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Let it grow, let it grow.

What are the Benefits of Growing your own Weed?

Cool uses for your cannabis plants

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Cannabis.net on Friday Feb 19, 2016

Why you should grow your own cannabis!

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There is a saying that goes, “Smoking weed isn’t addictive, growing it is!” Most growers will tell you that this is true. Growing cannabis is a fascinating journey of tender care and attention to detail with a solid payoff at the end. It takes patience and dedication and will require some investment of both time and money, but in the end…it’s one of the greatest hobbies you could have. 



While the obvious benefit of growing marijuana at home is having control over your weed production, there are many unknown benefits you might not be considering. The following article will outline the many benefits of growing marijuana at home. 



Quality Control 



Trust me when I say that your first crop out won’t be the best weed you have ever smoked. However, it will be your first batch and that will definitely give you a deeper sense of satisfaction when getting high. In addition, it’s a complete paradigm shift in terms of you fully grasping the concept that ‘you can grow your own weed.' 



As you progress through your learning curve, the quality of your crops will increase. I have a friend that started growing a few years back, and I could see the progression of his buds throughout the years. Nowadays he grows weed so smelly and potent, it would knock out an elephant. 



When you grow your own weed at home, you will be able to care for the plant from the beginning to the end. You can ensure that only the best nutrients are being used, you’ll be in charge of curing, cropping and flushing. You’ll know exactly what went into your weed. 



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Another thing that is a definite bonus when it comes to growing weed are the byproducts. With all the pruning, you can take those cannabis leafs and throw it into a smoothie. Sure it won’t get you high, but you’ll be absorbing a lot of healthy cannabinoids. 


Drinking juice will give you an extra boost throughout the day. Many physicians swear to the health benefits provided by cannabis juicing and as a grower, you’ll have access to leaf all the time. While you can use the trimmings for your juicing, leaf will do just as well. 


Also, if you happen to have a male plant, you could always juice it instead of just chucking it out. 


Cross Pollination


Once you have the growing part under control, playing with the different strains can be very cool. Cross pollination serves a twofold purpose: 


  • Cross Plant Genetics
  • Seed Harvesting


Sometimes you have to grow weed for the seeds. Obviously if you want to have potent weed, you’ll keep males away from the females, but let’s say you have two amazing plants with awesome genetics. Cross pollinating these strains will give you a bunch of seed to keep your operation going on. 


Start building your own seed bank and eventually you’ll never have to buy seed again, unless of course you want to start playing around with genetics. 


Making Hash


When you grow your own marijuana at home, you can also make hash with the trimmings. There are a couple of methods to go about this feat of which I won’t go into in this article, however, depending on your crop you can get a decent amount of hash as a byproduct. 


I personally love hash, and when you make your own it definitely provides a deep level of satisfaction. Hash making has its own complications, however in the long run it’s a pretty straightforward and easy thing to achieve. 


Stress Management


Most gardeners will attest to the fact that it’s a hobby that helps relieve stress. The same goes for growing cannabis. Sure, you might run into some complications along the way, however seeing your beauties growing will definitely help you deal with other stressful situations in your life. 



Many growers talk to their plants and are keen to check on the wellbeing of their crop. I have found that the greater care you put into the plants, the better the rewards. 


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Strain Variations


Another awesome benefit of growing your own weed is that you get to grow different strains, see them take shape and blossom into a powerful smoke. Over time you will become familiar what different strains demand from their environment to produce their sweet Sinsemilla. 


Cheaper weed


While there are expenses in regards to growing marijuana at home, you’ll eventually be able to crop out more weed for less money. Expect an elevation in your electricity bill and costs in nutrients, but when you crop out a few ounces, you’ll notice you saved some money in the long run. 


Eventually when you learn how to streamline your processes, you’ll be able to drive costs down significantly and have plenty of weed to smoke. 


You’ll be hooked for life


Trust me when I say that once you start growing marijuana from seed to crop out, you’ll be hooked for life. Every person that I know that grows weed is fully invested into their crops. You establish a special relationship with your plants and reap the benefits of months long patience. In the end you too will be known as Dr. Greenthumb! 



Are you considering growing? Let us know if you give it a go. 



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