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Benefits Of Organic Cannabis

Why You Need To Switch To Organic Cannabis

Potent, Healthier, Cleaner, and Better For The Environment

Posted by DanaSmith on Saturday Sep 3, 2016
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Benefits Of Organic Cannabis




This day, going “organic” is no longer just a buzzword. The benefits of consuming organic produce is real, and the main benefit of doing so is to avoid consuming pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and other toxins that conventional farmers use just to increase their yield to sell more and earn more while consumers’ health pays the price.


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The same thing goes for cannabis. Maybe you’ve been smoking regular (non-organic) marijuana for many years now and can still benefit from its numerous medicinal properties, ,so why switch to organic now? It isn’t evident yet at the moment, but your favorite non-organic strain can contain so many toxins and chemicals, which have been added by farmers.


One of the most widely used chemicals in marijuana farming is Piperonyl butoxide (PBO), which is mixed with pesticides to make them more potent. Bifenthrin is another chemical; a synthetic pyrethroid  which is used in marijuana cultivation to manage spider mites. When bifenthrin is applied in grow rooms, the plants aren’t always necessarily present although it’s been shown to contaminate tools and the workplace in general, which means that the side effects of this chemical can still be passed on to the end user: you.


The other main benefits of choosing organic marijuana are as follows:


  • Increased potency:  Just like any other plant, marijuana has its own unique and complex requirements that are needed so that it grows to its maximum potential. If a grower is able to fulfill those requirements as closely as possible, the plant will definitely give you their full potential, and in the case of marijuana, a much stronger potency.





These requirements can sometimes be complicated, oftentimes including analyzing the microbes in the soil as opposed to leaving it all to a hydroponic system that automates everything for you. These days, the conventional growing systems used are pretty simple and include 6 macronutrients for cannabis to thrive on: phosphorus, nitrogen, sulphur, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. On top of this, marijuana also needs 6 more micronutrients: copper, boron, manganese, zinc, iron, and molybdenum.


While these nutrients are typically present in marijuana nutrient mixes already, organic growing systems contain other vital, valuable elements that give added benefits to the plant, and of course the user. Commercial feeds don’t usually contain cobalt, sodium, and nickel although they have all been proven to be beneficial for optimum cannabis growth. Any organic cannabis grower will tell you that when the plant is grown organically, its potency is superior even if you compare it to hundreds of other strains.


  • Better flavor and taste:  Growing marijuana organically will produce the perfect balance of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes; the chemical compounds responsible for giving off that wonderful smell we all love. The aroma given off by cannabis plants is due to the many compounds in its leaves and stems. Organic growing methods will give marijuana plants the ideal environment that it needs to grow healthy and vigorously while also producing the right amount of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes.  The more of these compounds are present, the better smelling and tasting the bud will be. Conventional growing methods don’t have the right conditions to enable abundant growth of these compounds.


  • Better yield:  Conventional marijuana farmers have the misconception that if they use organic growing methods, their yield won’t be as large. This isn’t always the case; especially if you are extra careful about making sure that all the conditions are optimum in favor of the marijuana plant then you can definitely increase your yield.




“Super-soil” products are also available: these are organic growing mediums that have been carefully developed to contain exactly all the vitamins, minerals, and elements that a marijuana plant needs to grow optimally without relying on fertilizer. Super soil mixes can be purchased ready-made, and can also be made at home.


  • Environmentally-friendly: Growing organic marijuana is better for the environment, just like the case for all other organic produce on the planet. Using organic nutrients is less damaging for the earth to process. In addition when you cultivate organic cannabis, you don’t have to worry about how to properly dispose the chemicals and pesticides that you’ve used. Organic marijuana growing also uses natural composts which can be left where they are, allowing the ecological system in the area to thrive naturally and independently.



Growing organic marijuana outdoors is the best option, but it may not be feasible for everyone. However there are still many things you can do to reduce the environmental impact if you choose to grow organically, but indoors.



  • Safer to smoke:  With the increasing legalization and popularity of marijuana across the country, more people perceive the plant to be a cash cow and a viable source of income. This makes people want to grow more and sell more, without considering consumer health. Pesticides and fertilizers are used to increase the yield of marijuana, with only profit in mind. Smoking a non-organic joint doesn’t just mean that you’re inhaling cannabinoids and THC; you’ll also be inhaling many other dangerous toxins and chemicals. But with organic marijuana, you can be sure of consistent quality and never have to worry if you’re ingesting harmful chemicals.


Have you felt the difference in smoking organic marijuana? What’s it like?












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