hookah.

You can use Moon Rock to make edibles in brownies, cupcakes, and more. It's recommended that you start out with simple recipes though because the Moon Rock brownies are absolutely mind blowing.

Since Moon Rocks are made up of three parts that are grouped together, they can be expensive so make sure you don't waste any of it.


5. Sells for $1,400 an ounce!

So you think you're some sort of connoisseur, who indulges in Kobe steaks, old wines, and fine dining? Well, you might need to rethink that if you haven't tried "Cannabis Caviar", which is a new kind of top-shelf marijuana popping up in dispensaries all over Colorado that's selling for the unheard of price of just $1,400 an ounce. Nearly quadruple the going rate of any other strain!


6. You can make your own Moon Rocks

Luckily for you, the recipe is actually really quite simple, and with a bit of work and knowledge, you'll find that you can make it rather easily. In fact, down below you'll find the full supply list and instructions that you need to make Moon Rocks yourself. The three main ingredients though are a nice Marijuana Bud (big enough to break into smaller pieces), Kief, and Hash oil.


How To Make Moonrocks

The Supplies:

1) Kief - A powder made from the trichomes of cannabis leaves

2) Sifter - This is used to separate the kief and sprinkle on the buds

3) Hash Oil - Oil that is a solvent extraction of both Marijuana and Hashish, which is used to moisten the buds. Make sure it's liquid enough that it drips almost like syrup and isn't too watery.

4) Dropper - An excellent tool for distributing the Hash Oil

5) Small Brush - Another tool for distributing the oil.

6) Tweezers - Used for picking up the buds and moving them around.


The Process:

1) Break off a decent sized bud. REMEMBER: The more compact your bud, the easier it will hold onto.

2) Grab your oil dispensing tool (Dropper/Brush) and dribble a few drops of the Hash Oil onto the bud. Get the oil all soaked into the bud for the best concentration. You want it to be moist, but not dripping wet.

3) Grab your tweezers and pick up the bud and roll it around in your kief. Get it soaked evenly around the bud. Just pretend you're baking.

4) Pick up the kief coated bud with your tweezers and set aside for drying. Now repeat till you have as many moon rocks as you desire.

5) Once your buds are dry, pop them into your pipe or bowl and have a puff or two.


And that's really it! That's all it takes to make Moon Rocks, which is a surprisingly easy process that should take you far, especially if you're the frugal smoker.











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