male or female cannabis plant?
male or female cannabis plant?

How Can You Tell if a Marijuana Plant is Male or Female in Just a Few Seconds?

Quick Ways to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

Amazing ways to determine the differences between male and female cannabis plants

cannabis plants are male or female

For all cannabis growers, the purpose of the growing process is to ensure that a sufficient yield of cannabis that has a good composition of the needed cannabinoids is reached at the time of harvest. There are different factors that are in play if this goal of optimum yield is to be reached. Factors such as light, watering cycles, nutrients, temperature, and pressure all need to be carefully monitored and controlled. One other salient factor that can play a very large role in determining the quality of the yield is the gender of the cannabis plant.

The concept of gender as it applies to many animals also applies to cannabis plants and they have a huge role to play in terms of yield and the success of the growing process. For a grower, it is important that he is able to identify and properly differentiate the male and female cannabis plants because they both have different effects in terms of physical attributes and content of cannabinoids.  The female species are widely sought after because of their ability to produce potent buds, while their male counterparts are less sought after because they have reduced effectiveness in producing a euphoric high.

Male and Female Cannabis Plants

As earlier stated, the gender of cannabis plants that every grower wants in their growing area is the female cannabis plants because of their ability to produce potent flowering buds. These make them more usable, beneficial and the products of their harvest easily sellable.  Male cannabis plants on the other hand are less beneficial because of their lack in terms of the necessary amounts of cannabinoids needed for the medical and recreational use of cannabis.

It would have not have been much of a problem to allow the male cannabis plants and the female cannabis plants to grow side by side if not for the ability of the male cannabis species to contaminate the female cannabis plants which is why it is important to be able to distinguish between the male and female cannabis plants. Male cannabis plants need to be separated from female cannabis plants if they are to thrive.

In order to achieve female cannabis plant species, most growers rely on feminized seeds which have a very good chance of producing female species of the cannabis plant. Regular seeds have an equal chance of producing male and female species which means cultivating it can be very stressful and cost-intensive. Also, there is less yield when both species are produced.

Growers who cultivate indoors have found that it is very beneficial to use clones if the desire is to produce female cannabis plants because they are very efficient and produce the best results. However, it should  be noted that they have the downside of being expensive.

Aside from the male and female cannabis plants, it is still important to point out that there are certain cannabis plants that possess both the male and female characteristics of cannabis plants and it is important that every grower that aims to achieve a beneficial growing process be able to identify such hermaphrodite cannabis plants. These types of cannabis plants develop due to stress and physical damage to the cannabis plant. When cannabis plants are exposed to excess heat, excess light, excess cold. Much like the male cannabis plants, hermaphrodites are less beneficial to the growing process because they have the ability to affecting the female cannabis plants and fertilizing them thereby reducing the yield.

Distinguishing between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

When it comes to distinguishing between male and female cannabis plants, the stage of identification is very important because both species begin their growth at the vegetative stage. The period when a grower can confidently differentiate between the two genders is at the pre-flowering phase which is just a few weeks after the vegetative phase and stands as a link between the vegetative phase and the flowering phase.

 At the pre-flowering phase, pre-flowers begin to grow at the tips of the plants and this is where the male and female species begin to differentiate themselves.

The female cannabis plant species begin to grow calyxes while the male species have pollen sacs, which is mostly round or oval.

With time, the female cannabis plant species also grows a white wispy pistil which is absent in the male cannabis plant.

The pollen sacs of the male cannabis plant burst with time and release pollens that fertilize the female cannabis plants affecting yield which is why they must be separated from each other.

The goal of pointing out the differences between the male and the female cannabis plant is to ensure that a grower is adequately informed on the necessary information needed to improve the cultivation process to ensure maximum yield.








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