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grow cannabis now

Grow Your Own Cannabis Now, It Has Never Been Easier

Technology, Changing Laws and Attitudes All Say To Grow Now

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Nanci Chi-Town on Saturday May 6, 2017

Grow Your Own Cannabis Now, It Has Never Been Easier



For those of us who use cannabis daily, whether for medicinal purposes, or for recreational purposes, it can be an expensive pursuit to pursue. When we notice the benefits that cannabis can provide, we often cannot go back to a life without cannabis. This often results in a financial millstone around a cannabis user’s neck because they want to continue using cannabis. So, how do you rid yourself of this financial millstone? Well, the solution is simple, grow your own!



If you are new to growing your own cannabis, the most important thing to consider is to only buy the best seeds that are available. When you are looking to buy seeds, think of the seeds as the land that you are looking to build a house on. You obviously want the land to be solid and able to be built on, otherwise a lot of time, effort and money could go into building a house that will ultimately fall down, even though it might look great inside!



It’s important to note at this stage that the first time you grow cannabis, it will not be perfect, but don’t panic if it all goes wrong. Practice makes perfect! Here are some other areas to consider when choosing cannabis seeds for the first time.



price of cannabis wholesale




Above, we said that it’s important to buy seeds that are the best available. Don’t think that because some seeds are more expensive than others that they are necessarily better than cheaper seeds. We would recommend to leave the top shelf strains for the more experienced growers, and focus on seeds which will produce a good crop, but won’t make a massive dent in your pocket. Once you become more experienced, only then we would recommend that you begin to spend more on expensive seeds.



auto flowering seeds

Auto flowering Seeds?


What are auto flowering seeds you may ask? These seeds have only recently come onto the market and are excellent for new seed growers. They are usually quite inexpensive feminised Indicas that are quite easy to grow. The chances of successfully growing auto flowering seeds is high!


Of course, with the ease of growth, there are downsides, such as the plants being quite small, which will result in a lower yield. If you are looking to grow cannabis for recreational purposes, then auto flowering seeds are the most logical place to start. For medicinal users, we would look elsewhere.


blueberry strain

Indica or Sativa?


We are often asked this question when growers are just starting out. Should I grow an Indica or a Sativa? This entirely depends on what you are looking to use the cannabis for. For example, if you are looking for a strain that will make you feel energized and able to seize the day, then growing an Indica is maybe not a good idea, as these strains tend to result in a feeling of a lethargy. But then again, growing an Indica is considered to be easier than growing a Sativa, in part due to the reduced flowering time compared to the Sativa. It is generally agreed that the longer the flowering time, the longer time there is for things to go wrong.


thc and cbd

THC/CBD Balance


Many people like to use cannabis for the medicinal benefits they provide, and prefer to eliminate the psychoactive effects that cannabis can have on the user’s brain. Strains which are high in THC tend to influence the brain and produce a “high”. Strains that have a lower concentration of THC but a higher concentration of CBD tend to offer no psychoactive effect on the brain. If you are a first-time cannabis user for example, choose a strain which has a high concentration of CBD, which will allow you to build up a tolerance of THC gradually. The last thing you want to do is to put yourself off from using cannabis again because you couldn’t handle the psychoactive high that a strain with a high concentration of THC provided.


feminanized seeds

Feminised or Non-Feminised?


When you are looking to grow your own cannabis for the first time, it is important to look for feminised seeds rather than “regulars”. Don’t be tempted by the often cheaper price of “regulars” compared to feminized seeds for your first grow, as you will most likely be reducing your chances of obtaining a successful crop. It is important to choose seeds which will keep any future growth problems to a minimum, and the easiest way to do this is to grow feminised seeds. That way, you know all your plants are going to be females.


indoor weed grow

Growing Indoor or Outdoor?


This is another question we are often asked. Should you choose to grow your cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors? As a beginner looking to grow seeds, indoors should be your method of growth. This enables you to better control your growing environment in a greater way than you can do outdoors. In saying that, growing indoors does have its disadvantages. For example, there are greater costs with growing indoors, such as buying the equipment and for the cost of electricity.

Once you have chosen whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, you need to make sure you choose seeds that are suited for where you want to grow. Make sure you don’t choose seeds that are suitable for indoor use and grow them outdoors! Seeds which are suitable for growing outside tend to be the more established strains from the likes of the Middle East and Africa, while newer strains that have come to the market (which tend to be hybrids) are more suitable for indoor growth.

So, these are the main points you need to consider when you are looking to grow seeds for the first time. It is important to make an educated decision on what seeds to go with. Even if you follow all these tips, there is no guarantee that you will produce a successful crop, but it can increase your chances of being successful.








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