kief profit margins in marijuana
kief profit margins in marijuana

Are You Leaving Your Profits in the Dust? Get the Most Out of Your Harvest with Kief

How can you use kief to improve your profit margins?

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The Undercover Stoner on Tuesday Sep 1, 2020

Don’t leave your profits in the dust! Get the most out of your harvest with kief!

kief ideas for making money

It is very true that many cannabis growers place the larger part of their attention on the cannabis buds post harvest while overlooking a massive goldmine most growers don't know they have. The majority of cannabis growers ignore the benefits in kief. A very shocking reality because it is evident that kief contains a good concentration of THC. Where normal cannabis buds can contain a THC concentration of about 30%, it would be interesting to note that kief has the ability to contain THC concentrations of about 40 to 60%.

Kief is slowly finding use amidst different cannabis users. It is being used in different ways for varying purposes by cannabis users. Experienced cannabis users use kiefs as a component of the highly potent sun rocks and moon rocks while some cannabis users plainly add it to a joint, bowl, or blunt. This added cannabis product increases the potency and ultimately the euphoric feeling offered to the cannabis user. Kief has found application in being used to make rosin as well as being vaporized to increase its potency before usage.  Finally, kief is also being added to edibles and infused into foods as a source of cannabinoids.

Once the benefits of kief and how much it has found a place in the heart of many cannabis users is fully understood, the next question should be how to collect kiefs from cannabis. The collection of kief from the cannabis cultivation process is where the emphasis should lie because this is a good determinant of final yield and profit. There are three basic concepts for collecting kief which is either by screening it, shaking it off, or freezing it off. These three concepts offer the foundation for which kiefs are collected generally.


First on the list and possibly the most common means of kief collection is the use of appropriate grinders. Grinders are commonly used for the purpose of trimming cannabis buds. After the trimming process is complete, collect and store kief in the lower chamber that is present at the base of the grinders. This lower base compartment is common to four-piece grinders which make them appropriate for the collection of kief as opposed to a two-piece or three-piece grinder. The four-piece grinder is not necessarily expensive meaning that it can be purchased to collect a small amount of kief for indoor growers. The kief that falls into the kief catcher for grinders is very potent and they could very well mean a lot to the yield and profits of nay cannabis grower.


Silk screens have also gained acceptance in terms of its use for collecting kief due to its ability to collect a good amount of kief in a considerably short amount of time. The working principle applied to silk screens is very easy as the cannabis trims are placed over the silk screen where agitation helps to separate the needed kief material. The ease in this mechanical process is also one of the reasons why it is accepted by many however one drawback is that the silk screens can easily be damaged by the cannabis stems. This apparent drawback is one of the reasons why metal screens are sought after, however, these are very hard to come by.

Hashish drums

Though very different from the silk screens, the working principle of the hashish drum is very similar to the silk screen because of the presence of a screen in its set up. The hashish drum is formed when a basin or bucket is fastened at the top with a silk screen. A tarp is then placed over the silk screen which houses the cannabis plant material and the working principle of the silk screen applies. With the Hashish drums, the problems of cannabis stems affecting the integrity of the silk screens are reduced and this means can be used to collect a considerable amount of kief in a short period of time.


When it comes to freezing as a method of collecting kief, it must first be understood that THC is not water-soluble. This basically means that freezing can serve as a viable way of collecting kief without affecting the THC concentration of the cannabis buds. A dry ice bath serving as a bubble bag is used as the cannabis trims are placed in the bag and actively stirred and agitated. The buds are cooled and the trichomes break off and the kief separated over a screen and collector. This method has a very high level of effectiveness and if efficiently done can boast of a very high yield.









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