Marijuana Prohibition
Marijuana Prohibition

Why Marijuana Prohibitionists Are Like Virgins Talking About Sex

Marijuana Prohibitionists Come In All Shapes And Sizes

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday May 26, 2016

Why Prohibitionists are like virgins talking about sex

Why Prohibitionist are like Virgins Talking About Sex from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Would you ever take sex advice from a virgin? Of course not! Virgins only have a theoretical notion about sex. They don’t anything about it save the hours of porn they watched and even then, self-pleasuring is not even in the same universe as sex.


Marijuana prohibitionists are very similar in this area. In most cases, those who are staunchly opposed to the idea of cannabis or any other drug for that matter, have never tried it themselves. The typical response of a prohibitionist when this point is made goes as follows, “Well, I’ve never jumped off a tall building but I know I’ll die if I do”. It might not be this exact example, but the basic gist of retorts goes the same, “There are things I know without having to try them”.


Well, that might be true about jumping off buildings, but drug consumption is an entirely different category and comparing that example with legality is like comparing apples with jet fuel.


Understanding the Different Type of Prohibitionists


Before I continue with this, we must understand there are two main categories of prohibitionists. I know this because I have studied them like animals on National Geographic.


The first prohibitionist is a predatory prohibitionist. These are people who actually benefit from prohibition. Anyone that derives some sort of monetary compensation or job security through the existence of prohibition, whether they have ever tried drugs or not, would be staunchly opposed to any other narrative.


It’s very simple to identify a predatory prohibitionist as you simply have to look at the money trail in most cases. For instance, the current commissioner of the FDA is a life-long pet of Big Pharma. Whether he knows that cannabis is far less lethal than alcohol, he would never admit that. It’s the reason why the DEA constantly acts dumb in front of congress. If they were to admit that they have been lying, they end their pay day.


The second type of prohibitionist is the “Free Range Prohibitionist”. These are typically people who bought into the narrative of “drugs are bad” yet have never touched the stuff in their lives. They have been fed information by the predatory prohibitionists to maintain the policy. One cannot survive without the other.


The reason I label them as “Free Range” is because they believe that they have come to the conclusion of prohibition by themselves, yet ignore the fence around them. Sure, you’re allowed to graze on grass, stretch your legs and so forth (alcohol, tobacco, pills) but there is still a hedge around you. You’re still designated for the slaughter house.


Free Range Prohibitionists are those who advocate against drugs with no understanding of what the topic actually means….just like Virgins!



The Virgin Prohibitionist


Whenever someone who tells me that “smoking marijuana is bad” I respond with, “have you ever tried marijuana?” If they have tried it, I ask them how and why they came to the conclusion that “marijuana is bad?”


Typically, some washed up story of a “bad trip smoking alone or with people” or “something that happened to someone I know” is the result of their response.


I reply with a, “Well I’ve been smoking marijuana for over twenty years and am doing just fine. Some people can’t handle alcohol, but I’m not seeing you advocate the prohibition of alcohol”. Checkmate!


Yet for those who have never smoked marijuana yet are staunchly opposed, I pity them. They are reacting from a base programming that was spammed into their consciousness since the day they entered into the public education system. These people believe they know the exact truth because their “masters” told them yet are too afraid to do research on their own.



I try to help some, but in the end…I can only show you the hole..the rest is up to you.










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