Massachusetts Pot Video
Massachusetts Pot Video

Massachusetts Anti-Pot Video Causes Laughs Around The World

Reefer Madness Is Alive And Well In Massachusetts

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Oaktree on Friday Oct 21, 2016

Massachusetts Anti Pot Video Takes Reefer Madness To A New Level      



The latest Reefer Madness scare across the USA is a new anti-marijuana video released in Massachusetts, which is voting on Question 4 this November.   Massachusetts already has a medical marijuana program, but they will be voting on a recreational program that includes edibles and delivery services.


The ad, funded by the “Vote No On 4” anti-marijuana campaign, which received over $1,000,000 from casino mogul Sheldon Anderson, released the video this week.  The good news for the anti-cannabis group is that the video went viral, being picked up by sites like Bar Stool Sports and other main stream outlets.  The bad news is that it went viral for all the wrong reasons.  The video as seen as so preposterous and ridiculous, many thought it was a parody video or comedy video from Saturday Night Live.  The video includes footage of a make-believe strip shopping center filled with cannabis stores and showing edibles and flower presented in the window in the same way a common bakery would put break and croissants in a window.   The video continues as a concerned Mom driving around looking at all the cannabis signs pulls in the parking lot to find her son, Jimmy, coming out of the dispensary with a big bag full of edibles and marijuana.


The response to the pro-marijuana voters in in Massachusetts has been as expected.  Pure reefer madness propaganda that has not semblance of reality. To quote Boston Magazine:


But, as has been the case for much of the debate so far, the pro-marijuana side doesn’t see the future of legal cannabis the way opponents do. In a statement, Yes on 4 spokesman Jim Borghesani skewered the ad, and criticized the involvement of GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson and ad-maker Jamestown Associates in making it:


This ad has about as much connection to reality as a Donald Trump campaign speech, which should come as no surprise since it’s funded by a Trump endorser and made by a Trump ad firm. Our initiative gives complete control to towns to limit or prohibit marijuana establishments, and studies from other states show no increase in crashes or fatalities due to marijuana impairment. The question before Massachusetts voters is whether to allow criminals to continue to control the market or to shift commerce to licensed, taxpaying businesses under the control of state regulators and local authorities. We think voters will base their decision on facts, not on smear-and-fear tactics.  


The video comes as proponents of Question 4 appear to have an edge in the state. The latest WBUR poll found 50 percent in favor to 45 percent opposed. Another WBUR poll is due out on Wednesday.

The latest...


The good news for readers is that the latest polls done this week showed a shocking YES vote now up to 55% in Massachusetts.  Granted, these are phone calls made to voters, but the momentum is trending heavily toward the YES vote. 


In other news, Cannabis.Net will have its own special response to this video next week as we want all Massachusetts voters to be informed of the facts of question 4, on both sides of the issue. 

Look for something special from us on Tuesday in response to the Massachusetts anti-mariuana video!

Have a great weekend!


October 22, our response and sneak peak!!


The Massachusetts Anti-Pot Video That Failed Mightily from CannabisNet on Vimeo.










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