marijuana prohibition
marijuana prohibition

The 3 Men That Made Marijuana Illegal For The Whole World

Racism, Greed, and Job Security Changed The Lives Of Millions

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Sep 30, 2016

Why cannabis prohibition is actually a Conspiracy

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Many of the stoner demographics are avid believers in conspiracies. No, not like those conspiracy extremists out there that think lizard people are ruling the world. Rather, the stoner conspiracy theorist actually aren’t theorizing.



Cannabis prohibition is a conspiracy and it is well documented, you just have to get off your lazy ass and do some research to discover this yourself.



In fact, the moment you search for “The history of marijuana prohibition” on Google, your path down the rabbit hole will begin. For those, who simply don’t want to go through the “hassle” (and I use this world loosely) of doing your own research, I have broken down a few elements of the history of cannabis prohibition to point you in the right direction.



Firstly, what is a conspiracy?



The definition of the word “conspiracy” goes as follows: A secret plan by two or more people that is either harmful or illegal.



In the case of cannabis, many attribute the conspiracy to a handful of people namely; Hearst, Anslinger and DuPont who were the original fathers of prohibition. However, anti-cannabis laws pre-date this trio.


bad laws and good people


Some of the first anti-cannabis laws were established in South Africa in 1911. These laws were principally established due to racism. The white minorities in South Africa couldn’t handle the fact that locals and Indian immigrants were using the plant for medicine, spiritual motives and so forth. In fact, black mine workers, who easily spent 16 hours locked in mines, were using cannabis to be able to get through the workdays. It was their way of dealing with the hardships of the work environment, which were to say the least, “sub-human conditions”.



In the United States, the first laws against cannabis were also mainly motivated by racism. Mexicans and African Americans were the primary users of this. Seen as a threat to the white majority, legislations against the plant popped up all over the country.



However, it didn’t go national until the Trio of Destruction, Hearst, DuPont and Anslinger worked together to paint a negative picture about “marijuana” to the country.



This is why most cannabis activists attribute the illegality of cannabis to them, despite the fact that they weren’t the original leaders of the movement. They were just the most famous.



Nonetheless, it was their efforts that made cannabis illegal all over the United States through yellow journalism; attributing violent acts from cannabis users that were in virtually all cases fabrications and in some cases, distortion of the truth.



Why it is a conspiracy



It’s important to understand the motivation of these three culprits in order to see prohibition for what it is. Anslinger, was about to be jobless as he was in charge of the U.S. Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics as the first commissioner. They were largely responsible for enforcing alcohol prohibition laws. When alcohol prohibition was repealed, he was going to be out of a job. Thus, expanding his duties to cannabis was a sensible and economically motivated act. He used the baseline racist paradigm in the United States to promote his agenda.


mexico and cannabis


Randolph Hearst on the other hand owned land in Mexico. Pancho Villa (Jose Doroteo Arango) would frequently raid his lands as part of their revolutionary acts. He in turn, began spinning stories about how “savage Mexicans” would destroy America under the influence of cannabis.



Finally, the DuPont connection is the less clear connection to the Trio. Hemp was poised to become America’s greatest cash crop and was in direct competition with the petrochemical industry DuPont was banking on. By making “marijuana” illegal, he could effectively monopolize the marketplace and make billions over the coming years.



Each with their own motivation, conspired together to spread false information and influence the general public to eventually illegalize cannabis on a national scale.



In there lies the conspiracy.



Continuing throughout history, there are numerous occasion where information was falsified, studies were fabricated and political forces using the policy to enforce unjust and harmful laws such as the case of Nixon 1971 and the declaration of the drug war.



If you merely study the history of cannabis prohibition, you’ll clearly see that “forces” were at work to maintain the policy for personal gain at the expense of the public. If that’s not a well-documented conspiracy, then I don’t know what is.






illegal cannabis sales



hemp and cannabis is illegal



What did you think?

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