$3000 a month to smoke weed
$3000 a month to smoke weed

Dream Weed Job - $3,000 a Month to Smoke Cannabis and Review Different Strains?

Would you take $3k a month to smoke weed and blog about it?

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HighChi on Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

smoke weed for a job

$3k a month, $36k a year just to do what you love—smoke cannabis!

We know this sounds unbelievable, but it's true. In fact, it has always been true!

A few years ago, American Marijuana, a highly acclaimed medical marijuana online resource, was looking to hire an experienced cannabis product reviewer to taste, test, and report the effects of different cannabis products every month. The lucky applicant may be required to write regular blog articles, make videos,  review content on social media platforms, and every other activity that could make the products sell. However, all reviews must be honest.


The Best Job Ever

To every cannabis lover, this could as well be termed the best weed job in the world. They work in the comfort of their homes to create content around the reviews of cannabis products consumed.


According to the job ad, the reviewer will be sent unique boxes of cannabis products and infused items each month. These boxes could comprise various weed strains, edibles, vapes, CBD oils, and gummies. If you're chosen, all you have to do is to use all items in the box, share your opinions and insights, on whether or not the product can be improved or if it's not worth introducing into the primary market. In the published reviews, the reviewer will explain how the items work, as well as how to use them to get the best effects.


$3,000 a month to work from home and smoke the best unreleased cannabis products. Note that not every reviewer gets paid this amount; it mostly depends on the applicant's knowledge and experience.


An Extensive Knowledge of Marijuana

American Marijuana is not in the market for recreational cannabis users. The reviewer must have in-depth knowledge of cannabis strains and their expected effects. The keyword here is "extensive knowledge of cannabis strains." It is important to note that this job is only available to people staying in the United States or Canada, where hemp and medical cannabis are legal.


The reviewer must be of legal age, at least 18 years old, healthy, physically fit, and able to smoke pot everyday.


When the applicant receives a box containing the various brands and varieties of marijuana products, they are expected to test the product in person, preferably in front of a video camera. They must document all their experience with the product from start to finish.


The point of doing all these is to educate blog readers and viewers on the usefulness and effectiveness of the infused product.


How To Apply For The Job

If you're interested in this role and are prepared to agree to the terms and conditions of the job role, then you must read the following paragraphs to know how to apply for the position.


Age: To Be considered for the role, an applicant must be 18+ years old.


Resume and Bio

Applicants were asked to send in headshots, links to social media profiles, and a-minute long introductory video speaking about their interest in the role. In addition, applicants also sent in 5-6 street names or slang terms for cannabis.


As you can imagine, the terms and conditions for this role were extensive. Some of these terms include:


  1. The applicant must be AT LEAST 18 years old or, if older, have attained the state's minimum legal drinking age.

  2. The post is only open to citizens of the countries of the United States and Canada, where marijuana is legal.

  3. Participants who work for AmericanMarijuana.org, their families, or anybody else who has any connection to the organization's foundation in any manner are not allowed to take part.

  4. From the pool of qualified candidates, AmericanMarijuana.org will choose one (1) application. The candidate will be selected based on their familiarity and background with marijuana and medical cannabis.

  5. Depending on their qualifications and expertise, the applicant may receive up to $3,000 per month or $36,000 annually.

  6. The selected candidate will be informed and contacted through email within seven days of the application deadline.

  7. AmericanMarijuana.org retains the right to select a different applicant if the initial applicant does not respond to the email within ten days of notification.

  8. The applicant understands they will work as an independent contractor for the Cannabis Product Reviewer role. They cannot be linked to any employee-employer relationships, joint ventures, partnerships, or entities that belong to a third party.

  9. The applicant acknowledges that their name and likeness may be used in any publicity materials. Personal information about the application and other pool participants will only be handled in accordance with the applicable federal and state data protection laws, and it will not be shared with any third parties without the applicant's prior approval.


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Important Notice

American Marijuana resource online is currently not accepting applications at the moment. The last application process took a long time as the company received more than 16,000 valid applications. Imagine how stressful it would have been to select one person out of 16,000.


In 2019, the small hiring team was expected to pick the lucky applicant on December 4th; however, the date had to be pushed back as the applications were so many at the time.


Do Companies Still Hire Cannabis Product Reviewers?

This is most likely the question on your mind right now. A simple answer to this is that they do! Almost every cannabis producer has product testers and reviewers for new and existing products. Regular product reviews help the producers improve on their products, as well as spread word about how good a cannabis-infused product is. And, of course, cannabis product reviewers still get paid good money for this role.


Closing Words

Cannabis itself is complicated; infused smokables and edibles are more complex. The most important job of a reviewer is to uncomplicate different cannabis products with creativity and honesty. Get paid to work a cycle. That is, test, review, publish content, test, review, publish content… So simple, right? Cannabis product review job roles are still common. You have to keep your eyes out for the next opening. While you wait, keep improving your extraordinary penmanship and content creation skills.


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