how to make marijuana space cakes
how to make marijuana space cakes

How Do You Make Space Cakes? A Guide for Making the Famous Marijuana Treat!

The complete guide to making cannabis space cakes!

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Jun 2, 2021

How to Make Space Cakes: The Complete Guide For Cannabis Lovers

how to make cannabis space cakes

Space cake is a general term used to group baked goods containing a good amount of weed. If you think brownies are your most preferred edible, you need to try space cake.

Space cakes is more than able to kick brownies off your best-ever cannabis edible spot.

If you're in search of the best space cake recipe, then you're in luck.

Here, I'll break down every information you need about space cake, and finally, I'll describe the process for making this special edible in the comfort of your home.

Any cake recipe will be fine for this, the main ingredient as we know it is cannabis. The complex part of this is how the cannabis is infused into the mix. Normal cake recipes won't give you that information.

Get prepared to be wowed as I take you on a journey of combining the love of good food and potent weed to make the highest cake in the world. Let's get our bake on!

Ingredients needed

  • Cannabis buds (8g) or Cannabutter (½ cup)

  • Flour (1¾ cups)

  • Sugar (1 cup)

  • Milk (¾ cup)

  • Eggs (2 pcs)

  • Baking powder (1¾ tbs)

  • Salt (½ tbs)

  • Extras like cocoa powder, dried fruits, icing, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, coloring, buttercream, peanut chips, biscuits,  chocolate cookies, and any other thing you can think of.

Equipment needed

  • Containers for mixing

  • Crusher or grinder

  • Mixing spoon

  • Baking tin

  • Foil paper

  • Oven

  • A skewer

  • Instant pot

Can Raw Weed Be Used?

First off, freshly harvested cannabis buds have no psychoactive effects. A publication I read compared raw weed to other veggies like kale and spinach; it also doesn't taste good and will likely make a person sick.

Hence dropping raw weed into a batter would be the worst rookie mistake ever.

To make space cake, the cannabinoids inside the marijuana buds must be unlocked. That is, it needs to be dried and cured for it to be useful to the cause. However, this only concerns you if you are using a product you cultivated on your own. If you're purchasing for a dispensary, you have no worries about drying and curing the buds; this would have been done.

You only have to decarboxylate the buds.



Decarboxylation of cannabis buds is not only done for space cakes, it is done whenever cannabis is infused into any consumable - Be it coffee, pasta sauce, pie, or even honey.

You have to decarboxylate to activate the psychoactive, psychedelic, and medicinal effects of the cured buds.


How To Decarboxylate cannabis buds

The word seems heavy and complex, but the process is as simple as heating your meal. You need your oven and baking foil. Then you need patience; cause it might take a bit of time.

Removing the THCA and CBDA compounds in your cured buds just involves heating the buds in an oven.


 A Guide to Decarboxylation

  1. Preheat oven to a temperature of 240°F

  2. Grind your buds into tiny pieces

  3. Spread the pieces on a foil paper

  4. Bake in the oven for at least 40 mins. Stir at an interval of 10 mins.


What is Cannabutter?

Do you know that the now decarboxylated buds still don't taste that good? Taste it.

From science, we are made to understand that this taste is due to the cannabinoids present in the plant.

To get rid of this taste, we make our cannabutter.

In a regular cake recipe, butter is used. In a space cake, cannabutter is used.


Cannabis + Butter = CannaButter

Butter is a medium for extracting cannabinoids from the plant's buds. When these cannabinoids are infused into regular butter, it makes it easier for regular cake recipes to be followed. Butter is one of the main ingredients in a regular cake, extracting cannabinoids into it makes it cannabutter; which is the main ingredient in a space cake.


A Guide to Making Cannabutter

  1. Melt your butter in the oven and move into a small jar.

  2. Add your decarboxylated cannabis to the melted butter.

  3. Stir to spread out the weed around the butter.

  4. Cover the jar tightly.

  5. Place the jar into a pot and then pour water into the pot. The water must not exceed the midline of the jar.

  6. Cover the pot and set to 'keep warm'

  7. Pressure cook for 20 minutes.

  8. Release pressure for 40 minutes while retaining the "keep warm" setting.

  9. Allow to cool, before you crack the jar open.

  10. With a strainer or cheesecloth, separate the cannabutter from the weed residue.

  11. Leave extract in a refrigerator cool

Now that you have your cannabutter, let's bake!


A Guide to Baking Space Cake

I do wish to point out that you can reduce the amount of cannabutter if the dosage seems too high. You just have to substitute the reduced amount with regular butter.

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F

  2. Grease your cake tin with regular butter

  3. Mix all wet ingredients in your mixing container; that is your cannabutter, milk, and eggs.

  4. Combine all your dry ingredients in another container; that is sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, and other extras you would love to have in your space cake

  5. Pour the contents of both containers into one and stir well. This is your batter

  6. Pour your batter evenly into your greased baking tin.

  7. Bake for 25 minutes.

  8. Stab the center of the now-baked cake to check if it is well-done.

  9. If it comes out wet, leave to bake for a few minutes more.

  10. If it comes out clean, leave it to cool for at least 15 minutes.

  11. Remove the cake from the baking tin and leave it on a clean surface to finish cooling.

  12. You can dig in now, or you can add icing and other frostings to decorate your space cake and make it more appealing. Let your imagination do the job.


There you have it!

Spacecake may not be a weird snack astronaut eat in space, but is definitely guaranteed to transport you out of this world— To space!

Who knows, maybe one day you'll have a space cake premix being sold in dispensaries near you.

Till then, Enjoy the sumptuous perfection you make with this guide!








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