cannabis jams and jelly
cannabis jams and jelly

How Do You Make Cannabis-Infused Jam and Jelly?

Marijuana-infused jams and spreads are not hard to make at home

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jul 19, 2020

How to make Cannabis Infused Jam

cannabis jams and jelly

It is very common among fans of cannabis edibles that they search and look for new and improved ways to harness the mindblowing benefits of combining cannabis with other foods. This has given rise to wonderful innovative combos involving cannabis and an interesting one of such is the cannabis-infused jam. This is a new and interesting application of cannabis that has already gained prominence and appraisal among the cannabis faithful who can only give mouthwatering reviews.

Cannabis-infused jam is not hard nor complex to produce as it can be easily made at home with the right ingredients and following the needed process. Cannabis-infused jam is made of predominantly cannabis, honey, and fruit. The final result of the cannabis-infused jam can then be enjoyed alongside waffles, scones, or biscuits to give a fulfilling experience.

The production Process

Making a cannabis-infused jam is divided into two important steps before the final product is achieved. The first step is the making of the canna-honey which is followed by the second step which entails the production of the jam.

Both steps require special types of hardware to ensure the product in its final form is of impeccable quality. Fret not though, all required are simple equipment that can be easily found in any kitchen. A couple of the equipment required include:


mason jars,

cast iron

and a saucepan

While the additional food products needed alongside cannabis, honey, and fruits are simply sugar and lemon juice.

Cannabis to be used however should not be raw cannabis but decarboxylated cannabis. This is because decarboxylation of cannabis allows for the activation of THC and CBD which in turn makes the cannabinoids more bioavailable. The process of decarboxylation of cannabis is not a very strenuous process as it can easily be done. It simply involves heating the cannabis flower over a temperature range of 104 degrees Celsius to 113 degrees Celsius in a ceramic or glassware for a duration of about 40 minutes.

Step 1: Making the Canna-honey

To make the canna-honey in the first step, the materials needed are cannabis and honey while a pantyhose and covered pot are used for the preparation. The amount of cannabis and honey used determines the eventual quantity of canna-honey that will be produced but we can work with a reasonable quantity like 28g of cannabis and say 2.3kg jar of honey for the sake of understanding the entire process.

The decarboxylated cannabis is placed in the pantyhose and tied shut. This is then placed with honey in the covered pot and then heated to simmer. It is important that the pot is heated with low heat in order to ensure that the contents of the pot simmer for about 5 minutes. Afterward, the content of the pot is allowed to cool for 24 hours, the pantyhose can then be removed and excess honey is squeezed out. The product from this step is what is known as canna-honey.


Step 2: Making the Jam

The canna-honey made from the initial step is what is used for the final step of making the jam. The mason jars and saucepan are used in making the jam alongside 2 cups of sugar, lemon juice, and fruit to be used in making the jam. Strawberry jam is seemingly the common choice when making cannabis jam and gives a fulfilling and sensational taste and feel.

The lemon juice and sugar are heated in the saucepan. This must be done under low heat because the goal is to produce syrup and that can only be achieved with low heat. If the heat is too high, browning begins to occur which eventually leads to undesirable results. The mixture is stirred properly to ensure that the sugar dissolves.

The fruit to be used for the mixture is then added and stirred to allow it to break down to produce jam for about 20 minutes. The nature of the jam produced depends on the duration of this process. A smooth jam is produced if a considerable amount of time is used stirring while lesser time gives rise to a chunky jam product.

The canna-honey is then divided into the jars with respect to the number of jars the produced quantity of canna-honey can contain. Thereafter, the jam in the saucepan is divided into the mason jars and distributed with the canna-honey. The final product in the mason jar is the tasty cannabis-infused jam that is sure to leave a mouthwatering taste.

As seen here, the process and ingredients needed to ensure one gets the best experience when dealing with cannabis edibles are not over the top and are easily accessible for anyone willing to venture into it. Enjoy!







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