Does CBD Oil Expire
Does CBD Oil Expire

Does CBD Oil Expire? What You Need to Know about CBD Product Shelf Life

Got some old CBD oil in the medicine cabinet, can you still use it?

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DanaSmith on Monday Jan 4, 2021

Does CBD Oil Expire? What You Need To Know About CBD Product Shelf Life

does cbd oil go bad?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a superfood that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.


Supplementing with CBD oil every day is a natural, effective way to stay healthy and prevent disease. But it also has a shelf life and it’s important to understand how long it lasts as well as what factors play a role in its longevity. So whether you’re buying affordable CBD oil or investing in high-quality CBD products, read up to learn more about making the most out of your product.


CBD Oil Shelf Life


If you’ve shelled out money on a luxury CBD oil product, you might be only using a drop or two a day. Which may lead you to consume the entire bottle in a year or even longer. But did you know that the average shelf life of CBD oil is 14 months up to 2 years? However, this will depend on several factors which we’ll go into detail later on.


While the general shelf life is 14 months to 2 years, you should first listen to what the manufacturer says. A high-quality CBD product should indicate the use-by date. Since CBD products are not regulated, not all manufacturers will provide the expiry date, which is required by the Food and Drug Administration for other regulated products for consumer protection. It’s up to you to make the right decision to protect yourself by buying from a reputable CBD manufacturer. Additionally, it’s not the same expiry date for all since all CBD products aren’t created equally; they use different processing methods and ingredients which means that all CBD oil products have varying shelf lives.


You can also tell if your CBD oil has gone bad, even if it’s before the expiration date. Over time, its aroma and appearance may change. If it’s turned cloudy, changed color, or loses its smooth texture, then it’s no longer potent or fresh enough to use.


The good news is that unlike other oils, CBD oil won’t turn rancid or spoil. This means you won’t get sick if you consume a little even after its expiry date. But you should still stay on the safe side and avoid bottles that haven’t been stored properly or no longer looks/smells fresh.


Factors That Affect CBD Oil Shelf Life


Quality: It’s always better to invest in high-quality products, whether it’s a car, clothing, or CBD oil. CBD oil that’s of higher quality will last much longer especially if they underwent minimal processing, such as full-spectrum CBD oils. Also, pure CBD oil tends to last longer than those that have flavored ingredients; this is because additives have their own shelf life which can in turn shorten the shelf life of the end product.

It’s also good to research the brands you’re buying from in order to have peace of mind about product quality. A good, reputable brand means you have better chances of using CBD oil derived from high-quality hemp that has been cultivated in healthy, nutrient-rich soil using healthy extraction processes; this will result in CBD oil having a longer shelf-life.


Another word in buying quality CBD oil: there are some very good brands out there that actually release third-party laboratory results, or a Certificate of Analysis (COA). These help make sure that the CBD oil contains everything that it claims to, even its impurities if any. If you can’t find this information about a reputable brand you want to buy from, you can always call their customer service to ask.


Packaging: Packaging actually plays an important role in how well your CBD oil keeps. This is why most reputable CBD tinctures or oils are kept in blue or amber bottles. These bottles are effective in protecting the product from exposure to light, air, and heat, all of which break down beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids much quicker.


Storage: Once you bring your CBD oil home, it’s critical to ensure it is stored in a cool, dark place. Overlooking how your CBD oil is stored is the quickest way to spoil your CBD oil fast, since storage is one of the most important factors in ensuring a long shelf life. It’s also good to note that exposure to light is the one factor that speeds up the loss of cannabinoids, according to studies. This is why exposure to either artificial light or sunlight will degrade CBD oil fast.


How To Preserve CBD Oil


Once you’ve adhered to these guidelines, you can get your money’s worth when you buy CBD oil. In fact, many people even prefer to keep it in a refrigerator when not in use to increase its shelf life significantly while ensuring its potency and freshness. Alternatively, you can always just keep the CBD oil in a dark and cool area of your cupboard, away from sunlight.


You should also make sure that the bottle is stored upright, just like how it was intended to be. If it’s lying sideways by accident, the CBD can be exposed to other materials like the plastic lid or the pipette, which can contain impurities that get into the oil. Furthermore, if your CBD oil is meant to be consumed sublingually, you can help preserve it for a longer time if the dropper doesn’t touch your mouth; doing so can enable the transportation of germs into the oil, speeding up deterioration.

Always make sure that your hands are clean and dry before using CBD oils and other CBD products; this reduces the germs and the risk of water getting into the product. Alternatively, if your CBD oil doesn’t come with a dropper, it’s best to transfer it into a spoon for your daily dose before you consume it.








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