cannabis infused beer
cannabis infused beer

Cannabis-Infused Microbrew Beer? - How to Make Weed-Infused Beer (DIY Step-By-Step Guide)

How do you make marijuana-infused beer in small or big batches?

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BostonBakedPete on Saturday Dec 30, 2023

cannabis infused beer

In the dynamic realm of recreational cannabis, the convergence of marijuana and beer has become a focal point for enthusiasts of both substances. Cannabis and beer stand out as two widely embraced avenues for unwinding and leisure; the former delivers a soothing, laid-back experience, while the latter imparts a subtle and social buzz.


While caution is warranted when simultaneously indulging in bongs and pints, a responsible pairing of weed and beer can synergistically enhance their effects, creating an enjoyable mental state perfect for lively gatherings and social events. Brace yourself for a journey into the realm of cannabis-infused beer, where you'll explore the advantages of these mood-enhancing blends, distinguish between THC and CBD-infused brews, and learn how to craft your own at home.


Is It Possible to Infuse Cannabis into Beer?


Cannabis and beer use as independent forms of leisure have extensive historical origins, with behaviors extending back to prehistoric times. Around 1,000 BC, the mixture known as bhang evolved in India, combining marijuana, milk, and nuts. Concurrently, the usage of alcoholic drinks in China dates back to 7,000 BC. To the best of our knowledge, the combination of cannabis and beer only occurred in the contemporary age. In the early 2000s, before cannabis was legalized in the United States, pioneering brewers began creating herb-infused craft brews.


What Advantages Does Cannabis Beer Offer?


So, what sets cannabis beer apart from traditional methods of cannabis consumption such as joints, edibles, or extracts? Here are some key reasons why enthusiasts occasionally opt for marijuana-infused beverages:


Potent Effects: Cannabis beer introduces a unique element that distinguishes it from other cannabis preparations—the presence of alcohol. For those who have combined marijuana and alcohol, the potential for a rapid escalation of effects is evident, transforming a pleasant evening into an unpleasant experience. This heightened effect results from research indicating that alcohol amplifies THC concentration in the bloodstream. While this combination can be a recipe for trouble, cannabis beer has the potential to offer a heightened and superior buzz when approached with moderation by experienced and responsible users.


Efficiency and Simplicity: For individuals who enjoy both smoking a joint and sipping on a pint, cannabis beer streamlines the experience by combining two activities into one. By consuming the beverage, you can achieve a dual high and tipiness without the need to juggle the tasks of rolling joints and pouring drinks. It's important to note, however, that the effects will be more intense, as orally consumed THC tends to have a stronger and longer-lasting impact.


Stress Relief: The THC in cannabis triggers the release of the feel-good hormone dopamine, while alcohol stimulates GABA receptors associated with anxiety regulation. Concurrent use of both substances can induce a heightened sense of relaxation for some users. Yet, it's crucial to maintain a delicate balance to navigate this combination effectively.


THC vs CBD Beer


We don't limit our attention to high-potency strains when it comes to cannabis. Many distinct phytochemicals, such as different types of terpenes and cannabinoids, influence the different effects of cannabis. THC and CBD have the most well-known effects on the body and psyche of all these substances.


Aside from side symptoms like dry mouth and burning eyes, THC is the primary ingredient that creates the classic cannabis experience. It also elicits feelings of creativity, joy, and laughter. On the other hand, CBD is known to provide a clear-headed and lucid impact without making users euphoric.


When delving into the craft of cannabis beer, the choice of strains with varying levels of THC and CBD determines the effects of the bottled product. Strains high in THC deliver a potent psychoactive experience, while those rich in CBD focus more on relaxation. Opting for strains abundant in both compounds offers a harmonious blend of effects, providing the best of both worlds.


Step-By-Step Brewing Process:


1. Crack grains: Place malt grains in a zip-lock bag and lightly crush them with a rolling pin to crack the outer shell without complete crushing.


2. Boil grains: Fill a 30l pot with 2l of water. Heat it to 66–68°C using a thermometer. Add cracked grains and boil for thirty minutes, stirring occasionally.


3. Strain grains: Use a strainer over a large bowl to separate the liquid from the grains. Discard the grains and pour the strained liquid back into the 30l pot.


4. Add syrup: Stir light malt extract into the pot until fully dissolved. Top up the pot to a total volume of 6l.


5. Hop to it: Load hops into a muslin bag, tie it closed, and add it to the pot. Bring it to a boil, then simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally. Remove the pot from the stove, remove the hops, and let it cool completely.


6. Sanitize and transfer: Follow product instructions to sanitize and rinse your syphon and fermentation bucket. The syphon transfers the liquid from the pot to the fermentation bucket.


7. Inoculate your vessel: Add a pack of slow-fermenting yeast to the fermentation bucket. Secure the lid and airlock. Within 24 hours, a froth layer should develop, indicating fermentation.


8. Sterilize the muslin bag: Sterilize the second muslin bag in boiling water for 10 minutes. Once cooled, add your weed to the bag, tie it closed, and place it in the fermentation bucket.


9. Let fermentation do its thing: Over the next ten days, yeast will ferment the mixture into beer, drawing out THC and other compounds from the weed. Shake the bucket lightly once a day to agitate the ground cannabis.


10. Bottle up: After ten days, it's time to bottle. Remove the weed bag, open the spigot, and fill the bottles. Cap the bottles and refrigerate.


Bottom Line


In the evolving landscape of recreational cannabis and craft brewing, the fusion of marijuana and beer has emerged as an intriguing intersection for enthusiasts. Cannabis-infused beer offers a unique experience, blending the distinct characteristics of both substances. While the combination demands caution and responsibility, the potential for a heightened and enjoyable buzz, streamlined consumption, and stress relief makes it an appealing option for those seeking a novel recreational experience. As we navigate the dynamic realms of THC and CBD-infused brews, and explore the home brewing process, it becomes evident that the synergy between cannabis and beer continues to captivate the imagination of those who appreciate the diverse pleasures each has to offer. Whether enjoyed for relaxation or in social settings, cannabis beer represents a dynamic convergence at the crossroads of two widely embraced forms of leisure.





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